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  1. OK, here are some GREAT news I just heard from my boss. Brian Herbert is planning a new Dune series after books 7 & 8. It will be called "Beyond the Dunes". This new series will focus on other stories that take place within the same timeframe of the original Dune. It will tell the stories of House Vernius, the Guild, the Bene Gesserit, the Bene Tleilax, the Harkonnens and others. There will also be a book from that series which will tell the stories of young Paul Muad'Dib before he becomes leader of the fremen. The objective is to complement and enrichen the Dune universe, as well as to gi
  2. I forgot to say that the Wormnius (ie. the robotic sandworms) also track down and kill the real worms and that hell breaks loose in Wallach IX because one cannot tell the difference between Amal and real spice. Mentat
  3. OK, my boss has shown me a new draft today, which clarifies a little bit the issue of the robotic sandworms, so I thought you guys would appreciate having additional information. In this new draft, it is explained that they are mainly made of sillicon. They are self-building factories that use sand both to grow/replicate as well as to produce amal. Now one might ask how it is possible that a robot sandworm will produce amal, and why Omnius would want them to. Actually, Erasmus is the genius behind such monstruosities. He has acquired a lot of Tleilaxu technology. The draft starts with some sor
  4. Hi, OK, so I've had access to the draft of Dune 7, well the first book at least, which is to be released next year. There might still be some modifications to the story, but here are a few things I'd like to tell you about: - As you may have guessed, the enemy from the scattering is Omnius. The evermind has been paciently awaiting for the Old Empire to show signs of weakness. The death of Leto II has triggered his plans. - Among Omnius new toys are robotic sandwords. Having captured one, he used his self-fabrication technology to make them capable of growing and even producing more of its own
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