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Vodka-based drinks

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I'm pretty new to the whole cocktail thing (actually, I'm not a big drinker, as some of you may know. ;)), and all we really have is vodka. I was wondering if there's anything I could make with just vodka, and other non-alchoholic stuff (other than a screwdriver, that is). I've checked cocktail recipe sites and stuff, but you can't really browse drinks with specific things in them.

And just for fun, what are all of your favourite cocktails? ;)

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You're not a drinker? Really? I'd a never guessed mr. I've never drank two pitchers before ;) ;D

If you want vodka mixed with something, try bacardi breezers. the orange tastes just like an orange cream sickle.

There's always a vodka martinit. Shaken, not stirred 8)

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mmmmmm creamsickel bacardi...............


The good thing about vodka is it works well with lots of things....

You can drink it straight, put it in soda pop, mix it with other flavors, make crazy mixes of differnt liquer that will knock you off your ass....(vodka and whiskey and tequeila)

Its very vercitile.......

So its all good.....

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Vodka is tasteless, I would say it is just water and ethanol. What is it made of? Potatoe sugar? There are thousands of various destillates with good taste and aroma. But why do you use vodka for mixes? Take apple juice, coca-cola and mix it with pure alcohol - I bet there would be no difference if you use vodka or it.

But my brother is a bigger expert on these heavier alcoholic drinks. I'll ask him for some recipes ;D

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I don't see a difference between effects of drinks like Red Bull or Isostar and i.e.glucose dilution. OK, I wouldn't say it is better to take XTC for stamina, but such fuel I wouldn't consider as drink because it is just a pure FUEL.

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