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  1. http://www.thearnoldfans.com/kingco...nanpetition.htm Help Bring King Conan the big screen if there coming out with a T3 why not an other Conan!!!.
  2. I'm a catholic & I have had friends online that are wiccan & I think they can be very nice people :)I'm not a prjudice person.
  3. Avril Lavigne is a pop singer & SOAD prounce System Of The Down is a type of Nu Metal band and chop suey. Was a song they did for sophmore album Toxicity even if you have not heard you will admit it's terrible.
  4. http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/article.asp?ID=6795&type=NWS This is the same SOAD cover Chop Suey that has been controversal SOAD's BBS all over the internet & they did not like the sound of it like I even showed to my 16 year old brother who is a big fan of SOAD & he said it was dumb of her. The insturments did not sound good & she missed some lyrics.
  5. Mine should be fine now.
  6. This one is alot smaller & she is more freakier as a ghost.
  7. I'm talking about the american remake ringu & ringu 2 where made in japan.
  8. DUNEfan1983


    The New resident evil movie is also gona be called Nemesis ;D.
  9. Yes I saw it in october during the weekend after it came out my mom took my mom to see it & my brothers neil (16) Ben (9) & nick (7) turning 8 in december & we where all scared from the movie :O it was samara that scared me & like most people that saw it I was afraid to go to sleep but I slept fine.
  10. These mods are on some kind of a ego trip!!! >:(.
  11. I choose this title to make it sound haunting it's Samara from the ring she was the ghost who was connected to the video tape & phone ring.
  12. I found them on a website I think there actual concept art.
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