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  1. Goal: Project Rising Star has been rescued by extra funding from Japan. The Project has been moved to the island of Appleasia. You must construct a support network for the project.
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  2. Goal: A few months into the Mars project, you have found the alien colony and now they have taken half your land. You must help.
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  3. Goal: The land of Morietzia is your dream of paradise. Heaps of cities, plenty of air to breath. So get building, because Morietzia can't wait forever!
    Author's Comments: This is your paradise. Heaps of cities, plenty of air to breathe.
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  4. N/A
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  5. Goal: Be the best at keeping the military base supplied.
    Author's Comments: Once you buy access to the military base you must maintain your goodwill to at least 50% or your trains to and from the base will be stopped until...
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  6. Goal: Appleasia. This is a peaceful and prosperous Island. Until that is the corruptive forces of competition and corporate complacency invade. Provide aid to this Ice Wasteland where life is hard.
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  7. Goal: This is paradise a land of abundant raw materials, beaches, and mountains.
    Author's Comments: Has had some pretty extensive play testing and the results have come back very favorable. It plays in both single and multi and offers a variety of challenges to the budding tycoon. It is really easy to lose this one if you are not on your toes. A lot of money is made in hauling passengers as this is a tourist area with a lot of beaches but beware there is a devastating flood that can destroy your company if you rely totally on the tourism industry. And to win the game it is highest company net worth. So the challenge here is diversification and expansion. You will enjoy this map. And this map is set up for TSC version of RRT.
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  8. Goal: The Cold War between you and the Tronians evolves, with the arrival of a new faction. But who will they ally themselves with?
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  9. Goal: The Kingdom of Sarelia needs your skills to build and run a railway system. You have 50 years to achieve that. If you fail. Your company will receive a fine of 5 million.
    Author's Comments: Welcome to Sarelia! The Government has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 50 year period. The main business is agriculture and heavy industry.
    Note: Space is reserved for quadouble track and/or bypasses around most of the big population centres in an attempt to avoid congestion. The train turnaround time is improved by 50%. Average distance between stations are 5-10 km.
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  10. Goal: The Count of Sodenstein asks you to connect the villages of his country to his capital.
    Author's Comments: Count Wilhelm of Sodenstein has just ascended to the throne in this tiny principality. Unlike his late father, he is a modern man, and thinks it is time for a railway line to be built for the benefit of his subjects. Also, he would like to cut the travel time between his capital city of Cäcilienhafen, and his country estate in Sodenbrunn. You won't find it hard to make a profit here, but Count Wilhelm requires certain services of your railroad. You will rise in his esteem the better you provide them.
    The Count's ministry of transportation rates your company on a scale from 0 to 100. You can advance your rating by providing the following services:
    --> You add one point per year if you deliver
    - 6 loads of alcohol, goods, lumber or food
    - 3 loads of paper or cement to Cäcilienhafen
    - 3 loads of coal to Cäcilienhafen.
    --> You add 1/2 point for every load you haul between Sodenbrunn and Cäcilienhafen (to a maximum of 50 points).
    You have 30 years to prove your talents.
    If you achieve a rating of 100, you will be appointed Prime minister.
    If you have a rating above 85 points, you will be made ambassador to France.
    If you have a rating above 70 points, you will be made mayor of Cäcilienhafen.
    If you rate below 70 points, you'll loose and will have to serve as court jester for 20 years.
    The Count has very specific notions of how you should run your railroad, reflected in the charter granted by His government.
    Your rating will be downgraded if you violate the charter:
    - If your goodwill is below 50% at the end of any year, you'll loose 5 points.
    - If your average speed is below 20 mph at the end of any year, you'll loose 5 points.
    - Only half of your railroad may be double-tracked. If you have too much double track, you'll loose 10 points.
    Your charter also provides some incentives:
    --> To encourage you to transport passengers, the Count's government will pay a subsidy of $150,000 to your company in every year that 20% or more of all loads you hauled were passengers. If you haul more than 35% passengers, you'll receive an additional $150,000 and add one point to your rating. If in any year you haul less than 10% passengers, your rating will be reduced by 5 points.
    If you connect Sodenbrunn and Cäcilienhafen within 10 years, you will receive a subsidy of $800,000 and improve your rating by 10 points. If you connect the two cities within 15 years, you will be paid $250,000 and add 5 points to your rating. If you fail to establish the connection within 20 years, your rating will be reduced by 10 points.
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  11. Author's Comments: By drawing this map I have built all railway lines with a maximum gradient of 2%, and replaced them with reserve cells. When finished the map I have liquidated the company and then tested the game by playing it 2 times. Personally I prefer to simulate a minor railway system with pretty landscapes, without any disturbing competition or too many train crashes. If You agree, I recommend the following cheat: TAB. Then write NOWRECK to eliminate all train crashes.
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  12. Goal: Can you climb the Witch's Route all the way to the top mountain pass?
    Author's Comments: --- Single Player Data ---
    Single Player : Scenario.
    Computer Players: Yes (1-2 opponents).
