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  1. After years of complaining about the same thing, somebody agrees with me. Dune appears on a list of games that need to be remade. http://www.cheatcc.com/extra/pcgamesthatneedtoberemade2.html#.URQYiT7UpO1 The last Dune game came out in 2001. When is someone going to make a new one?
  2. I have to say and i don't like the skin of the forum at all. I guess because it's too dark for me, but i also find it extremely dated, even though it's not.
  3. Good news, i love the original Duke Nukem. By the way, today (June 10) Duke Nukem Forever was finally released.
  4. Lawliet

    Game of Thrones

    I first heard about this show on Jacurutu. I didn't know the books either. Looks promising.
  5. Lawliet


    Congratulations. I'm not a marriage person myself, but I always feel very happy for those doing it when it's right for them. What's the guy's name? Just kidding. :P
  6. I find it funny how some people prefer a Dune RTS game over a movie. But to be honest, the game would probably be better. :P
  7. I think "Paul was born on Caladan" would be cool.
  8. Well, i saw it last night and guess what? I was VERY dissappointed. Seriously, don't watch it, it's fucking awful. It's boring and full of corny sentimentality and cliche characters and dialogue. The editing and camerawork seems to have been made by a 12 year old. After 50 minutes i just wanted the movie to fucking end. Mi rating : 2
  9. This was inspired by a CollegeHumor post called Five Sci-Fi Children's Books.
  10. I'm looking forward for Battle Los Angeles too. Hope i don't get dissappointed.
  11. Actually i did not read Eras's comment. And that particular koala was harmless. :) I went to Australia last year and they let you hold them in zoos.
  12. Chani from the miniseries and the little girl that played Alia also in the miniseries. Eveyone else sucked.
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