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  1. I think you can check them with the string editor..should be dowloadable in the download section
  2. I never seen that death hand can't be used in low power.in fact,I remember it CAN be used. will be tested.
  3. which program you where using?I can't use xfire for dune
  4. THAT sound interesting..maybe we can use it to make AI to build harvesters at will...
  5. ok,now when Klofkac's map editor have map editing abilities this problem no longer so important.
  6. can someone update the original download link at the 1st post? (for ppl like me that download the 1st thing they see)
  7. I didn't find any other editor that works on my pc.I tried all editors in the editor downloads in the site
  8. so is anyone gona help me with this?
  9. can't we simply use tibed manual edit and add subhouse sound files?
  10. I saw somewhere that SH doesn't work on no-16bit systems, maybe that's it? Edit: when I reinstalled the program I got that error: "Error registering DLL. could not load C:\windows\system32\NINPUT.OCX."
  11. I'v found a weird fact in the game.in A7V1,you have 4 enemies!hark,emp,merc and freman!I know that the 2 last factions are just placeholders for hark,but how do they turn into hark?
  12. I need a little help with the "interval" condition. is the runcount is the nomber of times this event will repeat?
  13. still crashing when opening map...no msg or enything
  14. select an human player unit and press A,to form an alliance,and the other player need to do the same or he will attack you and you won't attack him
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