    SP Gold Win : Personal Net Worth Of $10M By 1935.
    SP Silver Win : 2 Objectives(points) By 1940.
    SP Bronze Win : 1 Point By 1940.
    SP Objective : Connect Area 52 To NWS-CS, And Haul 36 Total Loads Of Diesel and/or Weapons To NWS-CS(1Pt.).
    SP Objective : Have A Company Book Value Of $10M(1Pt.).
    SP Loss : If No Objectives Completed By 1940.
    --- Multi-Player Data ---
    Multi-Player : Yes (max 3 players).
    MP Gold Win : First One Up the Hill, Connecting Area 52 to NWS-CS, And Haul 36 Loads Of Diesel/Weapons, Same As SP.
    MP Silver Win : Highest Personal Net Worth.
    MP Bronze Win : Last One Up The Hill, Least Amount Of Personal Net Worth.(No Losers, Ha)
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  13. Author's Comments: Welcome to Mongo Island! When Discovered at the end of the 17th Century, Mongo Island was unpopulated, but soon after the island was colonized. Until 1865 the land was cultivated by slaves. You have been assigned by the Government to built and run a 3 ft. 6 in. Narrow gauge railway system in order to improve communications, and thereby bring new prosperity to the colony. Originally, the economic system was based on agricultural feudalism, but huge iron deposits, and later on other minerals discovered in the mountains, will transform Mongo Island into an important industrial area. Still, the main problem is the lack of a railway system!
    I suggest the player to start with a small railway from Port Elizabeth to Newton, to bring imported goods from the port. to the inland.. After a few years to consolidate your company, you can start building the coastal trunk line to Garrick. and Southport. The Port Elizabeth area is a huge urban center, so there should be plenty of mail and passengers to carry to and from the provinces. By 1920 or so, the whole system should be built, and by this time it will take approximately 100 trains to run it. Note:: Until 1954 only steam locomotives are available, and from mid 1956 steam is out, and as more classes becomes available, the diselization begins. No electric trains will be available.
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  14. Goal: Deep in the mountains, there are opportunities waiting. Can you make the grade?
    Author's Comments: This map has complex victory conditions. There are eight map goals, for a combined total of nine Victory Points.
    In single player, you must earn one Victory Point within 40 years to earn Bronze or you lose. If you qualify for Bronze, you then get extra time (up to 80 years) to try and earn the Silver. You need four of the nine Victory Points for a Silver Medal. If you manage that, you will have up to 120 years to try and earn the Gold. You must earn ALL NINE Victory Points to win the Gold Medal.
    Earning even one point will be a challenge. The terrain is unforgiving.
    In multiplayer, you may choose between a Short Game or a Full Game, by playing either the original version or the "Short Multi" version. In the Short Game, the first player to score any Victory Point is the winner. In the Full Game, the first person to earn five Victory Points will win, or the player with the most points once all nine have been earned will win. Players may of course choose to play for other points totals, but you will have to use the main version and then keep track on your own if, for example, playing until someone earns two points.
    And of course, on a map this challenging, it won't be uncommon for players to go completely bankrupt in multiplayer. If you go bankrupt, obviously you are most likely finished. The map's only restriction is that you cannot start multiple companies. If players are going bankrupt, the last one still standing will be the victor.
    You may check the Briefing at *any* time to see how many total Victory Points have been awarded so far that game, in single or multiplayer.
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  15. Goal: Tycoon play style. Bronze: Connect 2 territories and haul 4 car loads. + Silver if you own 51% of track cells. + Gold if you own 90% of track cells debt free. Extra win by connecting the 7 cities of Ooze.
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  16. Goal: Euphoria, a tiny nation on the Sumwere Peninsula, as president you have to create a national railroad that will get your country noticed!
    Author's Comments: One of the maps found in the GOLD edition of the Railroad Tycoon.
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  17. Goal: The Rising Star has reached it's destination planet, Tronos, but it seems the planet is already inhabited. The Rising Star was attacked during landing and destroyed, there is no escape this is your new home.
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  18. Goal: Invention of automobile has made the world desperate in need for more fuel. Manage the quickly growing economy of Bulvania and ship diesel to the car owners of the world.
    Author's Comments: The map was created using Linux version of RailRoad Tycoon II with the Second Century expansion pack installed. The map is not located to any known region of the world.
    A new transportation vehicle, automobile, has been recently invented and the world is looking for sources of fuel to run its automobiles. Soon, mass production of automobiles is due to start opening new markets for shipping oil, diesel and automobiles.
    Kingdom of Bulvania has great potential in providing fuel to the global markets. You, as a transportation engineer of the Bulvanian Petroleum Inc, are responsible for building transportation routes for shipping oil, diesel and automobiles.
    The Kingdom of Bulvania is a remote and mountainous country with no oil fields of its own. However, the kingdom is located by the sea and the most profitable oil shipping routes pass through the ports operated by the Kingdom of Bulvania.
