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Legend of Dragoon: The Signet Spheres

Dragoon Knight

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"Darkness... Blackness... Very few people appreciate it properly." The Wingly sighed happily as he gazed at the utter gloom around him. Laying a hand on his younger brother's shoulder, he steered him around the stalagmites reaching out from the cave floor.

"Maybe that's because I can't see a thing." The younger wingly snapped back, stubbing his toe.

"Learn then." His older brother chastised him. "I spent years down here adjusting my eyes. Just because there is no visible light does not mean that you cannot see."

"You used magic."

"A little, yes."

"So why spend years down here if you can just magic your eyes?"

"It's not as simple as that." The elder Wingly sighed, "Magic is fickle. And besides, I've got to remain able to see in the daylight as well. Hense the adjusting. Watch your head there's a low ceiling in front."

Kyorl, the younger Wingly, ducked as he was told, and then felt something crunch underneath his foot. He paused.

"What did I just step on?" He asked.

"A skull, I expect." His older brother said cheerfully. "A human skull too by the sounds of it."

"Skull? What is this place?" A note of panic entered Kyorl's voice.

"An old battleground." His brother grinned, though Kyorl could not see it. "Not a big battle, just a small skirmish. Happened maybe fifty years ago, right here."

"And you still came down here?!" Kyorl sounded disgusted.

"Of course. I removed the Wingly bones, naturally." Elv'tyrr explained, "But every time I shatter a human bone I feel a little better. Want to see it?" He snapped his fingers, and a small blue flame appeared above his hand. It dimly lit up the surrounding area, and Kyorl shuddered to see the shards of bone around his foot.

"That's horrible." He sighed, "Why couldn't you have buried the human bones?"

"Bury them? Bury THEM?" Elv'tyrr snarled, "Smashing beneath my heel's too good for them!" He pushed his brother aside, and ground his foot into the skull fragments, spitting on them when he was done. He turned to his worried younger brother, and caused the blue flame to flare dangerously.

"Always remember," he growled, "We are better than them in every respect. It was only the Dragoons... the Dragoons..." He trailed off.

"What about them?" Kyorl asked. His brother sniffed in distaste, and extinguished the flame.

"Aww no! Elv'tyrr!" Kyorl cried, "Can't we have the light, just a little more?"

"No." Elv'tyrr replied, "Like I said, you have to appreciate the beauty of the Darkness, and the things inside it. You-" He stopped, realising that his sibling was no longer paying attention to him. "Kyorl?" He asked in slight annoyance. His enhanced vision picked out the image of his brother, crouching over something hidden in a cluster of stalagmites near the bone fragments.

"Kyorl? Have you found something?" Elv'tyrr asked. He watched his younger brother stand up, his hands cupped. Elv'tyrr could see nothing.

"I didn't see it until the light went out..." Kyorl marvelled. "It only appeared in the darkness..."

"Only visible in the darkness? Let me see!" Elv'tyrr made a grab for the object. As he did so, his sight accidentally slipped back into ordinary vision, as it should only have done in light. Kyorl was holding a ball of concentrated darkness. Or at least, that's what it looked like. Elv'tyrr had never seen anything so wonderous.

"Elv'tyrr, it's moving..." Kyorl said worriedly. All at once, he dropped the sphere, which landed on the cave floor and lay there, not even rolling away. A voice emanated, and the sphere took on the appearance of a direct hole in reality, it was so dark.

"Kyorl Zauafin..." It intoned, "Found in darkness and known. You have been chosen to bring the power of the Darkness into yourself, a subtle and silent Dragoon; but with awsome power. Ipsil is your destination now, you must make your way there and unify. For only through unification can balance be restored."

There was a sudden burst of absolute silence, and then it was over. The ordinary background noises of the cave began once more. Kyorl stood, staring.

"Elv'tyrr?" He asked, "What should I do?"

"Pick it up." The voice from the darkness encouraged him. "Pick it up, have a close look at it."

