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  1. thanks it should work now... :)
  2. It is the year 10,214. Arrakis is now the center of the Known Universe, as the Atreides had become the absolute rulers of humanity. Five years after Muad'Dib left into the desert, his children are begining to feel the burden of his legacy-one which Alia holds dear. Available Characters: Muad'Dib - The Preacher Leto II Jessica Atreides Stilgar Gurney Halleck Javid Wensica Corrino Farad'n Corrino Harah - Nurse to the Twins...Chani's Closest Friend Dune Odyssey started out with our love of Frank Herbert's vision of Dune and in wanting to bring it to life. We are not just a RPG we also are a book discussion and creative writing community as well. We welcome both Regular Members and those that want to explore the RP forum. So come check us out we promise it will be worth the visit. :)
  3. Patrica Velesquez from the Mummy I figured she was perfect for Zia and thank you for the link...
  4. What do you think? http://www.angelfire.com/space2/dune_odyssey/affliates/newziabanner_copy.jpg
  5. thanks...i wish I could use of my banners here for my sig but they are are a little too big still..
  6. That one is the banner for my site the city scape...
  7. ack!!! okay I rerouted them... silly free pages.... sorry
  8. Thanks and no there is no such thing as concidence...
  9. Hi Everyone... what do you think? http://www.angelfire.com/stars5/duneodyssey0/Banners/finalodysseybanner.jpg http://www.angelfire.com/stars5/duneodyssey0/Banners/AnotherAliaBanner.jpg http://www.angelfire.com/stars5/duneodyssey0/Banners/brandnewaliabanner.jpg
  10. OK The board is up and running... the role play has just begun so please come take a look... :D
  11. I think it looks awesome so far....but did the House colours change... I tried to turn mine back to House Atreides and it is still in Yellow??? I like it anyway my picture shows now :D Also to answer Emperor Harkonnen's question about the topic's you posted in are no longer bold...I noticed that there is a little envelope opened now for where ever you posted...personally I like it better than the bold...
  12. Hi Folks my RPG is now complete and ready to go please take a look we still need my canon characters... http://pub177.ezboard.com/bdune
  13. New Dune RPG It is called Dune Odyessy. Set in a new time frame, we have many good disclipined writers. We are now a Membership by Application. But please do not to deter you from joining our MBA is to protect us all. http://p202.ezboard.com/bdune I hope to see you there and I hope I put this in the correct place... :D
  14. To Sneakgab: You know something I don't know what your problem is ... expect the fact that you have no clue on how to respond to a female since it is obivious that you don't interact with them much... but grow up already because I am getting tired of YOUR IDIOTIC arguements that make no sense... What's the matter can't take that a female is smarter than you sneakgab... If you don't believe me about the development of the AIDS Epidemic trying READING And the Band Played On... a well documented historical book on the development of AIDS. Your other opinions and how we are pointless you can shove right up your ass this is the third post you have made in this thread knocking anything that is said on female discrimination. And by the way next time you want to take apart what people are saying try quoting our remarks instead of being the coward that you are... If I get banned or warned on this so be it... I said what I had to say..
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