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  1. This is a straight fight between a Devastator and a Minotaurus i'm talking about. If the Mino was in range of the Dev it would die... Devs will win against 3 or 4 minos if the Dev can reach them. However, Minos can win if it's a hit-and-run they're going for. I still think, though, that the Dev would win in a fair fight.
  2. Why is Emperor so slow over the Internet? I use a Broadband line and it's no better than my old PCs 36.6K modem!!! Is there any way to speed it up... or is it just my speed being lowered because my opponent has a slow modem (and why dont Westwood remove that feature? Fairer matching, OK, but why must I be slowed down?)....... :( PS Because of this I barely play online anymore...
  3. WRONG >:( >:( Ordos are worse. Besides, if you think that Harkonnen suck, why are you on a forum for people that think they rule?
  4. :( Already seen this topic and it FAILED as mentioned earlier. If the first one was locked and got messed up what makes you think this one will b good?
  5. I doubt it... if you are you need to work harder in your German Grammar lessons ???
  6. Graphics: 10 Sound: 9 Units: 8 (less than RA2?) Levels: 9 Overall: 10 It's much better than rival strat games released at the same time so its got 2 get 10 out of 10... :)
  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooo! I rely on having my PC to get all the newest Westwood/C&C/(new)Dune games, if they put them on PS2 I will have to buy one. More people have a PC than PS2/XBox and so they should stick to PC releases until, as mentionerd earlier, they see if other PC to XBox conversions are crap or not. :P PS What would they do if they developed the XBox version of Emperor and then the XBox was as big a flop as the Dreamcast?
  8. Good point but if you play with them a lot there's no point in arguing against them. Besides you argue for them in another thread so why say they are too cheap if you like them? just make other units cheaper, leave them alone!
  9. with a series as successfulm as Dune, there's got to be a sequel at some point, westwood or not :)
  10. in an even match fremen win... but as you say a lot, there is NEVER an even match in stategy games 8)
  11. put units all over your base and put defences everywhere so you get them when they move in. Mongooses, Cobras, Minotauruses etc are good defence 8)
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