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  1. http://www.dune2k.com/forum/index.php?topic=1706.msg28920#msg28920
  2. Apollyon, why should Sneakgab's criteria for his thread be sacrosanct?
  3. Why couldn't have you been more specific with these requirements at the begininng of the thread, Sneakgab? Then again, why such narrow preconditions for a new game? Any thoughts of trying some completely different "in-depth, non-rushing/super aggresivesly obssesed stragegy game" ?? Sorry you have irked me here. How is it that your definition of "good" is more superior than another person's definition of a "good" in-depth,non-rushing/super aggresively obssesed strategy game?
  4. I second Gob's Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. Or Dominions 2: The Ascension Wars if u want lot more depth to a fantasy strategy game.
  5. davo


    I bought it serveral months ago. Haven't played it yet :)
  6. I'll add the French version to the debate: http://images-eu.amazon.com/images/P/B0000D91I7.08.LZZZZZZZ.jpg Of course I think the Aussie version is best :D
  7. # Neverwinter Nights with Shadows of Undertide expansion # Icewind Dale II # Emperor: Battle for Dune # Age of Wonders II # Grand Thief Auto III # X-Wing Alliance # Galactic Civilization # Diablo II with Lords of Destruction expansion # Rise of Nations # Star Trek: Elite Force II Though only ST Elite Force II has got air time this week.
  8. ??? Have u tried Gamefaqs.com ? linky
  9. hehehehe there u go again, Gob :P Personally, I have not finished Fallout Tactics. I started Fallout Tactics shortly after completing JA2 and JA2 Unfinished Buisness. With FT long missions, and with just completely another squad tactical game, I kept veering towards playing other games, and eventually stopped. I hope to get back to it one day. But it still feel FT is worthy of The Gob's money ;)
  10. My uber game would be a grand strategy Dune game, in the vein of Europa Universalis (or prolly more like their upcoming Crusader Kings). A single/multiplayer game, unlike Dune Generations. Obviously, set pre-Paul Muad'Dib times. Graphics wouldn't matter.
  11. davo

    Best Worst Game

    Yep considering I don't have any unusual hardware components. I have not tried War3 for months now, and I have not given up on it, but currently, I am into my evil party (The Black Seal) for Icewind Dale II.
  12. davo

    Best Worst Game

    Hehehe I should have elaborated on my selection of Warcraft 3 as my worst game of 2002. :D I selected Warcraft 3 'cause of the amount of crashes I got from running the game rendered it unplayable. No other game in 2002 (or any game played on my current rig) crashed as much as Warcraft 3 (and I had bought the collectors edition too :D). But then again, Warcraft 3 was one of the few 2002 released games I actually played in 2002 :O FYI - What I played of Warcraft 3 it was a lot better than my worst game of all time 7th Legion (that game cost me $10, and it was still a huge waste of money). Edit - got me dates mixed up :P
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