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  1. As I quoted in my email the voice could have been put to use in a much better way . What do you people think???
  2. Exactly what I said in my email, its just stupid the little mistakes that have been made that spoil the game. If in the game Paul had been able to use his knife one on one when he was spotted, the game would have been inproved %100, they could have made the game so that he pulls off some cool combo or something when fighting but no........ Where left with: Pauls been spotted he's got no ammo, better go kill the stupid Harkonen with the knife. Pauls approaches Troop and then waves his knife in the air as if trying to swat some fly's because he cant hit the Harkonen effectivly because of the way
  3. Cant find my email attachment must have vanished so here it is again in case any game programmers fancy having a go at making it right ;): Dam its long :O Frank Herbert's Dune email: To any one who is connected to the development of Frank Herbert's Dune, where do I start with this game it could have been one of the greatest games ever putting the dune universe where it should be in the games community. The game could have been so much more but it's the little bugs in the game, which make it go wrong. If a little more thought had been put in this game would have been brilliant. The way it lo
  4. Crap I just did a massive update and the friggen internet turned off and I lost everything :'(
  5. Deep with in the alien ship the duke stood still inside a large room. A couple of metres away The dark lord sat at a table looking completly relaxed, yet still he imposed a sinister fealing in the air which made the duke shiver. What made it worse was the fact the Duke was made to stand during the whole of the meeting, making it seem as though the duke was of no importance. The dark lord coNtinued to go over the database which he held on his datapanel in his right hand. The Dark lord was quiet only speaking when was needed. This only added fear to his sinister apearence. Finally the Duke becam
  6. On the Atreides Transport ship the Duke Sat still looking onwards at the huge alien vessel that was growing bigger in his front window. "Kel We will arrives soon prepare yourself." "I am ready, My Duke" Answered Kel suited up in his stealth suite ready to infiltrate the alien ship. The Dukes ship continued to approach eventually a message came over the radio. "Alien Vessel please shut down your main engines. The ship will be taken in automatically from here." "Do as he says." commanded the Duke to his pilot who sat patiently next to him. "As you command, My Duke." responded his pilot as presse
  7. (Hey Lord_Johnsonius we got a good thing going here, nice updates thanks Keep up the good work.) ;DThe Reverend Mother Moshia sat still in her private chamber. My beloved son Kel she thought. I must find out what's going on with Kel. Pressing a button on her computer she brought up the communications network. A young woman appeared on the screen. "Yes Reverend Mother, how can i help you?" "Yes put me through to Atreidies Palace on Caladan." Replied Moshia. With a sudden disruption the screen changed to another image. It was Mentat Hague. "Ah Mentat Hague, I would like to speak to Kel." "Im sor
  8. On The planet of Guidi Prime:The Baron jumped in surprise "play that again!" What happened there Swordmaster Kel completely lost his balance. What devilry is this not even those horrible Bene Gesserit's could match that I must find out."My Baron the emperor has requested that the Harkonen fleet join forces with the other houses at the outer rim of Kaitan. This will of course exclude house Atreides due to its current situation. The emperor wishes for a council." "Yes of course." replied the Baron to his mentat" Help the pitifull Atreides, Mentat what is the odds of the Atreides surviveing a one
  9. As the dark man made another would be devastating attack. He thought to himself no this is foolish I cant go on fighting the unknown. It will be my undoing. He thought back to when he first decided to board the ship, how simple it had seemed. He would enter the ship cloud people's minds or destroy those that stood in his way. But this was unexpected. No he thought I must leave this fight and learn about this strong adversary. then I will destroy him. But first I must make sure that this mission is not a total waste.As Kel met each attack he thought to himself. This is making me exhausted, each
  10. If only we could tempt every dune fan in this entire forum to send cryo an email requesting a patch. Then im sure they would listen. Im surprised that there arnt that many over people out there who would like to develop dune further??? Surley theres got to be someone outthere who's tried modifying the game.
  11. :DMeanwhile in the emporers private chambers on SALUSA SECUNDUS...... "Ah yes I do beleave we will have to deal with these small Atreides pests. They seem to growing more popular as each moment passes in the empire." "Yes I agree something must be done" Replied the emporer sitting back in his high chair as he addressed one of his fellow nobles. Just as the conversation was about to continue the royal messanger abruptly entered the room with an uneasy look of urgency. "My Lord" he shouted "Blast it man cant you see that we are busy. How dare you enter like this." Blazed the emperor in a rage of
  12. Listen right I dont mind you or anyone else posting. Just as long as they keep benefiting the story in a good manner -whats the point in me even bothering trying to write a story if all im gonna get is smart aleck response's. So PEACE MAN hope your next post helps update the story from where it is upto. 8) Ive wasted enough time as it is. So go on have ago. If every one worked together instead of trying to belittle every one with the classic i know best thinking routine, we'd probably have a whole chapter by now!
  13. Ok couple of points As I quoted earlier (As for the holtzman effect lets say the lightsabre could not penetrate the sheild and did not trigger off the atomic reaction. Otherwise the story's gonna be kinda short :-/) I also realise that the cutterray is a short version of the Lasgun which is used like a scalpel. But thats not the point who's to say that a lightsabre has anything to do with either a Lasgun or a cutteray. Do you own either, dident think so...... EITHER LEAVE A DECENT POST TO BENEFIT THE STORY OR DONT BOTHER!! >:( -And that dosent just count for renegade boy it counts for any
  14. Ok Every one listen im trying to keep the story going on for as long as possible so will everyone try to stop cutting it short. I dont mind updates but try and keep it good and ongoing....... ;D Sly1 your updates good but errr you cut my story short man. But anyway we can do it like this.
  15. If there are any people out there interested in improving Frank Herberts Dune. (The Stealthy 3d FPS)Have a look at this post for some suggestions and make sure you read the email:http://www.dune2k.com/forum/index.php?board=6;action=display;threadid=925
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