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  1. I think it is best i don't answer this online... 🤣
  2. Depends how you see the woman that gave birth to you 😝
  3. dunemaster.webs.com went here... works instanly
  4. Game itself does not start... Damn me, i am no wizz
  5. It seems i can go online... but only direct from the file in my 😄 Online game does not start up, due lack of account. But... the offline game won't open at all.
  6. Yep... bin there, done that… Gave my laptop to my mother, let the game on it, must now go there to play… come there only once or twice a month
  7. My HP Pavillion doesn't want to run D2K, depending on what download i get issues with 'wrong video cart settings...' or 0xc000000022. I am no wizz, so some help would be appreciated !!! I can call you (Phone number required) for help!!! Dear Mods, the following will be the same as above… but in Dutch, if you want you can translate Mijn HP Pavillion wil D2K niet starten, afhankelijk van welke download ik gebruik geeft deze problemen aan met de video kaart of 0xc000000022. Ik ben geen computer wonder, enige hulp zal gewaardeerd worden !!! Als je je telefoonnummer stuurt om te helpen, dan bel ik je... kost het je verder niks enkel tijd.
  8. Got the same issue... and before it said my video hardware wasn't good enough Used to play offline on my 10year old i7 Samsung laptop, and now have a HP Pavillion pc... so i thought i can finally go online with a descent mouse and keypad. I am not a computer wizzz, but did try a lot op different settings. I downloaded the normal, lite and hotfix… and tried them all together and seperate without any succes. Must visite my mom to play, because that is where my old laptop went Hope to get it on my pc, and finally go online 🕴️
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