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    I've given it all lots of thought. They're all about control, power, but almost no one knows just how much control they have, as they're very secretive. I would imagine they have operatives in every major House I think that they would have only supported the old Emperor if they could somehow benefit from doing so; they're all about benefits. They are one of the most likely Houses to have survived with their power status during the Jihad, but they could have easily been conquered instead. And somebody once said that the Ordos were mentioned in a Dune book. Apparently, some people ran into a couple Ordos members in a cave, probably on Dune. They're definitely not mentioned in the first Dune book at all.
  2. I dunno man, I really don't think I should read it, because I hate inconsistancies with the original, true canon.
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    Yeah, that would be pretty boring. You'd definitely have to change the events told just significantly enough.
  4. I just read that part yesterday, and now I remember the Atreides are hardcore. Good quotage.
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    This is exactly what I had in mind. It's why I posted those questions in my topic 'Obscure Questions Regarding Dune'.
  6. Thank you very much. This will help me in making sure my story is true to the source. I LOVE SPOILERS! I love knowing everything. Spoilers are knowledge and knowledge is power.
  7. 1. Why exactly did the Emperor want to place House Atreides in power on Arrakis? Why did he work with the Harkonnens? Because of their wealth and/or of their voilent and fuedal history with the Atreides? Did the Emperor use the Harkonnens simply as cover? 2. I want to confirm if or if not the Duke Leto Atreides had any brothers, sisiters, or cousins. Will the online Dune encyclopedia have all the info I need? 3. What was House Harkonnen's impact on Leto & Jessica's time of power over Caladan, and during Paul's early life? 4. What is the length of time filling the gap inbetween House Harkonnen's departure from and House Atreides' arrival to Arrakis? 5. How many of the Atreides people leave Caladan for Arrakis? All or some; alot, or alittle; half, or what? 6. Based on House Atreides' technology during before and after the fief on Dune, was there ever a chance of them actually developing sonic based weaponry? Or is the only reasonable way for them to aquire such weaponry is to buy them from House Ix?
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    Anyone know of any official or fan fiction for Ordos? If someone rewrote Dune, changing nothing, but adding in House Ordos, I would definitely read it. ;D
  9. GREAT FU CKING MOTHER! - - - I noticed Paul of Dune at my local library. Looking at it, I thought, you know what? The last time I read my copy of Dune (the reprinted one with the black background and white strip at the top left with a top down picture of 3 people likely traversing the sands on Dune) was like 4 years ago. Now that I'm older, I knew that if I read it again, I'd appreciate science fiction's supreme masterpiece in it's totality; I knew I'd catch everything, understand and connect with everything. I started the epic story a day ago, by reading the stuff in the back first, and as of today am now at part two. It's... fascinating. Back to the library, I thought, what the hell? I'll get this book, as it's basically a prequel to Dune Messiah (please, please, PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong), or a sequel to Dune, but written by Frank's son and some other guy. So I'll get this book and read it after I read Dune; chronologically it should be read after Dune, before Dune Messiah, right? - - - I visited this site today looking for Dune 2000 downloads, such as patches, mods, editors, anything. I read some cool stuff; it seems that D2K modding is far from dead. That's great! As a side note: if anyone has a High Res patch (I read someone was working on one), please link it. As I'm browsing the rest of the forums, I come across this thread... my dash... this book sounds terrible. I don't think I'm going to read it. Seems like a waste of time. YOU DON'T F UCK WITH MUAD'DIB! You don't f uck with the ultimate human.
  10. DOES ONE EXSIST? Is it even possible to modify this game to show how the battle for Dune actually happened? You know: infantry had personal shields, used knives and swords and lasguns and really cool assasin weapons. I'm pretty sure tanks and walkers were never mentioned in Dune, though artillery was, but that was a special case scenario. And there needs to be more ornithopter variants, like troop carriers. The Ordos can stay; they're pretty cool. Sorry to get your hopes up if you thought I was releasing a mod. So does anyone know of a mod that aims to recreate E:BfD into, well, Dune?
  11. You know what would be awsome? Melee combat. You could stay true to the Dune novels and add sword fights, with personal energy shields. You'd either be in cover, shooting everything that moves, or have your shields up and charge the enemy to slice him in two. Balancing would be an issue. The Holtzmen effect, it would be commical to witness it happen in game, lol.
  12. This mod looks awsome, but I wonder: how do you get three full factions all on the same map in Renegade? GDI & Nod would be replaced by Atreides and Harkonnen, duh. Would the mutants be replaced by Ordos? How do you plan on doing this? And for multiplayer, how would the score info, detailing GDI & Nod player stats (K/D ratios, cash, etc.), be tweaked to list the Atreides, Harkonnen, AND Ordos? How would it all fit on the screen? I'm talking about Renegade ingame HUD, in the upper right screen. I guess matches would have to have more players to fill out each side. An FPS Free For All between Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos players would be epic. Top that all off with the subhouse buildings scattered in the desert (get yer Engi's to 'em ASAP!), and roaming, deadly Sand Worms randomly eating ppl; pure win. This mod looks awsome; I'm very interested in this. Just please, host reliable, mostly lag free servers. APB's server is sooo laggy for me, although I haven't played it in a while, things might have changed. *GASP* You're including singleplayer content? A full campaign? THREE full campaigns? MULTIPLAYER PRATICE?!?! FUCKING SWEET, man! Keep up the good work! Hey, now that I think about it, putting E:BfD stuff in Renegade is just so perfect - they use the same graphic engines! Mostly. Awsome. Fuck yeah. All of my comments in this post are positive, in case there's a misunderstanding. Good job.
  13. The Harkonnen Conscript replaces the Harkonnen Light Infnatry. The Atredies Legionnare replaces the Atreides Infantry. The Ordos has the Toxic Trooper to rival the Legionnare & Conscript (The Toxic Trooper replaces the Chemical Trooper). The Toxin Trooper, like almost all infantry, is equipped with a shield. He is armed with a futuristic mp5 equivilant rapid firing gun. Has smaller bullet spray radius than the Conscript and Legionnare. When in front of an enemy infantry unit, the Toxic Trooper will use the mp5 as a club, striking out with it quickley. The mp5 is very effective against infantry, with the Toxic Trooper's precision firing. Morale is usually not a problem for Toxin Troopers, their moral is moderate, and only decreases alot when you're low on credits. Elite Toxin Trooper's mp5 gets toxic chemical gas filled bullets. Instead of having a sword for it's melee weapon, the Toxin Trooper's secondary weapon is a forearm mounted sprayer, sraying toxic chemical gases stored in a small tank on the trooper's back; the gas materializes quite fast, and kills very fast, although it is useless against most vehicles.
  14. Ohh yeah... lol, I didn't even notice those words.
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