    Currently the economy of the Kingdom of Bulvania is dependent on paper industry. This is expected to change due to the ideal location of the kingdom in the middle of the oil shipping route. It also is expected that the economy of the Kingdom of Bulvania starts growing in tremendous rate once the oil starts pouring in.
    It should be easy to earn bronze and silver in this scenario. The gold, in my opinion, is a more challenging goal. Here are some tips for striving for gold.
    Expand your track aggressively at the beginning of the game so that you can start shipping oil early in the game. Recall that an oil well only produces three loads of oil per year and it may take quite a time to deliver the loads. Trains of the late 19th century are quite slow and depending on the length of the route, they may take upto five years to deliver their loads. If you are shipping all the oil a well may produce, you may estimate that in ten years you should be able to ship thirty loads of oil. Again, let me remind you that it will take some time to deliver the first loads. For the gold you must deliver at least one hundred loads of diesel to the ports so be sure to start shipping oil and diesel early in the game.
    Watch out for congestion. In this scenario cities grow rapidly and lucrative routes open up frequently. However, the kingdom is a very mountainous one and there are not so many good places to lay track on. When the diesel trains start pouring in, you will have lots of trains running on the same pairs of tracks. To accommodate that, be sure to build enough track for the trains running long routes. If necessary, build a couple of stations to each major city and balance the traffic between the stations in order to avoid congestion near the station. Moreover, select your locomotives right. Fast locomotives do not typically climb well and they may even bring the whole system to a grinding halt if they stop on a hill.
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  19. Goal: Want to make big bucks? All this land needs is someone to exploit it! So, get cracking! Before your opponent gets the same idea!
    Author's Comments: Here is a map I've been working on. Basically, Its a map for all those people who like plenty to do in a scenario. Loads of resources and industry and lots to do. If you hate waiting around for things to get going, don`t despair. Something happens in this to make Steam King!
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  20. Goal: The fabled region where fortunes are made and lost at the bat of an eyelid. Survive local politicians and the wiles of the stock market.
    Author's Comments: The year is 1850 and the regions around Lake Patagonia are luring foreign tycoons into their lands to build their infrastructure.
    The area is not without problems. A greedy ruler in Patagonia tends to make railroad building an expensive undertaking. Various native bandits add to the overhead.
    Foreign wars and politics influence the region: a strike of US dock workers can affect your crop exports, port throughput and cost of imported fuels. Just as overseas wars and local skirmishes will raise the revenue for certain productions, while diminishing passenger revenue - tourists tend to stay away from troubled regions.
    As if that was not enough, there's a border dispute between Patagonia and El Dorada: confiscation of rolling stock and tracks, sudden inaccessibility of formerly well-greased ministerial assistants, and an overall increase in the cost of doing business are the likely results of local politics. Better make sure you have the right folks in the right places in your pocket.
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  21. Goal: In the future after the major flood, one tiny island has survived, but is cut off from the rest of the world? Can you help them?
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  22. Goal: A volcano has erupted in England, devastating the country, many cities have been destroyed, you have been brought in to help.
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  23. Goal: This is the map for people who like heavy traffic and big junctions! There are many options for industrial sidings. Space is reserved for quadouble track and bypasses around most of the big cities.
    Author's Comments: This railway system is for people who likes heavy traffic and big junctions! There are many options for industrial sidings. Space is reserved for quadouble track and bypasses around most of the big population centres.
    I suggest the player to start with a railway from Kingston to the coal and iron deposits around Dudwell. It will take some years to consolidate your company, but soon the expansion will escalate. By 1915 or so, the whole system should be built, and by this time it will take approximately 250 trains to run it.
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  24. Goal: Multiplayer map for up to four players. Where all players get an equal start. Can be played solo, also. Players are separated and isolated, to keep it friendly.
    Author's Comments: Free Four All is primarily a multiplay map for up to four players.
    Each player controls one quarter of the map, and can only build or buy in that territory. Stocks play a minor role at best, as there are no mergers or takeovers allowed, you cannot resign as chairman, and personal net worth factors into the victory conditions only as the tiebreaker in case of a three-way tie.
    You must use connected track on this map.
    Electric train costs are reduced. All other settings are normal.
    Free Four All map has NO TIME LIMIT. Players play until all the victory conditions have been met. There are three conditions for victory, and the first player to meet each condition scores a Victory Point. Earning two Victory Points wins the game, however if the same company earns the first two points, game play can continue until someone earns the third point if players wish. The game ends when any combination of players meet all three conditions.
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  25. Goal: Welcome to Hibirnia. This small kingdom needs a railway system to connect the coast to the Hinterland.
    Author's Comments: Welcome to Hibirnia! The Goverment has signed a contract with your company to build and run a railway system over a 30 year period in order to build a trunkline along the coast with several secondary lines to connect to the hinterland. If you fail, your company will receive a fine of 2 mill. The main business is mining, logging and agriculture (along the coast).
    Note: Space is reserved for quadouble track and/or bypasses around most of the big population centres.
    Average distance between stations are approximately 5-10 km, using a scale of 2 squares = 1 km.
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