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  1. Owh... I never knew that... U R a big fan of loD, u knew so much.. But what is ur purpose of making LOD thread? R u tryin 2 make lod sequel game?
  2. But i thought, lene(lloyds gf) was also a true wingly dragoon coz, in d game, when she turn into dragoon, she also summons d ice dragon Also, d divine dragoon orbs, doesn't choose its owner, dart n his frens beat d divine dragon, but d orb was stolen, lloyd has d power of divine dragon... And, when lloyd died, dart took d orb n used it to fight zieg.. I believe dat any1 with great spirit cn use d divine dragon orb...
  3. Damn, i post 2 d wrong forum, nyway, dragoon knight, u made a mistake, there were 3 winglies bcame dragoon knight: 1)lloyd(bad) 2)lloyd's gilfren(bad) 3)meru(good)
  4. LOD is a great gme, but there's a mistake from dragoon knight, there weren't only 1 winglies became a dragoon knight, If i'm not mistaken, there were 3 of them..... 1)lloyd(already dead) 2)lloyd's gilfren(can't remember her name) 3)meru(how could u 4got bout her?)
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