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Dune: The Animated Series


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I want to do something new. I want to do soemthign that, if even only partially done, we can all be proud of. I want to animate Dune.

I want to make a series of animated shorts based on all our favourite/important scenes from the books. Beggining, of course, with the originals.

I'll write the screenplays and voice Paul. I'll co-direct with the animator of each episode (as only they know the limits of there abilities, and I will oversee the whole project.

What I need are animators and voice artists. Lots of animators:)

I don't need final fantasy level animtion (while it would be nice;)) anyone with decent CGI abilities would be welcome.

I also want to know what scenes you all would like to see adapted. I already plan on doing a few, but would like more suggestions. Let's try and keep them fairly short.

What I would like to do is have the major characters designed first, while I work on the adaptions. That way when we get several adaptions done we will have designs for the characters done as well, and we can hopefully animate multiple episodes at once, with all the characters being recognizable from one episode to the next. Ornithopters and such will not be appearing in every episode, so we can design them as we go along.

So, if you want to be a part of this, and I hope you do, let me know.

I'd really like to do this, and not have it disapear as another unfinished project.

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I would love to help! I could set up something to record me ol' voice, with a little trouble, but do able :) If you don't want to guess, I have an EXTREMELY deep voice, one that I can make rumble on cue :)

I suppose I could also help with the animation a bit, I have some really nice programs I could use to touch up the end results, maybe heighten the quality a smidgen :)

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I can do voice acting. I studied public speaking for a while, and though I have yet to have any real work experience, I'm often told that I should search for a job in the radio industry. If you need anyone with a deep voice, I'd be up for the job. In fact, I'd really enjoy it, and hope that you'll have need of me. Leto, the Baron, Gurney (maybe with the accent), and the Emperor are all possibilites.

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