Kyorl bent down to retrieve the orb, he sensed a slight motion behind him, and stood up quickly with a shout of alarm.

Behind him, Elv'tyrr seized his younger brother's hair, pulling his head back. He listened for a moment as the younger wingly whimpered in shock and pain, before slamming his head against the cave wall.

Again. And again. He didn't remember stopping, but he must have done. Stooping down, he picked up the orb from where it had fallen. A vague feeling of admonition, yet acceptance flooded him, and was gone. After all, Kyorl was in no condition to claim anything now. Glaring down at the body of his sibling, Elv'tyrr kicked it one more time, before making his way back to the exit.

'The Darkness belongs with someone who appreciates it.' He thought to himself. And from somewhere within, another voice agreed.

He never returned to the cave, and the bones were never buried.

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The Divine Dragoon jumped down from the last crag of Mount Ipsil - he was trying to get used to his Human form, and most annoyingly, trying to recall his name.  It had been a long time since he had last initiated intelligent conversation with any living being, but was adjusting to the outside world quite well.  Quite well, at least, for someone who has been shut away from everyone and everything for several thousand years.

"Leivan!" he shouted.  "That is my name!  Leivan!"

Clad in clothing tinted with silver, he stood perfectly still, his hands held in front of him in prayer, his eyes closed.  Without warning, a ray of red light shot out of the ground, vertically, right in front of him.  Similar beams of green, blue, yellow, purple, white and black light appeared, forming a circle around Leivan.  They began to spin, lifting him into the air a couple of feet.  His shoulder length black hair was wild in the breeze that was developing around him, and the bottoms and tops of the beams converged above and below him to form a multi-coloured cage.  It began to spin wildly, silver light shining from an orb attached to Leivan's belt - the Divine Dragoon Spirit.  Soon, Leivan's form could not be seen from outside the sphere of light that had now formed.  Suddenly, the maelstrom of light pulsed with such ferocity that it exploded in a burst of silver light, and Leivan emerged, flapping Dragon Wings and wearing Silver Divine Dragoon Armour.  In his right hand was his legendary sword: the Divine Blade, and he slowly lowered himself to the ground in his Dragoon Knight form.

Leivan lifted the Divine Blade into the air.

"Show me the First!" he shouted, and a beam of purple light burst from the tip of the sword, pointing almost due South.

"Then the Lightning Dragoon shall be the first." he said, and crouched down.  He crouched down, and stuck the sword into the ground.  Closing his eyes, the wings, armour and sword disappeared, leaving only Leivan and the sword's normal form - a silver broadsword.  He removed it from the ground, and set off in the direction the Divine Blade had indicated.  It had begun.

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Azid sit in the deep cavern meditating, as he had been doing almost constantly for the past several years.  He had come up to the mountains after slaying a group of knights that had fallen upon his clan years ago. Azid did not like to hurt people, and he did not want to fight anymore, but he knew in his heart that he would have to fight again soon.

    As he sat in silence, contemplating the meaning of life, he heard a noise beside him.  He turned to look, and he saw his sword seem to lift up on its own accord, and it flew across the cavern to hover right in fron of his face.  As he watched, the sword burt into flame, and grew longer, becoming Silvrenaur, the Fireblade, sword of the Red Dragoon Knight.

    A voice seemed to eminate from the center of the blade, and spoke directly into Azids head. 

"The time of unification is nigh.  It is time for the Dragoons to ride again, to the aid of justice and righteousness.  Go now west to Mount Ispul, and prepare yourself for the coming trials..."  As the voice died away, a small jet of flame shot itself away from the pommel of the sword, and flew west towards Mount Ispul. 

    The flame surrounding the sword died away, and Azids normal sword clattered to the ground unremarkably.  His old tattered cloths had seemingly been replaiced by a new, firey red gi and sash.

    Azid felt remarkably calm, and ready for the coming events as he got up and headed into the west...

