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  1. Nav, you are usually on about defence mostly.. here's something i've done in the past.. i've had my mino's along the ridges of rock.. well.. the ramp ridge.. that gives them a little benefit on range, but as you say, if the other player force fires on the mino's they will just stand there, despite the kobra is within range, so what i started doing is having my mino's up there and forcefiring at their max range on the floor.. now let kobras try and get close enough to attack without being hit.. but of course that is sacrificing the fact that they won't fire on other units so you need a fair few mino's, also leave a path so that your not blowing up your own units and they can get out safely etc.. but for while your gathering a strike force, it's quite usefull.. There are always ways to get around a defence.. once i did this and had no mongooses and my mino's got picked up by adv carryalls, another time a deviator got dropped in behind my wall and got my mino from behind.. i survived cause of how many mino's i had but it could have been worse.. there's always something we don't account for. Well that tip may/maynot come in handy. Gd luck anyway.
  2. Soul_-_Reaver


    I still play diablo 2:LoD, when i get the time, ;D it's a wicked game, you can't beat the classics, hehe :P
  3. I bought it a few days ago but haven't had the time to play it yet, i've been brushing up my skills on SOF2, however, hehe... When i opened it and was looking through the manual i was sat with a group of mates, and when i turned over and saw you could be a lizard/dinosaur man, apparently my eyes practically popped out, haha, I just saw and said aloud "Oh Wicked!!! i can be a lizardman!!!" And my friends all burst out laughing rolling on the floor literally, lol. Oh well, simple things please simple minds, hehe. I went through the start of it after i installed it and knew i didn't really have time to do anything so i ran off right into the wilderness and got killed by a skick or something, a wierd little bug, my knife did sod all, lol. It does look amazing and i can't wait to get right into it. :)
  4. I'll be getting it when it comes out.. i won't be 'switching' to it as i don't playe certain games relentlesly, i try to play as many as i can, and WC3 will be one of them.
  5. Lmao! I can't believe you are still going on with this Nav, Like on the old board posting your revised ducking strategies, lol. Nav, like you say the ranking is unfair or whatever because of people hiding behind other nicknames, well i don't bother playing QM's cause i play the game for fun, not to have silly little idiots running away cause they are scared that i may beat them, or insisting that i can't rush them before 3 mins.. just so happens to be one of your rules as i recall. Here's some food for thought Nav.. You take pride in your rank right? Well do you know what the most honest way is? It's to play every challanger and you will know how good you are then, if you only play the newbies and climb up the ladder cause of all the little wins you have, it's a lie, because you can't beat any of the 20 players above you or below you, only those right down at the bottom. If you want people to stop taking the mick out of you, play everyone and stop ducking, there really is no need. And if you still can't understand what every player in the community tries to get through your head.. well maybe it's time for you to stop playing QM's Nav, Cause quite frankly, with all your moaning it doesn't sound like you are upto the challange. Now if i'm being unfair in what i'm saying then sorry, but enough is enough don't ya think guys? *sigh*
  6. It's good to know that before it actually happens, but still.. An Mcv is 'not' a building Nav. It is a mobile vehicle with no structure for any production or storage or anything, it cannot be classed as a building. I think the simple fact it is mobile would say it's not a building but i think that issue could be desputed. The MCV is a Mobile Construction Vehicle, Once it is deployed it becomes stationary.. but wait.. it is still 'not' a building. Once it is deployed then it constructs a building around it, and the facilities to produce various things, only then are we able to call it a structure. So it not a building when it is mobile.
  7. 1. Do you own any FPS (first person shooter) games? Yes 2. Do you enjoy gunning down hookers and old ladies for no reason on Grand Theft Auto III? No i kill the guy who yells "in the navy" instead, lol(so i guess it's a yes) 3. When you play an FPS, do you want it to have blood in it? Yeps 4. Do you enjoy killing on computer games? Yeah i guess so 5. Have you ever done anything in a game which mentioning here would get you banned for. Nope, did some editing but it got approved 6. On RTS games when someone sells off their buildings and the infatry rushes you do you enjoy killing them, watching their bodies writhe in pain for a second? Yep, indeed i do, hehe 7. Do you enjoy catching up on the latest war stories, with pics? Yeah i guess, lets you remember how crap the world can be and puts you in phase with reality. 8. Do you watch R-rated movies for their violence content? Hmm, well dunno by american standards, i do enjoy martial arts films and action films with violence, so i guess i'll say yeah. 9. Do you have dreams about hunting people down? Once or twice.. wishing i was some SAS guy or something along those lines infiltrating a base to take out an enemy leader, :P hehe 10. Have you ever wanted to practice Cannibalism? Hmm, definately not. I have problems dealing with gristle in steaks.. couldn't stomach a human.. lol. Oooo 8, hehe, watch out guys, lock ur doors when i come out, lol.
