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  1. Goal: Bring prosperity to this water-poor land before your enemies make bantha fodder of you!
    Author's Comments: Iron horses in the deserts of Tatooine, the arid homeworld of smugglers, jawas and the occasional jedi wannabe...
    This scenario is designed for single play against computer opponents. I put this together fairly quickly, so I haven't made provisions for multiple players. If I receive enough requests I'm willing to take this map to a version 2.0, so feel free to send an email to me with feedback.
    The land area is wide but quite navigable and resources are for the most part concentrated around the relatively few population centers. Rails may need to reach long distances for resources.
    Population growth is rising, due to the Emperor's recent policy of forcing troublemakers on more populated planets into exile on Tatooine. However, a severe lack of resources and usable land hinders industrial development.
    As I was making this scenario I attempted to locate any official SWars maps in hopes of being as faithful to that universe as possible. Unfortunately, the closest I got was a reference to a map which was printed on the box-backs of a few early toys. My apologies for any deviations from the established world-fiction. Any diehard fans who have information or suggestions to improve the map, let me know.
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  2. Goal: Sky Territory has just become an independent state. Your goal is to connect to Krampton and haul 65 loads to Sky Territory in 30 years for the gold. You have 40 years to haul 65 loads to sky for the silver. To get bronze, you must haul 65 loads to sky in 50 years.
    There is one catch though; to gain access to sky territory, you must haul 50 loads of grain to stations that demand it.
    Author's Comments: Gold win: Connect to Krampton and haul 65 loads to Sky in 30 years
    Silver win: Connect to Krampton and haul 65 loads to Sky in 40 years
    Bronze win: Connect to Krampton and haul 65 loads to Sky in 50 years
    Unconnected to your company track laying
    Single player with 2 mandatory computer players and an option for a third computer player.
    Start year of 1865 with North American Managers and Engines.
    Lots of industry, but not to many cities, only about 26.
    This is my first map. It was going to be of Northeast/central Pennsylvania, but it ended up being the fictitious land of Majode. (Haven't quite mastered converting PCX files yet)
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  3. Goal: Peninsula needs an effective railway system to connect the capital Taboria to the provinces.
    Author's Comments: Welcome to Peninsula! The Government has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 40 year period.
    Geografy: From the tropical coastland, Peninsula slopes towards the highland. Along the mainly agricultural coasts the crops are grain, produce, sugar, cotton and coffee and some cattle. The northern part of the highland is heavy industrialized. The southern highland is mainly agricultural with some logging industry and rubber plantations. In this scenario, a some events will have influence on the outcrop ("Record grain/sugar/fruit/cotton harvest", "Locusts destroys 50% of this years outcrop", "Cattle plague or "Wood fires") . This "build and have fun" scenario is single player only.
    Note: Space is reserved for quadouble track and/or bypasses around most of the big population centres in an attempt to avoid congestion. The train turnaround time is improved by 50%, traction +40% and acceleration +10%. Average distance between stations are 5-10 km.
    First diesel in 1954, first electrics in 1918 with speed +25% from 1950, no TGV or other high speed trains.
    Win conditions: BRONZE: 200 mill., SILVER: 300 mill., GOLD: 500 mill. of company book value within 40 years.
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  4. Goal: The old Cerulean Empire is in decline. It's northern half has broken into smaller kingdoms while its decrepit south remnant tries to hold on to old glories. Meanwhile Corsairs are becoming the new economic power...
    Author's Comments: Welcome to Corsairland, a world of feisty pirates, dying empires, railroad megalomania, unpredictable drelbs, and annoying clowns. Build your rail consortium from the frigid wastes of the great drelbish crater to the steamy jungles of Bozolalia, where you must take drastic action to keep your paying passengers from being accosted by traveling armies of annoying mimes. Build track along the sheer precipices of the forbidding Olympus mountains to the giant volcanic crater lake at the top of the world. Subdue the jungles of Equatoria and pacify the despotic emperor of the decrepit Cerulean Empire.
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  5. Goal: Atoll has 7 tribes. #1 Sweet Water controls the water. #2 Anti-Road captured smoke big & made his new auto plant into a prison. Muddy Feet, Big Water, Down Wind & Scratchy Feet, hope connecting RR to villages will bring peace.
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  6. Goal: This is a head to head map featuring a race to connect distant cities and haul many loads between them. Can also be played solo.
    Author's Comments: Grand Prix is a bold and creative map idea I came up with after completing my Free Four All map. It took me about 4 evenings to put Grand Prix together, 1/4 of that just on event scripting.
    In Grand Prix, you "race" your opponent to see who can connect Starting Gate territory to Finish Line territory and haul 50 or more loads between them. However, there are 10 territories on each players half of the map, and you start with rights to only two of them. You must earn rights to each new territory in sequence, by meeting various map goals along the way.
    If playing in single player, the AI won't be a factor. It can make it most of the way, but it has no hope of completing the race. It is there just to keep you company as you play. So you are on your own in a one-man race against the clock. You have 100 years to win Bronze, 75 for Silver, 50 for Gold.
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  7. Goal: A map specially for digimon world I fans. File Island is regenerated in the RT2, prosper the file City once again!
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  8. Bex

    Goal: Can you become the most successful railroad in colonial Bex?
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  9. Goal: Gold, Silver, Diamonds! These are the words shouted by all. As head of a new railroad your job is to connect the new boom towns of the west with the established supply towns of the East!
    Author's Comments: I really like to make maps. However I am the type that just likes to throw down track with no rhyme or reason so I saw no reason to put in a scenario. Anyone who wants to make one knock your self out.
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