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Mander walked aimlessly through the dense forest.  It had been a while since he had set off for Mouth Ipsul and he was getting bored.  His mind flashed back to that day when he found the orb, little did he know what it would be.  It was in the Temple of Arcudor, in the northern province.  He was alone when he fell through some old device and into the room.  There sat the orb in it's box just staring at him.  He didn't hesitate in claiming it, and he returned straight home, never telling anybody about his find.  Then a voice echoed through his head;

"You are going the wrong way"  It whispered.

Mander was perplexed and spun around a few times trying to find where it came from as it echoed.

"Turn arund, go back home.  Nothing for you at Ipsul.  Go now!"  It continued to whisper.

"Show yourself you demon."

"Very well, but do not expect to leave alive."

A large beast, which could only be explained as a walking Rhinocerous appeared infront of him.  It went for Mander, and instinctively he dodged it.  It lunged again, and again he dodged.  Then Mander felt something rising inside him.  Something great, within an instant bolts of lightning shot out from him and surrounded him as he changed from man to Dragoon.  Wings sprouted from his back and he proceeded to float above the ground.  He looked at the beast, his eyes now completly purple and stuck out his hand.  A shot of lightning eminated and struck the beast.  It fell back.

"Ha ha ha, that the best you can do?"  It taunted

Mander than reached into his sheath and pulled out Caledor, the mighty lightning sword.  It too shone purple.  Mader swooped down and pierced the beast.  It shook as if being pumped with 100,000 elecric volts and slumped to the floor.  It was slain.

Mander glanced down at his hands.  Had he done that with his own two arms?  Had he just slain a massive beast?  He touched the ground, his wings had gone, his armour vanishd and in his hand he held his walking stick.  Although now the stick had a notch attached to it and also a purple jewel.  Once again a strange voice filled the air;

"That was the first test, now I am looking for you. Head North and I will find you.  You are the first."

The voice was gone, Mander headed North.

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Elv'tyrr scowled. Well this wasn't strictly true, he had been scowling for some time now. His scowl deepened. All around him were humans... stinking, filthy humans! And the dragoon refused to smite them. He had been trying for days, willing the Dark dragon to grant him the power to destroy the pathetic humans... nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Perhaps, he supposed, the powers would not be fully awakened until he reached Mt Ipsil. This was a possibility he had not considered until now, and he thought on it, standing in the shadows off the main street of whatever town he was currently passing through. Most of the humans gave him a wide berth. He smiled grimly at that small pleasure.

He felt the vaguest twitching in his pocket. He did nothing for a second, and then whipped around to snatch the arm of the child who had been attempting to pick his pocket. The boy screamed loudly, and tried to run; but he was held fast. In anger, Elv'tyrr slipped a jagged dagger from his belt, and without thinking plunged it into the failed thief's throat. He smiled in genuine pleasure as the screaming was replaced by a bubbly choking sound. And then he remembered where he was. He would never have done this to a wingly in a wingly town, what on earth had possessed him to so lose his wits here?!

He turned around, making an attempt to hide the collapsed yet still gurgling body behind his rich, black robes. He was unsuccessful, and was met with the angry and scared looks of the townspeople.

"The boy was a thief." He tried to explain, inconciously backing away.

"Better than a murderer!" A voice from near the back of the rapidly-forming crowd shouted.

"Monster!" Another voice shouted. Elv'tyrr cursed. Once again he tried to call on the dragoon, but it remained obstinately silent.

He noticed that many of the crowd had drawn weapons. At least twelve had complete swords or clubs. He measured his chances of blowing them apart with his wingly sorcery, and decided that they weren't good. He turned and ran deeper into the alley.

"Get him!" An angry voice behind Elv'tyrr shrieked, and he dodged around a corner, concentrating. He muttered as he tried to remember the precise trigger phrase he had used on this ability. Giving up, he was just wondering where else to run, when he reached a dead end.

'How very annoying.' He thought to himself, concentration breaking. Sighing at the necessity of exposing himself to the light of the day and thus making himself an easy target, Elv'tyrr rose into the air. He looked down as he flew, watching the furious faces dwindle. Turning South, he figured he would have about enough time to reach the inn where he had left his belongings (and Kyorl's) before a mob got there. As he spotted the building he gestured, and all of the windows blew outwards.

