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  1. @Domaithianus Your probably long gone, judging by the fact you've not logged in since January 2018, but I still want to share my thoughts and appreciation for your work, this is one of the best campaigns for Dune 2000 I've experienced and certainly one of my favourite's that I will revisit time and again, to replay missions with enthusiasm and saveless for a greater challenge. The composition of the map layouts were excellent, faithful to the original concepts but with your own unique reindition making for a familiar yet fresh experience. The terrain was creative and interesting, I like w
  2. Hi Go to configure settings in the Gruntsmod launcher, then Video Options and tick 'Cutscene Change Resolution.'
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, that clears up some confusion
  4. Nah it's a music track, in the music menu selecting 'Rise of Harkonnen' actually plays Robotix and vice versa.
  5. This isn't specific to this update but I've noticed with the Gruntsmod version, why is Rise of Harkonnen and Robotix mixed up in the menu? Is their an easy way I can fix this myself?
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