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  1. Sorry I haven't posted yet. Pippin is afraid, he hears noises comming from only a little distance. "Gandalf, I hear something" "Nonsense, there is no noise at a..." Grunt. Everybody, stand you gaurd, and be cautious as not to draw attention to us. Pippin, then as stupid as he is, decides to touch a skeleton which falls down making a loud noise. They have heard us.
  2. ok, i should be able to find that, thank you for the help jacob.
  3. thanks, i am still giving you full credit in the ideas area of the readme. the progress is this: Rules and artini are 100% done Textures are 50% done Readme is 100% done Story is 100% done Logo is 0% done(You just can't find a good one nowadays ;D) Logo is what Jacob Douds has on the Theta description which I can't remember.
  4. Is it ok if I can join and be Pippin? I wanted to be Legolas, but Pippin will be fine.
  5. that would be a cool idea, but i don't think it would work.
  6. yes, i did, sorry for not asking your permission, but like frodo said, i have given you credit.
  7. I posted this at Chapterhouse Discussion, but House Theta mod is still being worked on.
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