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What character do you want to see come back in Dune 7?


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This thread is if you read most of the original novels.

possible spoilers about characters being dead.

By this I mean ghola (preferably)

Who do you want to see reincarnated the most?

I would say Stilgar, as he would be interesting to watch adjusting to the changes of the future.

Although seeing Maud'Dib brought back to life would be interesting to see if he can gain his powers(political/religious) back.

Dar and Tar would be a good couple to bring back also.

You would think it would be possible to bring back LetoII before he turned into a worm, so in theory they could have another God Emperor, although No one would be "stupid" enough to bring him back. :D

Or maybe Leto I (Paul's first Son, or would he be called Leto II also?)

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I am pretty sure there Was not any mention about Leto II, [err I thought the first son was maybe in it], but obviously not Leto II, the emperor in the tube. I was merely stating that it would be cool if they did have him in there.

And you didn't answer the question. :)

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I think it would be a bit cheesy to bring back more than a few characters from the earlier books, but I would like to see Leto II back, actually.

Edit: I just checked Chapterhouse, and it does not mention Leto II's DNA being in the capsule. However, it did mention Thufir Hawat's DNA, and I'd really like to see him back.

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Feyd! How cool would that be? Against a known universe of Atreides Genes!

That just came to me. Though I really liked Dar and Tar I think they had their time, and will probably be allowed to rest. Didn't all the samples get destroyed though?

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