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  1. Any change of this including my Turkish translations? It was not 100% complete but enough was done and had cutom turkish atreides mentat voices. I'm a bit lazy to find it but searching it here would easily give result.
  2. Wanted to reviwe this thread, as it doesn't look like Matt is interested to post stuff here anymore. We got a new playtest today:
  3. I have updated single player missions i made for OpenRA's D2K mod for the last map contest to the current release. Wanted to share them here. Here are links for them: Mercenary 7b: A Ordos 7 style mission, but you play as Mercenaries. https://resource.openra.net/maps/24092/ Chrono Fault: You actually play as Allies from Red Alert in this mission, but with a twist: https://resource.openra.net/maps/24087/ Edit: Also another new from OpenRA. I have locally completed Harkonnen Campaign, we are trying to get them merged for the next version.
  4. Wanna ask one more thing, as i can't test, would be happy if anyone else can. How the Starport costs acted im multiplayer? Did all the players get same cost at the same time, or did it vary between players? If it was the same for all players, what about Combat Tanks of different houses, as they are technically different units? Edit: Whatever, i forgot about the Debug menu. Looks like it did vary between players. I'm not sure about implementing this on OpenRA as is tho. Giving all players same cost at the same time sounds better for balance. Currently Combat Tank's cost vary between players in my OpenRA code tho, as they are different units.
  5. Are you sure there is only discount, i'm pretty sure buying cost goes over the production cost sometimes. Edit: OK, looks like you are right, i saw missile tank costing $896 tho, 1% min discount doesn't look true.
  6. I coded to Starport varied cost logic on OpenRA today, but i'm not sure what exactly the values for how often the costs reset and what max and min values compared to production cost the buying cost gets in original. Does anyone here know these values? I used 75%-125% of production cost for buying cost and 1-2 mins for cost reset interval, a random value in those ranges for PR, i think those values are not correct tho.
  7. 1.0.5 version is out: http://www.moddb.com/mods/mustaphatrs-d2k-mod/downloads/mustaphatrs-d2k-mod-v105
  8. OpenRA has those, so we have graphics of them. It also has Cliff-Sand ones but other way around. As shai said original didn't have such tiles.
  9. Looks like i found the issue. My video files must be corrupted somehow, they show 0KB as size. I'll reinstall.
  10. I could finish that earlier but i got busy with OpenRA mod so it delayed to today. Here is the new D2K Turkish Langauge Pack. This time it includes Turkish Characters thanks to WWFont Editor. It is agian not 100% complete but way more complete when compared to old one. Here are stuff i wrote the ReadMe file: Alt. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7o4jhyngxoz5gb2/Dune_2000_Turkish_Language_Patch.rar But it is attached below too. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihkfLkEYERM To Gruntlord: I would love to see this included with Gruntmods Edition. And again ADD THE FIX FOR TEST MISSIONS. Dune 2000 Turkish Language Patch.rar
  11. Ok, second. Had to release another version because of a crash: http://www.moddb.com/mods/mustaphatrs-d2k-mod/downloads/mustaphatrs-d2k-mod-v101
  12. First version is out: http://www.moddb.com/mods/mustaphatrs-d2k-mod/downloads/mustaphatrs-d2k-mod-v10
  13. OpenRA is a complately different engine. Original D2K still doesn't supportading new units. But i once managed to add a new weapon (it fucks up the graphics tho, it could be an easy fix if Resource Editor was allowing ading new frames inbetween.)
  14. I have recently started a small OpenRA mod that makes all 7 sides (Atreides, Fremen, Harkonnen, Corrino, Ordos, Mercenaries and Smugglers) playable for OpenRA's D2K mod. Wanted to share about it here too. I opened a ModDB page for it so you can find more info at there. About the mod, it will include 3 special unit and 1 ability for each side. An ability is not necessariliy a Super Weapon but a special thing for that faction. I'm still thinking about the units to add, even the idea phase is not complete. After i add all the units i'll release the first version, then other versiıns will mostly be ballancing stuff.
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