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  1. i havent play it again since after i die, each level will need to restart again, so did u too?
  2. i buy it since it is dune, but i hate it by bad control of movement :'(
  3. if u say so,so why u not try to doing something like that? how about let the deviator tunnel attacking like tiberium auto rifie? or just let it become a chem tank(chem sprayer) i hope thats will give a idea to u.. :)
  4. wa ! i want it long ago!! if it is possable, i may want WW make this !! how fun that ill driving a fast laser tank to kill that sloww mino ;D
  5. yup, just a little bug..i already seen they say their server are get error,
  6. hmm...i am too.. i cant login renegade this day.. not only emperor... and also it say i have a bad passwork...
  7. thats good idea but if they can dont heal the fremen is great ! ( just cause i hate fremem for too strong and too cheap 8))
  8. sometimes i will see some of the topic will be moved to gob dungeon, i know there will be full of evil topic :D. but is that i can go there after 18(some country 21 ??) or something like that?? and how can i visit the dungeon??
  9. i just think a swarm of gunner will be great funny :-X,so i would like let about 20 gunner stand near me... :-[
  10. :'(i also no more time to play since school day...
  11. i maybe buy after i know ww will support it or not.
  12. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D thats was a great funny meaning that i let me cant stop laughing !! well done exatreides !!
  13. hbomb54 : thats was good u are the really emperor fans, but the problem was just from by WW. people think emperor 2 is impossable because WW are never care ours and never care emperor. and i almost agree they are left their emperor email alone and alone for your request. as for me , of course i want emperor 2 will be come out from near furture, but this is hard just like u say "plane fly in the sky" . u just have to wish if one day they check your email and use your idea. :( but if u want they will use your idea......i think u have to show them how your idea can be make money...... only this.. :(
  14. i think war3 just a natural...but emperor was make in hell (WW)
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