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  1. Which house is it? I dont mean mercanaries which are yellow. I mean the brown guys. Please can you tell me the exact mission?
  2. Whenever I try to play an internet game, the computer says errror. What do I do? I think I have to download something, but I dont know where from. HELP!
  3. Does anyone know where I can get trainers for Dune 2000 version 1.06?
  4. On the back of my Dune 2000 box, it says you can ally with smugglers in a certain mission. Is this true? The smugglers are the brown units.
  5. I downloaded some MODS, but I didnt like them, so I sent them to the recycle bin and deleted them, but theyre still in my copy of Dune 2000 and I dont know how to get rid of them. Help! ??? ???
  6. I just downloaded all the MODS from this site, but I'm not sure what they do so could anyone tell me?
  7. Can you play as mercanaries or other sub houses in this game?
  8. Are there any secret missions for Dune 2000?
  9. Are there any secret missions in Dune2000?I've been hearing about a mission called Ordos city. Whats that?
  10. Please can I have a modem game of Dune 2000 with someone? I'll dial you up through Dune 2000, so you just have to click on Anwser in multiplayer.
  11. Is there any way at all you can ally with the Imperial forces in the missions or multiplayer in
  12. Can you somehow play as the imperial side in Dune 2000?
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