As soon as the glass had settled Elv'tyrr flew through the window to his room, landing at a run to his wooden chest. He pointed at it and muttered, causing it to float into the air in front of him. Elv'tyrr turned and headed for the window again, jumping out and flying down. He noticed that the surprisingly rapid mob was only two streets away. Turning, he fled further, his chest bobbing along behind him. Every second it stayed afloat drained more of his energy, and he knew he couldn't keep it up forever; or even for the next half hour.

And then he felt a jagged pain slice across his shoulder, and looked up to see a human mage standing on a nearby rooftop. The woman was gesturing and muttering, holding several objects in her hands, so she was a wizard, not a sorcerer. Elv'tyrr began to rise, but stopped when he realised that his chest was not following. It had crashed to the ground the moment the wizard's spell had hit it.

Growling, Elv'tyyr whirled on the spot to launch a barrage of blue missiles in the direction of the wizard. They glided harmlessly around her, vanishing from existance with loud 'pop' noises.

Hearing a loud roar behind him, Elv'tyrr turned to see the angry group that had seen him kill the child, as well as a few more, appear in view. A few of them were running towards them. Elv'tyrr was drained, he didn't think he could beat them. Then he noticed a larger figure in the charge, a gnoll? That was unusual...

A spark of energy ignited in the sorcerer's mind. He jolted for a second, before his entire body was enveloped in a globe of blackness. Those nearby heard a hissing voice shout from inside,

"Gnoll! Think about the gnoll! Self defense against the-" At which point the blackness dropped away, revealing a black-armoured Elv'tyrr. His skin too, had turned blacker than obsidian, as haad his eyes. His hair, however, was white. It lay just on his shoulders, contrasting sharply with the black armour. Elv'tyrr grinned, and the mob faltered. Some of the more sensible ones turned back, some of the more educated ones gasped. "-gnoll." Elv'tyrr finished with a hiss.

Elv'tyrr pointed one hand at the crowd, and the other at the mage. He clenched his fingers. At once they started collapsing, not dead, but drained of energy. But even as it happened Elv'tyrr felt his power waning. A look of panic crossed his face as he watched his armour disappear, to be replaced by his (bloodstained) robes. His skin regained it's ordinary pallor, but his hair stayed white. With a shudder, the dragoon left him.

He stood for a moment, hunched over. The frustration threatened to overwhelm him, but he held it down. He had remembered his history, and figured out the problem. The one species in the world that he wanted to annhiliate, was the one that the dragoons refused to allow him to kill!

He screamed in anger, and with a violent gesture forced his chest to leap out of the air. Looking around, Elv'tyrr noticed that he had drained enough people to get away. Those unaffected were too scared to get close. He growled, and turned to leave, too drained to destroy them in retaliation as he would have liked. He trod on as many of the fainted as he could on the way out of the town.

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Narzul stuck out a hand,making the ground slightly shake,but strong enough to throw the Litlun thieves off of their feet.

        And seeing that most of todays Litluns hadn't one drop of magic,disposing of them was easy.His Luna Blade finally sheathed itself,bloody and spattered with gore.But Narzul wasn't interested in that.He stripped the band of any useful items,which turned out to be only a bag of gold and several provisions.The he set off again,leaving only his footprints there as to indicate that he had even been there.

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Narzul now found himself in the human town of Ganthor.Pitifull place,'twas Ganthor.Mud men* lay in rags on the streets,clustering around fire-breathing fools for warmth,pick-pockets darted around crowds,their fingers twitching and jolting,usually coming out grasping a bag of gold from someones' pocket.But he was to meet his associate here.

      The inn was dingy,dirty,and dusty,but it was the meeting place,and Narzul couldn't argue with that.His associate was in the darkest corner of the inn.A lone glowsphere lit the space between them.The asscoiate was down to business the second Narzul sat down.