  8. Oh well... England are coming home allright but without football, :( I felt we had a great side this time, but when it came to brazil, Well it was just like watching england wasn't it? .... Pathetic! All game, 90 minutes, long ball after long ball after long ball, not one real passing movement, and that is why we didn't even get to shoot at goal, even owen's goal was a mistake, it was created for us by brazil... *sigh* can't believe how the team can work so well one minute and be so crap the next. Oh Timmen m8.. it's every 4 years the world cup, :) So it's 2006 and 2010. And England have thier eyes on those, :P hehe My respect for Rivaldo is completely nil now too, he kept diving and acting in that game, but he did such a bad job of it that it was obvious. Apart from that there was a bit of misconduct, all the pushing and everything, i just don't know why they have to do that, you don't see england pushing everyone. But it's besides the point, england were crap so they got beat, Brazil go through.. Oh well, Good luck USA, and if not Usa, then Senegal, and if not senegal, germany, :)
  9. His post in the jedi outcast forum? :) Where? I know i could probabely find it but i'm lazy :P hehe anyone got a link for little old moi, :)
  10. For those who have problems with the font size.. the easiet way to set it to what you want.. if you have a mouse wheel, then hold ctrl and roll it forward or back to whatever size suits you, this works for all general text on all pages over the net.
  11. What i used to do is use atr snipers and scouts and sandbikes. I'd buy 2 scouts, 1 sniper, 1 bike. I'd place my bike on the sand, i'd place the sniper 'just' behind and to the side of the bike, so the bike will be shot first, and i'd place the 2 scouts infront a distance so they would detect the fremen. Obviously i wouldn't only use that number i'd repeat the formation a few times to build a front, then i would build up my ranks with more minos etc.. so it became a better 'wall' but i would also be out on the attack too not waiting for my wall to be demolished. I'd rather go out and attack than lose money by having to rebuild my wall after attacks a lot, In the end running out of resources.
  12. I haven't played with thoxen a lot since he came back but the games i've had with him have been great fun, he's a great sport and enjoys a fun and competetive game, whether it be long or short, he's a good player to game with. Now if he's changed his attitude i don't know but Nav, How one person acts towards another is not necessarily how he will act to others. I mean think of how we all react to you moaning all the time, but we don't act like that to others who deserve respect. All i'm saying is perhaps thoxen hates your guts and so might seem like an ass, but in truth he isn't and it's just the simple fact he can't stand you due to all the crap you go on about? But as i said, i've played with Thoxen a number of times and he's a great player, maybe not as good as he used to be, but he's still good and he's a good sport too.
  13. True it's a waste of money but when your not good enough to kill the enemies units and level them up then i guess it's a viable answer, ;) ;) lol!
  14. I don't mean germany don't deserve to win, they do, they've played good, but i just would like to see USA win over germany simply because USA haven't gotten this far before, :) As for germany, well the whole world knows how good you guys are and you lot have won before, :) So if germany win i don't mind at all cause they are a good team and fair players. :)
  15. I think every english player is down on their hands and knees praying that we will win before it goes to penalties. Everyone knows what we are like at penalties... if you shift the goal 6ft higher.. we'd win ;D lol. But seriously, i think we have a chance for once. We have a great defence going, a very strong back 4 and the midfield do their bit to help.. for once. All in all for once England are playing as a team. Brazil have the greatest attack England have the greatest defence Brazil have a mediocre defence.. all their players prefer to attack. England have a high standard attackng force.. when we don't use the long ball.... The game could go either way but although i am english and of course i would back england no matter what the chances were, but i do feel that we have a chance... so... English fans... Fingers crossed guys and don't spill those pints! :P hehe On another note, i hope USA win their next match, :) I think they deserve it, they might not have such great talent as other teams have but they are workhorses, and that means a lot... I'd just be nice to see USA up there to the end for a change, :) I just hope england don't come up against spain.. you guys seen on TV how dirty they are? Cheaters, i don't understand why teams need to cheat. To think it's on national tv... what losers..
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