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  1. The Dune (Extended Three Hour Edition) is quite hard to find in the UK. Apart from ebay and amazon market place does anyone know any online stores that has this dvd in stock?
  2. I am remember reading reviews about this game a long time ago and I remember one of them saying that they mispelt Frank Herbert's Dune in the main menu, Is this true?
  3. I have never the read the book but my dad is big fan of it and I love the video games and I once watched the 1980s version of dune with him ages ago and I remember the cool battles in them such as the ones near the end of the movie and when the Harkonnen attack the Atreides base. I loved that battle the most mainly of the music, the hundreds of troops and Patrick Stewart shouting "Long live duke Leto". Are there any large scale battles in this mini series and Children of Dune?
  4. I don't own dune 2000 (I was put off by bad reviews) but I do own dune 2 and emperor battle for dune and one of the things I love about westwood games (mainly the command and conquer series) are the motion video cutscenes. Does anyone know where I can download the video cutscenes for dune 2000?
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