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  1. Yes, I did forget. It was the Yuuzhan Vong from Star Wars that resembled the Tleilaxu. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Yuuzhan_Vong I'm interested to know, if the Tleilaxu are not like the Yuuzhan Vong in the books, what would you say they are more like?
  2. The Tleilaxu are the most evil. Even worse than the Harkonnens. They kind of make the Harkonnens seem like good vikings, or warriors. The Tleilaxu do vile things, like making emperor worms, and turning vehicles and people into monsters. They try to get rid of all technology. That's my experience with the Tleilaxu in Emperor Battle For Dune, are they like that in the books too?
  3. He does not look like a Kirk anymore, he could be another Vladimir Harkonnen. If not Vladimir, a baron or heir like Vladimir. -That would be awesome. Get him back into the space movies/games. -That's if there's another dune series of games/movies or whatever.
  4. Christians vs. the Wiccans. House Atreides vs Harkonnen. Is House Harkonnen based on Wiccan culture/Religion? In the movie and dune games, like Dune 2000, and Emperor Battle For Dune. -In Emperor Battle For Dune. I've played through it. There's the baron Valadimir, Rabban, and Feyd Rautha Wiccan. -They have all the cutscenes on youtube, of House Harkonnen. Has a Wiccan theme. The Christians being the peacemakers, like House Atreides. -I'm not sure what religion house Ordos is based on, it's 3rd party.
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