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Landsraad Dune Site Wins Sixth Award!


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Hello everyone! BaronMoritani here.

These are the glory days of our Dune site, The Landsraad! The 'raad was created by DuneFan. LoneStarFedaykin, ~SandWurm~ and myself help him manage the most actively updated Dune site in cyberspace! The Landsraad now has over 2600 pictures with over 1800 being Dune related! Located on over 80 pages, we have the most Dune pictures in cyberspace! Bar none! In addition, we have great original renderings by LoneStarFedaykin, SandWurm, and DuneFan in addition to original amusing pix by ~SandWurm~ and DuneFan.

Thanks to Wood and others for adding pictures as well!

The Landsraad also has a new online Dune trivia game/event entitled "REVENGE OF THE MANIACAL MENTAT" that has made an impact on the Dune community. Many are absolutely confounded by it, whereas others seem to enjoy the humor and difficulty level. Click the Mentat Logo on our what's new page to experience it now before it gets updated!

Exclusive to the Landsraad, we now have original Dune audio readings by yours truly, Baron Moritani. Details are located on our 'What's New" page. So far I have ten excerpts from Irulan's chapter introductions. Soon, I will probably have a series of audio performed by myself including, by request, the Paul/Mohiam gom jabaar section! Check back soon since I may delete some files in order to save bandwidth when adding more. I expect to have weekly audio excerpts. We'll see ...

On our "Harq-al-Ada's Literary Roundtable" page, our "Prodigal Sons" fanfic is heating up! Check it out!

I am extremely encouraged by all the new members we have on the 'raad and I hope to hear more from all of you on our three discussion boards!

Speaking of members, congrats once again on the 'Best Members' award you all won from "The One The Only Community Awards" site! The Landsraad has now won five awards in all! So far ..

Speaking on behalf of DuneFan, LoneStarFedaykin, SandWurm, and myself, I thank you all for making the 'raad a great place to visit ... and update ...

and update ...

and update ...



The Landsraad


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Thanks Feyd! We now have 3000 pix on the 'raad, with 2000 being Dune related. Although most are just reposted from other places, we do have those original moving animations created by site creator, DuneFan or now know as Paul Atreides_66. Assistant Manager LoneStarFedaykin has many original pieces of Dune artwork located in the ARKIE MEMORIAL GALLERY. Check out his 'Four Stages of Leto IV, or the Pic of Waif and Odrade!

Anyway thanks again for the compliments, Feyd.

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