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  1. Adriano

    What are you listening to right now?

    I would like to go on this topic (after pause during some time). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crDdTs4e2Y0
  2. Adriano

    Reviewing Map and Mission editor

    Yes, I am agree, the editor is good now! It works very well. Klofkac, would you like to add one feature? If it i not very difficult. I mean list of last files, recently opened files. I hope, I write clear enough. For example, list of 3 last opened files. Sometimes, when copies of Dune 2000 are in different folders, it needs slightly long time to found some maps. But this is not problem.
  3. Adriano

    Reviewing Map and Mission editor

    Interesting. In Spanish like in Latin, adjective is after noun, isn't it? Or in Polish. In Latin: intelligentia artificialis.
  4. Would you like to place couple of pictures here? It is interesting to see!
  5. Thank you for your answer, FunkyFr3sh.
  6. It looks good! Excuse me, what does it mean GDI Mode?
  7. Adriano

    [Release] Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor v1.2

    I don't know, may be you can try to write messages in 2 variants... In bad English and then in good Russian. If admin don't mind. Perhaps, at least somebody Russian-speaking could read and translate it. Were our answer helpful? And you are welcome! In Rus. Ну я не знаю, может быть вам попробовать писать сообщения в 2 вариантах... На плохом английском и нормально по-русски. Если админ не будет против. Может быть кто-то русскоязычный заглянет на форум и что-то поймёт и переведёт. Как наши ответы, помогли? И добро пожаловать на форум!
  8. Adriano

    [Release] Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor v1.2

    I will help you, Knatro. I try to translate this, from Russian to English. But users of this forum must write messages in English here. We can like or dislike it, BUT this is rule of this forum. And... I am afraid, your message is not very definite. <<Помогите мне пожалуйста, я делаю расу Ixian на карте и настраиваю игру за них. В итоге, кроме самих червей ничего на карте не показывается, ни юнитов, ни построек. Что с этим делать? Help me, please. I would like to make race of Ixian on map and to tune the game for player as Ixian. In the result, I cannot see anything on the map. Neither units nor buildings, excepting worms. What can I do with this?>> (End of quote) Multiplayer game?
  9. Adriano

    Colours.bin RESEARCH

    This color looks like gold. As metal the gold.
  10. Adriano

    Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Interesting research! Interesting site, that you recommended, HexEd.it. As additional bonus, the site opened in my computer with interface in good Russian. Not bad!
  11. Adriano

    Site Updates

    First of all, I try to download something from the forum Because there was problem with downloading previous time, when the forum was changed. Now it works normally.
  12. Adriano

    [RELEASE] - Tleilaxu Plague

    Thank you! Because I usually create new folder with new Dune 2000 for each mod. So there are too much folders with Dune2000 in my computer It's time to delete some of them.
  13. Adriano

    [RELEASE] - Tleilaxu Plague

    Cm_blast, can I place these files together with your "Spacing guild campaign" (or "Frank Herbert")? To the same folder of Dune 2000? Or will be better to add the files to new installed Dune 2000?
  14. It was interesting to read this topic.
  15. It is possible to repair buildings, when harvester just begin ... (how to say it?) upload spice to refinery. But, yes, repairing is not easy. But, I suppose, this is not problem. Just feature of this mission.