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Bad Password error


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LOL i just posted it in the tech zone ::)

but i got the same message too :'(,hope they manage to sort it out!

and let us all hope that its not the x mas present for battlerer of dune,cool u all hang out for so long but the shop is closed :'(


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lol...we should all be on the xwis server...then we could actually play...lol...if anyone wants to download the switchbox app...i posted it in this thread...let's get the games goin again...except on olaf's server...not WOL ;D

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Guest murraytoz

Getting serious withdrawal syptoms with WOL beind down.  Could someone talk me through accessing this mystical xwis server of Olafs, and remember to talk to me like i`m stupid  s l o w l y

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Link: http://www.liacs.nl/~ovdspek/XWISC.zip

Once you download this app,extract it to a folder, if you havn't got one, create a folder on your desktop called Downloads.

To do this simply right click on a free area of your desktop,select new, then just type in Downloads.

Open the downloads folder,(after you have downloaded the zip to it, of course), select the xwis app(unpacked one) right click and hold the button of your mouse down, drag it to a free space on your desktop, release the button, a pop up will appear, asking you what you want to do,

select create shortcut here.

Then click on the new Icon you just created,a small window should appear,where it says set, click on it, and then start Emperor as normal.

Once you are in the game lobby you can check your on olafs server ie XWIS, by clicking on your buddies list, it should be empty.

To revert to normal WOL simply click on the button reset in Olafs xwis app.

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