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CoD DVD cover art: Which do you prefer?


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North American:


German Special Edition (don't let the name fool you, it has no more features than the region one regular edition):








Personally, while I think the plastic incasing full of sand is really cool (and no doubt ups the price a couple a bucks) based on cover art alone I think the Aussie DVD is by far the best, with the German S.E. second, and the N.A. one last. It's just plain ugly.

Now, put the Aussie DVD cover in the German sand case, and you've got a sweet package:)

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Dunenewts right, it has small differences other than not having the sand thing. (it's also in french,)

But similiar backround and characters.(backround is less blurred and is missing an additional building on left side.)

The blur is just because of the plastic case and angle of the picture, seems you are right about the buildings though. So, they are slightly different.

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