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  1. The world has changed, and it's just a short trip downhill from here, don't you think ath-? As you can see, I am right, completely right. The world is dividing morally, not economically. Soon, when the dollar and the Euro collapses, almost everyone will be equal economically -- everyone will be equally poor. I think after Obama's re-election in 2012, he might actually use that as a selling point to break the dollar, and cancel those 15 trillion dollars worth of US bonds that have been sold since 1981. TheCurtOne, you do understand now, don't you? Morally, all of the signs are there, that it is lack of morals in The West, that is causing the whole 'house of cards' to come crumbling down. The so-called wondrous social state that The West has created. Make sure you stay drunk enough, high enough, or sexed up enough (usually depending on one's muscle tone and exercise regimen; don't forget a good hair-cut and trips to the tanning place); not to notice that we don't have a replenishable birth rate. Of course, most people don't even care to even get married any more and have children. Curt, your attempts in all aspects of your life to introduce compromise into your beliefs about The Book have been met with derision and scorn. You can never be too left-wing morally for your Democratic Party, or even some members of this crowd here. I know it's just a matter of time before you get out of that god-forsaken Democratic Party, as they enshrine their moral leftists views. The national leaders of it only wants you to stand next to your sign from The Truman Years that says "Solidarity" or "Workers Unite". Meanwhile, those same Democratic leaders will install morally liberal judges that will ensure your daughter in a weak moment with her school counselor, can sneak off and abort/kill your grand-child; or pass down an edict forcing your hard-earned tax dollars to pay for the procedure. This leading to an over-preponderance of older people can only lead to one thing in a society as hypocritically evil as The West's -- euthanasia in the nursing homes and para-hospital centers. They do use a lot (got it right, a space!) of money on health care, and with the life expectanct being over 80 years old now, keeping them alive when there are no young people to pay taxes for their upkeep simply won't do. The Moral Left has invented so many wondrous things in their own minds that justify their behaviours (I love that 'u', Mr Thomas Jefferson!). Evolution! No one can explain how the eye or the penis (espcially simultaneous with an accepting vagina; Red Queen! Red Queen!) evolved, but let's all just go along for the ride (fits in with the drinking and sleeping around with girls). Does the so-called geologic column exist anywhere on the Earth in just those wondrous layers that we've all been told about? What is the role of 'dark matter' in the formation and creation of the Universe? Does the assumption of radioactive dating take into consideration a stable atmosphere with the exact same pressure and composition of the atmosphere today? "Name the three tenets of modern philosophy?" "If a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it fall?" "What was the capital in 1839 of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies?" "Why is it that the nation of Israel exists only when there are super-powers on the Earth?" These are all great question everyone, now let's answer them!
  2. That was quick. Other than this for me, what would you have me to do? What would you have anyone who does not agree with you fully on moral issues do on this forum?
  3. Dante/Wolf/Dragoon, relax and sit back, and let the soothing, artisitic voice of Stevie Nicks help you out. This is an especially good version of "Rooms on Fire" by Stevie Nicks without the synthesizer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbF-0Aiq7tI Just because I don't approve of the gay life-style, stop trying to get me banned. Like I've said before, don't let it define our existence. Let's get past it already. I don't want to pass any laws. Besides, look at me: Stevie, Britney, Cyndi, Lady G (I did post 'Poker Face'). As far as dancing, singing, and exercising to music; I am very tolerant, aren't I?
  4. Wolf, you really are something else. There are other ways to communicate other than this Forum, or me flying to Greece. My experiences with Ath have always been that he is a caring, kind individual, who lives at Ground Zero of the negative economic wave hitting Europe. Some of that manifests itself as frustration on the Forum. Honestly, don't try to put words in my mouth about why I do things. You will never understand me, because you have chosen NOT to understand me or my motives.My motives are completely pure, and always will be. Everything I do or say, is for the common and individual good. I am happy, and want everyone else to be happy. Whether I am raising money for People of Color-only scholarships; or raising money to buy an ultra-sound machine so troubled, confused teen girls can see their unborn child before birth, or typing this sentence -- it is for the highest and common good. But you will never understand, because you have consciously chosen NOT to believe The Book.
