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  1. UsulSK


    I am a java-programmer and I can recommend java or c# for a rts like "dune 2". The advantage is that you can bug-fix it more easily and that java (or c#) are much more robust then c or c++ where memory leaks can easily happen. So if designed well (learn about design-patterns) a java program is easy to maintain. Another advantage is that you are not limited to an OS, as long as java is installed. So "dune 2" could even run on a smart-phone. And I think there is a greater chance of people helping you, because java is quite popular. If you want to port "dune 2" to java, I'd advise using sourceforge for community-programming. Another great thing about java is that you can use java-webstart, which allows for online-updating.
  2. UsulSK


    I like unit cap because it weakens tank-rushing and strenghtens tactics imo. The best compromise would probably be that the server may choose.
  3. UsulSK


    OOP is only half the solution. A game needs to have a good architecture/framework, follow basic design-principles (like high cohesion or low coupling) and design-patterns should be applied where they make sense. Only then changes like that can be made without too many problems.
  4. there are some things I found, too: - if you dont have a radar, a white square should nevertheless be shown in the map in order to show you where in the map you are - there should be a way to tell units "dont move". you have to control your units every 30 seconds because as soon as an enemy arrives they are running crazy and move away. I'd like them to stay in formation.
  5. UsulSK


    hi, are you happy with the current interface? I think its kinda confusing. one selects units with the left-mouse-button and one moves and attacks with the left mouse button. I often accedently move where I dont want to move or de-select units. I know you probably wont change that now, but I would prefer the starcraft-interface: select with left-click, action with right-click. imo its more intuitive and less error-prone. ok, I guess its too late now and its a matter of taste. MAYBE if you have too much time you could implement an option to change the interface-style? anyway, the game is fun and I cant wait for multiplayer.
  6. there is www.gmx.de which is used by a lot of people.
  7. A Clockwork Orange from Stanley Kubrik is the best, because its truly deep.
  8. UsulSK


    > Because by the laws of physics, water will displace as > much mass as the volume of water that is displaced by > the object. In other words, the melting of the polar > ice caps will have the same effect on the Earth as ice > in a glass of water. If you notice when you’re pouring > a glass of ice water, the water level stays the same > even though the ice melts. This is because the mass of > the ice displaced equals the volume of water it took > up. That’s also why the ice floats. Thats wrong! Why dont you just try it? Just fill a glass of water and do a lot of ice cubes in it and you'll see that it actually WILL rise!
  9. > Though we all ahte windows, note this FACT: If Linux > was currently in Microsofts place, with the monopoly > and all that, we would hate that instead, same goes > for macs etc. Windows is best, otherwise it wouldn't > be where it is now. > etc Thats not a FACT, because thats stupid and wrong. Linux is open source where MS is commercial and thats the reason why MS sucks. That means, that one can easily modify or improve Linux where the source code of Windows is secret which causes in the end a lot of programms to crash. And that big advantage of Linux wouldnt change, if Linux had the monopol!
  10. Even though we lost, I think we played a really good game. It was worth for a final match. Congratulation Brazil!
  11. Germany is in the final! We are vice-world-cup-champions for sure now. And now it even was a good game against South Corea, not like before when we just have been lucky. Now we really deserved it.
  12. does anyone really think, that Brazil WONT be world champion?
  13. UsulSK


    Every game has to be measured because of its FUN FACTOR and not because of graphics or sound or videos. But Im not sure how fun WArcraft III is, yet. I mean it has all the good things of Starcraft in it: The different races which dont just look different (like in Command N Conquer) but really ARE different with their units and strengths and weaknesses. But I dont know about the heroes. Its just boring to let them fight against the neutral units in EVERY game. Its always the same: You build your base and walk around with your heroes in order to advance to the next level. That gets pretty boring and its not really tactical, since you have to do this every time. Thats why I think Warcraft III is still not as good as Starcraft.
  14. Well, well, well. Germany won. Even though it was a real crappy game from both teams. Now I guess Korea will kick us out of the world cup, but lets see.
  15. > On another note, i hope USA win their next > match, I think they deserve it, they might > not have such great talent as other teams have > but they are workhorses, and that means a > lot... Heh? They play against germany next. And everything you said about USA is also true about Germany. I mean Germany didnt play that good, but they won because they worked hard for it. So whats the difference? Go Germany!
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