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  1. My ideal alternate Dune 7 would be an ACTUAL Dune 7, which would consist of an edited volume of everything Brian actually knew about what his father WANTED for Dune 7, if anything. Seriously, Christopher Tolkien had no problem doing this for his father's material and it became a lucrative multi-volume series without spewing diarrhea all over his father's work.
  2. Before you take it too seriously, think about what day it is...though I don't know if it has as much signifigance in Italy.
  3. If it is, I'm going to sue the hell out of BH and KJA.
  4. From an inside source I know over at Dunenovels.com, I've heard that Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson are planning a new series of books that explore the supposed mythological roots of house Atreides. It is rumored that the novels will take place during the Trojan war, and will follow the life of a little-known son of Agamemnon, Paulus Atreideus, a commander in the Greek army at Troy. It is rumored that it will explain the very beginnings of the fighting style which came to be known as the Weirding Way. Brian Herbert had this to say: "Right now we're looking at a series of around 7 books,
  5. Duke Leto I - Viggo Mortensen Jessica Atreides - Kristin Scott Thomas Paul Atreides - Daniel Radcliffe (he's a good actor and he looks the part...) Gurney Halleck - Brendan Gleeson Duncan Idaho - Eric Bana Thufir Hawat - Rutger Hauer Dr Wellington Yueh - Gary Oldman / John Hurt Stilgar - Ray Winstone Irulan - Rebecca Hall Chani - ??? Shaddam Corrino IV - Alex Angulo (Spanish actor) Hasimir Fenring - Steve Buscemi Baron Vladmir Harkonnen - Robbie Coltrane Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen - The kid who played Malfoy...why not. Liet Kynes - ??
  6. whahhh??? What is this the Cockney circus version of Dune? I like Stephen Fry but...I don't think he's right for Leto. You could never convince me, for example that he was descended from a Greek family or that he knows how to fight....
  7. I think we should get together and try to buy up ALL the gummy worms we can find and send them back to Brian with a note that just says "no thanks".
  8. I picked up a copy of this when I was killing time at a bookstore waiting to meet some friends, I flipped to a random page and read 1 paragraph. I'm pretty sure that it was narrating events in DUNE, as in the first Dune book. I think it was during their trip from Caladan to Arrakis. If I was correct, then this is atrocious on a level I didn't think even BH and KJA could stoop to. While I do think it is cheap to write all these stupid, long "in-between" books and prequels and stuff, at least they're filling in spaces that FH didn't originally directly narrate. But to narrate an event FROM D
  9. Yay! I can't wait until they release the "bathrooms of Dune" series. I've always wanted to know what happened in the moments between chapters in all the Dune books. Hopefully they will be able to somehow stretch it out into a 6-book series with about 650 pages per book. Then, I can't wait to read the "Chefs of Dune" series, which gets into what went on behind the scenes in the kitchens of Dune! I heard they were working Gordon Ramsay on this one. /sarcasm
  10. A neat piece of trivia for those of us from the 80s. The guy who plays Jamis in the extended version is the same guy who played Mickey (the criminal guy) in PeeWee's Big Adventure. What's also funny is the reason he's "running" in Peewee's Big Adventure is because he cut one of those tags off a mattress with a knife...maybe it was a crysknife?
  11. I dunno man....I think they're really gonna just keep the books coming. Pretty soon we'll be reading the "Paul goes to Kindergarten" series of Easy Readers for kids. I know it's the typical cynical view for a guy like me on this, but I really think these two are going to keep this up until they either can't, or people stop buying them, which they won't. We should start taking bets to see if we can predict what next piece of junk they'll think up to write.
  12. What I don't get is, where are the fans who are demanding all this junk? I mean, I realize there are probably a small amount of people even on this board who are "ok" with the new books and will read them because they're "Dune", but good lord! When you take into account the house books...the butlerian jihad books and this new "______ of Dune" crap, that's 10 books! 7 of Which are already out and have been released in a span of 8 years. I suppose I'm looking at it wrong though...it doesn't matter what "fans" demand it...if they can keep turning them out like RL Stine books and people keep h
  13. Edric, I'm going to try to keep from Dawkinsing out on you, but...this is exactly what I find so frustrating about discussions about the existence of god. If god, by his very nature, is completely undetectable in ...well, apparently EVERY empirical way, then...gah, I dunno. I've been reading crap all day for school, so my brain is mush. I'll try again later. I just find it ridiculous to posit the existence of a being and then define it as completely 100% unprovable. But then maybe that's why I am what I am.
  14. Here's mine. http://img89.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pcgraphpngphpic3.png I'm not surprised. About where I thought I'd be.
  15. Yeah...I thin I pretty much feel about it like you guys do. I'm an atheist personally, but it isn't some phase or rebellious thing...I'm an adult. I was raised Christian and it didn't traumatize me or anything...I simply grew up to reject the religious claims that were presented to me during my upbringing...just couldn't, as a person who cares about being honest with himself, accept the claims...I saw and still see no evidence to accept the claim that the universe is controlled by a deity (certainly NOT a benevolent one).
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