"Alright,Gnoll,I'll make this short and quick.You'll get this - "He pulled out a blade from his sheath. "Beautiful blade,IF,and only IF,you can go to Mount. Ipsil,and find me...a wendigo"The last word was uttered with a quiet horror that sent shivers running down Narzul's spine.Everyone knew of the wendigo.Ruthless creatures.Head of a ram,body of a man,legs and feet of a horse,and wings of a flying lizard.And they had magic,to top it off.No one that had met a wendigo had lived.The thoughts were enough to make Narzul almost say no immdediatley,but then he looked at the blade again.It was shaped light a scimitar,bu it seemed to be golden...emanatinga yellowish sort of light.And the power...it gave off such a strong of power that Narzul was entranced by it.

"Its a Sol Blade..."The seller whispered."Contains the power of the sun..." Narzul stood up,and said promptly,"I'll do it."

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Elv'tyrr was very angry. He fumed to himself, chewing on a marrow bone he had found. It wasn't clean, but it was fresh. And he was fuming that he had been reduced to this. Sharing bones with rats! He growled, and immediately stopped when the bizarre echoes of the chamber he was in bounced the sound back at him, louder and far more menacing than when he had uttered it.

He was underground. Fortunately this caused him no discomfort, having long ago adapted to see in the darkness.

A rat crawled onto his boot. With a curse, he kicked it away. Stupid rats. They certainly hadn't brought an animal the size of the one he was currently scavenging down. So what had? The presence of something so dangerous was worrying, and that just served to infuriate Elv'tyrr even more.

It wasn't that he was underground. It was the fact that he had been chased here by over-zealous humans, led by that damnable mage! All he had done was kill a thief, was that so terrible? The rat appeared on his boot again, and Elv'tyrr flicked it away. He sighed, but quietly. He had watched from the cave mouth as the humans had searched the valley. Doubtless they were tracking him magically however, because they hadn't gone on further. And then they had arrived to search the cave, and he had had to move still deeper into the blackness. Hiding from humans was so humiliating!

Still, they would hopefully stay away. He had been down here for nearly three days now, crawling and scaraping... The humans did not seem to be following. They would give up eventually. The rat appeared again. Elv'tyrr glared at it.

To his surprise, it glared back, tiny black eyes peering at him. It twitched it's nose.

On an impulse, Elv'tyrr reached forward and waved his fingers at the rat. A flash of darkness, a brief sqeak, and the rat was lying dazed on the floor, two leathery wings protruding from it's back.

Pleased with his work, Elv'tyrr sat back and began to chew on the bone again. The rat got up, and began to hover in circles. Elv'tyrr watched it with some amusement for a while, before he was distracted from the sight by the sound of scrabbing from one of the many exits from the chamber.

The rat, also distracted, flew into a stalactite. It dropped to the ground, where it lay for a moment, before getting up again and zooming through one of the exits.

The sound was getting closer. Elv'tyrr got up quickly, and moved his chest into the air behind him. Seeing a glow form in one of the other passages, and hearing the echoes of what could only be human voices, he dashed after the rat.

These were caverns. Darkness and danger. This was his realm now, and he would not be beaten! A plan began to form.

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LOD is a great gme, but there's a mistake from dragoon knight, there weren't only 1 winglies became a dragoon knight,

If i'm not mistaken, there were 3 of them.....

1)lloyd(already dead)

2)lloyd's gilfren(can't remember her name)

3)meru(how could u 4got bout her?)

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I'm well aware that there were more than one "Wingly Dragoons" in the game, but I tried to simplify the plot for use in Fan Fiction.  You'll notice that I invented an entire race just for diversity. :P

Yes, Lloyd could harness the power of the Divine Dragoon sphere, but he was never actually a Dragoon.  He could summon the dragon, but even he was in danger from being attacked by it; he couldn't control it.

Lloyd's 'girlfriend' never really used a Dragoon sphere, either; Lene, I think her name was.  She was just good at disguising herself as princesses and jumping out windows every now and then.

