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  1. i could try but i lost my msn password i try reset my pass but its like thay send a email to my addy where i cannot log in cause i lost my password an i have no other email adress it sucks havin no msn
  2. whats up all nice to see old player still on here i swing in trees for over 10 years now an im always happy to meet new people
  3. hey no one uses the internet now we use a probram called hamachi http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=20809.0 go there and follow the instructions how to install it read it carfully step by step ;D and if you do get hamachi never upgrade it :P
  4. hey there redclown8 its me eatallday we are the same person but dont tell noone im on my course again and goin for my dinner soon an again i got top tunes on nice to see you again my best friend ;D ;D ;D ;D
  5. oh not sure then might have to ask muis see if he no
  6. hey yea hamachi is best way to play online now go here read the instuctions how to set it up http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=20809.0
  7. thhought id post somethin just on my course an i wanna get home have a beer an play dune tonight you hear me muis fire redpain so for the time being ill just sit on my chair an get some wicked club tunes on wanna no the site an listen to the your self http://www.djchewmacca.net/streams/streams1.htm these will not disapoint you respect all im all so eatallday on dune2000 i swing in trees still ;D
  8. hey shygirl4 seen you on hamachi afew times hope you still play we all still play me muis redpain fire an afew more talk soon bye
  9. tell you whats a good tune and i got it on now Wigan Pier - sweet child of mine also Scooter - Weekend my tunes are top class ;D
  10. no m8 shes top class she could be the queen of the jungle im the king of it cause i rule it and love singing all over the area branch to branch
  11. shes on no page its what iv heard shes my friend i swing in the jungles and meet alot of great monkeys one day she willhopefully join my crew
  12. hey there well iv just got dune emp and i load it says bad password so cannot play it in multiplayer i play comp i only no how to make men and trikes does people play it if so how
  13. im not old really yea my brother hes always playin generals now :D
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