  5. Bias? We are all biased. Just as you are biased, we are all biased. We are biased by our life experiences, or lack thereof. But here at the End of the Age of Grace of God for the Gentiles; I could give you all sorts of evidence on moral issues, but you would not believe, nor care to. I could prove my point over and over, for example, on the subject, for example, as I did in 2010. I could have done so much more forcefully, with an eye on simply winning the argument. But what would it gain me, the life long enmity and super hatred of Dante (a person whose writing I admire), the foaming at the mouth of his Friend, and your stomping around saying that you will not come back until I am fully and permanently banned? Not my 'cup of tea', since I am a nice person. Besides, my friend has asked me to refrain myself from posting on everything, and has asked me to only post on topics in which I have an inherent interest in, or full research on.
  6. MrFlibble. I do appreciate your points of view, and have always felt you to be fair. The whole 'proof controversy and ErasOmnius', I must say, is really making me think. I must really look inward to see if I am not offering enough proof, or dismissing people ideas out-of-hand. My own friend (Curt) felt that I was dismissive of his calling for a mandatory wage adjustment across Europe and North America. If you and he both feel that I am dismissive, then I may just be, and I will have to change. This 'dismissive' charge against me must simply not be just the rantings of Wolf or Dante's Friend. Therefore, I thank you for your input.
  7. TheCurtOne, I consider a statement summarizing what you are advocating -- the mandatory adjustment of all wages on a continent-wide scale -- to be very pertinent and simply put, to the point. This world, for better or for worse, is a laissez-faire world. Whether one believes in the Fall of Man from the Book, or the cruelty of Natural Selection in Evolution; those who are better trained receive the highest wages, or they should. I find it staggering that you would be advocating something as radical and Big Government as trying to impose and enforce mandatory wage increases. Would that also include decreases? Would the engineer in New York, USA or The Hague, Netherlands; see their wage reduces to reflect the same engineer in Monterey, Mexico or Odessa, Ukraine. Both are examples of wages that would have to be reduced almost by half to see your government heavy-handed "plan" work out. Mandatory wages never worked in the past. In the old Soviet Union, mandatory wages simply produced millions who worked slowly and drank vodka all day.
  8. I am sure that ath- will be back as soon as he is able to grasp and move forward from the severity of what is happening in Greece. He is, after all, at Ground Zero of the next phase of the collapse of the economic model of The West. You think it's bad in Athens, wait till next year or 2013, when it's happening in America. Who knows what kind of postings we Americans and border-transplants will all be putting up here? Ath- is a great guy, with a big heart, kind words for people he knows, and a zeal for fiery speeches. I'm sure in a few days or weeks he will be back around with his usual accuracy in what he wants to say, and timely topic for us all to ponder and debate.
  9. Yes Dante, I read your posts, as well; and I find them very interesting, and thought-provoking. I like to take what I call the "Angels' Advocate" point of view, to much of what you write. As far as evolution goes arnoldo, don't worry, evolutionary scientists will always find another 10 or 20 million years of geologic time laying around if they need to explain something away.
  10. Wars can be very expensive endeavors, indeed. All of that money that was wasted could help alot of people, but it all goes for bullets and bombs.
  11. The rejection of the antics of Gaga continue.
  12. This is a bit of a stretch, don't you think Andrew? I understand that the Persian Gulf States are holding 40% of the world's cards right now [oil], but to say that the way they treat women is a type of positive-oriented culture, seems too far. (Can't drive, can't go out in public without a male escort off the top of the head). Nice looking country? There are nice looking places in all countries. They are building giant hotels in Mecca and Medina to accommodate the yearly Pilgrammage, and Riyadh is a jewel in the middle of the Desert; so all of the above and more is admirable. Racial and ethnic discrimination in the past and present is ever prevelant and wrong. It is not just against Christians and Jews, but basically against all non Sunni Muslims. Part of it is because of Mecca and its' religious significance. Another part is because they cannot allow any new ideas, as the 'house of cards' House of Saud would come collapsing down in the so-called 'Arab Spring'.
  13. God Curt, I hope you're not an advocate for mandatory wage adjustments. Certainly you're not saying that someone who is an engineer in GB, is not heads above more educated than someone from the Balkans or something.
  14. Lord J, that really is playing the devil's Advocate. Saying that Saudi Arabia can just freely discriminate like this against Jews and Christians, and get away with it; is like saying dis-allowing both groups from being able to work in the largest oil-exporting nation in the world. Other patterns of life that are more behavioral, and less explicit than involving a yamulke or a cross, I'm sure they have discriminatory practices against, as well. That would be wrong, too.
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