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  1. Actually, I just logged in to say that I have been unable to log into the main page for about a week or so. Makes it hard to look up things without the entry page. But I can access other stuff (forums, images, etc.) just not the actual dynamic pages. And if it makes you feel any better Gob, Dune2k is the #1 (and about only) source for Dune game info on the net. So without this site, info on my favorite games goes dark. Yes, I am still around, and I still poke in from time to time.
  2. Ahh... I didn't know that you weren't the original owner of the TDL! I always thought they were trying to take credit for your work. In one sense though, should anyone visit thier site and then look at yours, they may think that all of this is thier doing anyway. But at $7500, they would probably go elsewhere anyway.
  3. In the scene where the Baron flies around Feyd in the steam bath in Lynch's version, isn't Nefud using semuta in the background there? I always assumed that the squealing contraption he was holding was generating the semuta music. He did seem rather into it, yet out of it. :-
  4. Why was it mapped to a dune2k.com subdomain in the first place? Also, I have wondered about this page: http://www.webfxmall.com/sdi/dune2k.html
  5. Yes, cable has no rules since users pay for cable service and it's not publically broadcast. The only guidelines on cable are what the sponsors are willing to back. If you need evidence, starting tomorrow and for three nights consecutively, Comedy Central will air South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut at 1am EST without censoring anything. However, if I am not mistaken, isn't Buffy and it's derivatives a UPN show? UPN is broadcast television, so the FCC rules would apply. However, the moral dictates of popular society aren't what they used to be. Groucho Marx was once almost taken off the air afte
  6. Vodka s kinda bland and weak IMHO. But then again, I am partial to the little green fairy that lives in a bottle.
  7. I appreciated the links, even if I didn't reply inititially.
  8. All the sources I have seen are C, but I haven't looked too deeply. I linked the source so that the thread originator could look at it and learn from it. Me, persoanlly? If I were to write a Commander Keen type of game, I would attempt to do it in x86 assembly. But for someone starting out, if you targeting Windows alone, try Visual Basic. Visual Basic is such a simple language that a lot of people don't consider it programming at all.
  9. All of id's games are written in C. ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/source/
  10. Yes. Commercial drivel has made *all* music in the US nothing more than a bad trip into 'da hood'. I saw The Darkness by chance the other day. Though I am not a 'fan', I was completely taken off guard by the very 70's sound. It's more 'rock' than rock has been since punk and new wave took over in the 80s. It's refreshing to see something 'original', even if it's retro. The use of falseto was daring as well.
  11. In general, the only horror films to be released over the past decaded wer the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" crapola. Now we are faced with a flood of remakes and 'vs' flicks. However, horror films are getting better in general. There seems to be a pattern with horror being socially unacceptable, then 'cool' becasue it *is* social unacceptable, then commercial as Hollywood mass markets the 'cool' horror films, then stupid becasue all of the horror movies are watered down Hollywood hype, and finally socially unacceptable because of all the bad and "mindlessly violent" horror films Hollywoo
  12. Several refernces can be found in the series The Critic.
  13. I'm not thinking a driver problem, but an invalid call to the OpenGL API. It's a stab in the dark really, but I seem to recall something similar happening to me. It seemed to be addressed with one of the patches, which I had failed to apply on this particular install.
  14. Game of the Year edition is just a rerelease. It includes the soundtrack and v1.05 patch on a CD as well as the Prima strategy guide. So what applies to one applies to the other. Make sure that you have the v1.05 patch installed. If you already have that, try to switch between DirectX and OpenGL renderers in the video configuration and see if the problem still persists. You can find the patch here: ftp://ftp.sierra.com/pub/sierra/homeworld/updates/si_homeworld_update_105.exe
  15. I have all 3.12 Gigs of their FTP server archived here as well. Do you have all of it or just the Dune related stuff?
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