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  1. But what if there is no rock to build there?
  2. The credits scroll up over a picture of dune turned the color of the winning house. I tried to capitalize everything that was capitalized and space it as it was in the credits. Edit: The fourms mess up the spaceing at some parts, even though I entered it correctly. Also all of the names are lined up. The list goes: Dune II The Building of A Dyansty Produced By: Brett W. Sperry Directed By: Aaron E. Powell Lyle J. Hall Designed By: Aaron E. Powell Joe Bostic Programmed By: Joe Bostic Scott K. Bowen Written By: Donna J. Bundy Rick Gush Art & Animation By: Aaron E. Powell Ren Olsen Judith Peterson Eric Shults Elie Arabian Audio Directed By: Paul Mudra Music & Sound By: Frank Klepacki Dwight Okahara Digitized Voices By: Donna J. Bundy Frank Klepacki Eric Shults Glenn Sperry Julie Stainer Quality Assurance By: Glenn Sperry Jesse Clemit Matt Collins Patrick Collins Bill Foster Mike Lightner Michael S. Glosecki Justin Norr Eugene Martin Noah Tool Scott Duckett Danny Lewis Document Coordinator: Lisa Ballan Box Design By: Lauren Rifkin Manual Design By: Lisa A. Ballan Lisa Marcinko Special Thanks To: David Bishop David Luehmann Marc Cram DUNE IS A TRADEMARK OF DINO DE LAURENTIIS COOPERATION AND LICENSED BY MCA/UNIVERSAL MERCHANDISING, INC. © 1984 DINO DE LAURENTIIS COOPERATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 1992 WESTWOOD STUDIOS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. VIRGIN IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF VIRGIN ENTERPRISES, LTD. Thank you for playing DUNE II The Building of A Dynasty List of pictures that fade in and out. It sits at each picture for 3 or so seconds. Fades to Sardukar trooper Fades to Deathhand Fades to Deviator. Music changes on the second time here. Fades to Palace Fades to Orthothopter Fades to Troopers Fades to House IX. Ends on this picture, then credits restart. Fades to MCV. Music changes around here second time around. Fades to Sandworm Fades to Fremen Fades to Refinery It then repeats. Example Screenshots: http://img369.imageshack.us/my.php?image=credits14fv.jpg http://img205.imageshack.us/my.php?image=credits31yu.jpg
  3. Holtzman shields would never be used on Dune due to it driveing the worms into a frenzy. Stoneburners and other atomics would also not be used due to the Great Convention. There would also be none of that sonic technology (I never once saw any mention of it in the books). Windtraps would sit around collecting water... Things would be turned upside down.
  4. Erik

    Key Mapping

    I always just used it to reinforce my tanks that were already there. The map allowed me to get the in the general area, an I could fine tune it when they got there.
  5. Erik

    Key Mapping

    The right click to move the map around is because the left click tells units to go there. This way, you can move the map around while having units selected. I think the best thing to do is to let us set our own keys.
  6. Erik

    Key Mapping

    I have a couple suggestions. Right click on the radar to move your view to that location, left click on radar to order units to move there if selected. Kind of like how the Total Annihlation map worked.
  7. Yea, I forgot about the radar too. In the version I have you could repair the palace for free, but for balance issues you might want to make it cost money anyways. After playing some more of the test the troopers seem almost too powerful. They rip apart any unit and building with ease aside from infantry. Rocket tanks seem effective. I only got to mission 5, but I think sonic tanks might work well. The AI is strange; it builds huge masses of trikes and quads and then sends them all in. My units like to run to an enemy when they come near my base, which messes up the walls of tanks I used to use for defense before turrets are available. The AI also likes to shoot sandworms, and will end up shooting each other if a sandworm is under my units. They also will ignore the enemy if already shooting a sandworm. There were a couple problems with the mission map, hard to explain without a screen shot. Also, I think you need to make a button to issue an attack command, maybe control would work like in some of the Westwood games. Otherwise, you have to run a unit into a spice bloom.
  8. Your tech tree seems to differ from mine, I believe in mine the Ordos don't get the Ornithopter I think theres a couple others but I would have to play through the game again. I am running Dune 2: The Building Of A Dynasty Version 1.07
  9. You can still build things after the structure is destroyed. If you have your construction yard selected and it is destroyed, you can still build things with it as long as you don't change the build menu. Same for units but tehy can't deploy. The Yes No Proceed and Cancel buttons are switched around. Rocket Turrets seem to require a House of IX? In Dune 2 they were built by upgradeing the construction yard after upgradeing to large concrete slabs. I would like to be able to change build menus by clicking the building. You can't build something unless you have all the credits at once. The palace doesn't seem finished, and it seems to require money to repair. Building structures seems to take longer than normal. That's all that I have found right now, thanks for starting this project Stefan!
  10. Every day might be a bit hard for you to do, how about like every Friday or Saturday?
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