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  1. R u sure? Todays operators only sleeping when train goin otomatically. Not much adventure but wastened life in road.
  2. Hi my name is damrankomfan im a troll from upper trollland. Ehehehuehuehueha. I hope trolls invade evryvhere soon.
  3. Why answering to person who actually enemy of russia but not answeting to my post?
  4. Europe make them alcoholics with ambargos, with trade ambargos after down of soviets. Those people was in wery bad life for years. Butin, yes hes mafia like leader. Old kgb member. But as you europans said, kill to survive. So he rebulding his collapsed country. He ignore communisim, but started to imperialism wic traditional for europa. Its why he started aggrassive camping. Russian army was known as defansive for gtousand years. Now they are aggrasive. Georgia, now ukrain. Someone must show to europa world is not their playground. someone must show europa, when europan children going to schools, because of europa russian children become drug and alcohol addicted, become sorry but nothing. Puting chencing this. Putin making russia strong again. For his leople. Just like you europans hes dont care any other people, you suropans started this shyt.
  5. So just like evrytime russia is bad sixe but not europa. I really want to know how europa is always right side.
  6. Hey mrfibble, where is voododady is he died?
  7. Fakn did you see that with your eyes? Some ppl told me i see camps and show pictures of them. Fakin small factorys, how to kill 15 million ppl in them in 3 years? Not possible. You hawe to kill 15k people evryday. Its not possible withour destruction weapons like atom bomb. so amerika used atom bombs in japan hea? Why fkn duropans do not speak about it but only jewish?
  8. http://m.youtube.com/results?q=holocaust%20lie&sm=3 so those 6 million jews started to move around in 1900, then killed in 1940....... fakn biggest lie in history. Dont even like middle eastern ppl, they betrayed us in first world war. I dont even like iran. But its real, holocaust did not happened. Its just machinepover to make you passive europans stay alert about middle europan germans and australians. To even turkige. Dont say arab llol they are nothing but cannon food. Maybe iran.
  9. I dont mean german army didnt kil, jewish ppl. But as usual war just like evry fakn army they killed few tousand. Not 15 million. Even ofcorse few tousand is shame. But there is loooooooong distance betveen 1000 ppl and 15 million people. Fakn inglorious basterds now killing children in filistin, just yesterday 300. Now what? Its only masturbation of jews. Its a biggest lie of history.
  10. And can you tell me, imagine, israil builded up in europa for exampla, start to take your lands and raids, killed tousans of civilians, can you think about jews are peacemekar? Dont worry they didnt invade us, not israil if all warld make alliance cant take thrkiye without billion lose but as you know they invadin filistin and killing children. so if fakn holocaust happened why they trying to do same think?
  11. i understand you but how possible to collect about 15 million people from known adresses, puut them camps and kill tehm in 3 years. If you send one atom bomb just like america did in japan, you hawe to send evry day one atom bomb to kill 16000 people, so in 3 years you can reach to 15 million. Its just joke.
  12. Fanatic warriors who are best of fremen, special guardsmen of poul atreides and most poverfull soldiers of his army, even much more better than sardoukars. son in real, none mach with fedaykin i know, but most smilar, fanatical troops from evry religion. Just like middle era both slavic knights or turkish hunnic warriors or arabic jihat troops or knights of lionhearth. but in our era? Wic is most fanatic? Not any regular army ofcorse, maybe israil troops because of being small country with covered all different culture. but i think chechenian mucahits from russian chechenian war most matc with fedaykin. Not arab mucahits who help them chechenian ones.
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