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Legend of Dragoon: The Signet Spheres

Dragoon Knight

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I cannot speak of the projects, on pain of... pain. :)

But yes, the story in The Legend of Dragoon is very good.  Not as great perhaps as some Final Fantasy plots, but the setting and characters, combined with a really cool combat system, make it a game worth playing through at least once.

Still one of my favourite all time games, though.  Give it a shot.

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I'll post. By the way is this unrelated to LOD? answer this and i'll make my char, and can i choose an angel like race and can i be half races?

Darius, A student of the Wizard Academy and a half angel. He is a young boy who specilises in offensive white magic, an example of one of these spells is the holy ball spell. His father is the Arch-Angel, Koji, who usually thinks he should focus less on magic and more on using weapons and training, his mother, Eo Thinks differently, although she doesn't really interfere on what he chooses, still he chose to be a white mage. When people see his father the first thought that enters their heads is "whoa! he's huge!"(although not rediculosly tall, although very tall(and generally big.). His mother is also a mage and a very powerful one at that, she is quite young(age 32)(father age: 35). Since Darius was born from an (Arch)angel and a powerful mage, his wings always shine and are made of light energy, he can still fly though and can hide his wings if he wants. Darius is sometimes short-tempered (especially when it comes to his sister, Tomi) and is friendly. He is 8(1/2) years old and his hair colour is a very dark brown colour(despite his father having blond hair), he inherited most of his genes from his mother, including him having relatively big and cute eyes. Since Darius is angered easily, he can go berserk to a certain extent. Darius is not easily tricked and kooed into bad situations. Darius one day recieves a mission one day to go to the spring of light to obtain the signet of light, his arch-mage teacher told him of its great power and the mage council would like to study it and for an unknown reason gave this mission to darius and he also said he would be accompanied by Tomi and her friends (Tomi and her friends also being mages and, obviosly his friends). Darius soon arrives at the spring of light, only to find winglies searching for the signet, the winglies attack, Darius and the rest of them are out numbered, near defeat, Darius is knocked to the ground and is held by magic, the wingly captain walks towards him, with Tomi and the rest of them unable to move, they are helpless... just before Darius is destroyed, he is encased by light and white mage robes appear on him along with his small light energy wings growing huge, Darius breaks free of the magic immediatly and knocks the commander into a wall with ease, darius looks at his hands to see the signet of light, he saves his friends from the winglies and they travel back to Aoiri (the mage academy), to find his teacher standing there, he then says "well done, you've passed the test", Darius replies with "what? That was all a test!!!", he then exerts his power carelessly, and then realises he's made a crater around himself, Tomi and generally everyone in the area stare at him, Darius: uhhh, hahaha... whoops?", Teacher: "huh, another crater... just go get some rest..." .

(Note: the power of the mages at Aoiri is at a high level, so frequent mishaps such as "creating a crater" happen often)

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