Meru is the only 'true' Wingly to have harnessed the power of a Dragoon Sphere; didn't use her a lot, but the Water Sphere was very handy every now and then.  I mostly just used Dart, Albert and Haschel. :P

Having said all that, now I want to play the game again.  Haven't done so in over a year.  Confound it! :D

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But i thought, lene(lloyds gf) was also a true wingly dragoon coz, in d game, when she turn into dragoon, she also summons d ice dragon

Also, d divine dragoon orbs, doesn't choose its owner, dart n his frens beat d divine dragon, but d orb was stolen, lloyd has d power of divine dragon...

And, when lloyd died, dart took d orb n used it to fight zieg..

I believe dat any1 with great spirit cn use d divine dragon orb...

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The Dragoon spheres do choose their owners, but the new ones tend to be guided towards them due to fate.  For example, when Haschel inherited the Thunder sphere, or when Albert inherited the Wind sphere.  Lene did indeed harness the power of the Water sphere, but she did so through the use of powerful Wingly magic.  It wasn't so much a symbiosis as it was a hostage situation.

The same applied to Lloyd.  And when the Divine sphere became 'ownerless', the rightful owner just happened to be there, and devoid of the Fire sphere (nasty, thieving Zieg :P).  Winglies with great power can force a Dragoon Spirit to do their bidding, but once they've been united with their true owner, Gods help them. :P

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Well, I for one am interested. Provided you hold the commitment to the story that you held so long.. long ago:D that makes two of the minimum of 4. I wouldn't be surprised if Dante is still interested, if so that it would make 3. After that it couldn't be so difficult to find one more right?

4 may seem like a small amount, but if their stories relate then fairly frequent posting will be encouraged betwixt them and a decent story may result. Besides, too many characters normally (though certainly not always) results in some weak ones, or a host of mediocre and/or not fully explored ones

I will choose a dragoon if I there is a resurrection of this thread. Might suggest my own color element combo

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I shall make plead this pre-emptively before this thread is locked: Indeed the fic is old, but new fics are posted with little frequency these days and fewer still are taken up (as is generally the case). A fic of this nature probably requires persistence and the occasional resurrection to end up as a worthwile result, especially in the early stages. Besides, if there is interest then there is no reason to lock the thread right? Also, I must say that with the regularity of posting (by non-authors) on this section being what it is, the interest of but one indivual (other than the author) is significant (relatively speaking).

Of course, I'm not one to argue witha  moderatore though, so lock at will if you please. In hindsight, I suppose that might actually be sensible, although I for one feel that others may find this thread interesting and would like to wait a while to see it that is the case. I suppose thats just a feeling though, so if you think that this fic, is in fact, not likely to garner any interest and is not even worth being allowed this little temporary resurection as a test then you should probably just lock it based on you're own judgement (such things are of an estimation and subjective nature after all, it's not like I can prove this thread is worth a chance).

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You'd be surprised at how few people there are left.  This thread never really took off; never had a backstory that a lot of people could identify with.  Unless there were 4 people who were dedicated to making this story go places, then I doubt it would stand a chance.

There are projects I know of that are in the early planning stages that might breathe a little life back into the board, but this isn't one of them.  Yet. :)

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I think the great advantage this fic has that increases it's chances of going somewhere is the fact that is only requires 4 people to run. Also, these people can continue their indivual stories seperate of the others for some time (due to how the fic begins) and connect with the others at their leisure to allow a proper collaborative fan fic.

''There are projects I know of that are in the early planning stages that might breathe a little life back into the board, but this isn't one of them.  Yet. ''

Tell me of these projects, if you will :)

Ps: Is the PS game really that good, my brothers purchased it cheaply some years ago (not sure if it still works though), but I was never sure if it would be worth playing or not. Personally, I can't stand the terribly simplistic FF style RPG combat and leveling (their gameplay, really) system that abound. The real question most probably is: does the story make up for it the cruddy (IMO) gameplay?

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