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    A fairly complete mod editor that has now been discontinued. Includes version 1.12 and the upgrade to 1.20.
  2. Thanks all. No I'm not working on anything for Emperor anymore.. isn't Emperor dead yet? It was never a great success from the first day on.. years later people still play it? And we all know what Gob looks like don't we? There's a pretty realistic picture under his name :P. Riper
  3. Back :) Ok.. for those of you that see my name, the word back and think wtf who is this guy? Skip to the next topic you will not understand this post. Its aimed to the people that knew me, especially the moderators and former moderators on these boards. As most that knew me in the beginning I was here, I was the person that created the Visual Mod Creator in the past. A nice little program, now long dead, but looking at my emails it's still being used. Im happy with that and I'd like to thank everyone thats using it for indeed using it. Now some apologies, that I think are very necessary for me to even dare show my face here :P. The discussions that started about/by me before I left, were mainly about me claiming to have the Emperor source code. I won't bring up the discussion again but at that time I did indeed think and claim I had the source code, but I had no way of decripting it so that is why I had no proof. After decrypting it proved NOT to be Emperor source code, so the fault was all mine. After that some... debates lets call it like that, by a former friend of mine Nemesis, who is now dead sadly enough :(. Also the complaining about me being removed from moderating this board was stupid. I had no moderating experience back then and I should never have become a mod in the first place. Becoming a mod on 2 other sites taught me how to be nice (YES Im a very nice guy now! ^^), and how to write civilized with respect and without swearing. I'm also aware that several things on Dune Editing should not have been there. So basically it's just a long blah blah story about who I was. My apologies to.. hard to remember all the names =/.. Gobalopper, Alphabeta.. and I think that's the only 2 I had good contact with. If not sorry I forgot your name. Anywayz, I'll visit this board from time to time and hope to rejoin the Dune community. My email adresses are no longer, so unanswered emails are because I never read them. Replies from the moderating team would be nice, or from anyone else that still remembers me. I did a search on this board before I posted, and I still see my name being popped up sometimes so I have not been forgotten. Thanks for reading and have fun. Riper
  4. Harkonnen are not considered 'evil'. Like in all rpg's, there will be pks, playerkillers. These are then harkonnen, trying to wreak havoc among those that are 'good'. I know good vs evil sounds flat, but how would you call it? Good vs. different society?? Riper
  5. Its not a strategy game where 3 sides blast the crap out of each other. Its an RPG set in Duniverse. Nothing like, click on tank, click on enemy tank, enemy tank blows up, click on next tank. You have 1 character only that you can develop. And Ordos are my favourite so they will be in. Riper
  6. Well the idea is not to stick to the novels or Westwood. The basic sides will be good and evil, Artreides and Harkonnen, but there will be a neutral Mercenary village for the Ordos. But im not here to explain im here to recruit. Riper
  7. As I recently announced here, we are working on a Dune conversion of our MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). However, were not really ultimate Dune fans, so we need people to help us do one of the following: 1. Create a 3d model of a Dune character (preferably in Poser) 2. Create 2d graphics for dune 3. Give us a detailed description of how units and the world should look like. You can reply here, but chances are i forget to check on this forum, so please email anything you can do to Riper8@hotmail.com. Give it an understandable subject, we are getting too much spam already so it might get deleted by accident. Any help is appreciated. No payment, just a place in the credits. Riper
  8. :) just thought id ask... you never know these days. One dune game, coming up. Riper
  9. Sorry for the delay but it appeared my ip was still banned here ;). Ok ill ask around at other dune site but it looks like a new dune game is coming. Riper
  10. Fileswapping?? no its just a full game like youd buy in store, but freely downloadable. I dont know what nemesis did, but you can be sure that every topic that has swearing in it was not written by me. I never swear on message boards. More answers plz !!!! cant spend tons of time for just 1 person. The more the better!! Riper
  11. First of all, i read some disturbing posts by nemesis.... now i figured out why im banned since he uses the same network so both of our ips got banned. Im sorry for the things he said. It will NOT happen again. A question for all: IF a fantasy rpg was currently in production by my team, with high quality isometric graphics, would there be an interest of a total Dune conversion, so you have a total Dune world in isometric view?? Graphical quality is like Myth of Soma (check www.mythofsoma.net). I wont be here very long so plz reply. Riper ' Missed me? Good '
  12. is there anyway to change my name here i dont wanna be ripley I WANNA BE THE BIG BAD NEMESIS! Nemmy ~ No rip, you cannot have a cookie - riper's mother ~
  13. gee well finally a freaking answer from these fools. Dunno anything about no source code. I doubt he has it didnt see anything. And stop reading the disclaimer like anyone cares. So thats it? Thats why my grandmother is dead? You fucking assholes (thats assh*les) im gonna take this all out on you im mentally disturbed here. All shall fall before me fine looking ass!!! Nemesis ~ The one and only, king of the ultimate attack force in this world ~
  14. I dont know any of you people. I dont know who your are and hey, I dont care. All i wanna know is why ripley has left this place. Is it possible to get an answer here or is the only way to get the attention here bombing this mb with 15000 posts. Im warning you ANSWER ME NOW!!! Nemesis ~ Bonded by the forces of good, divided by the powers of evil - Riper ft Nemesis ~
  15. I dont know what the other guy said about moderator? im not one! and who is this annoying little bug by the name of alphabeta thinking he can lock the topic because he doesnt like me. HELLO!! i wanna know whats going on here and somebody IS going to tell me! Or do I need to do something more painful to get an answer here? sheesh freaking idiots!! Nemesis ~ Never surrender to your best friends ~
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