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Maps based in other locations.

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  1. Goal: The Geocore power plant has been destroyed, leaving a massive hole in the Earth which led to flood waters rising. Now they have subsided but can you save this new country?
    Author's Comments: These maps continue from the story of the last three scenarios in the campaign in TSC.
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  2. Goal: This map takes place during the war between three factions of the Tronian people. This map is set on a distant alien planet!
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  3. Goal: Fictitious place, all types of terrain.
    Author's Comments: Place is fictitious,and map includes all types of terrains.
    -size 500x500
    -Players 1-9
    -inserted also nuclear plants and uranium mines,but as usual, uranium mine does not produce anything
    -few events(newspapers, suggestions to connect to town, robbers)
    -all traffic is heavy
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  4. Goal: No goals! I'll be updating one with goals though just have fun for now!
    Author's Comments: I've always had the tendency for making a map of the world. This version is for TSC only. I might be making one for the original Railroad Tycoon 2. Thanx!
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  5. Goal: Mad King Eddie has opened his boarders to rail. Only, he isn't called "Mad" for nothing. The rules are his. Hope the railroad remains yours.
    Author's Comments: This scenario has been updated for the "Second Century" add-on pack. All additional cargoes and industries have been utilized including the New Power station. Also, there's been some tweaking of the coastline to make the longer spanning bridges useful. The starting range has moved forward and events have been updated for that. However, no new ones have been added but you have 20 years less to complete.
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  6. Goal: Taresia is a small tropical island. The main business there is mainly agricultural and some mining and logging industry in the northern part of the island.
    Author's Comments: Welcome to Taresia! The Government has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 50 year period.
    Geography: Taresia is a small tropical island. The main business is mainly agricultural and crops are rice (grain), citrus and bananas (produce), sugar, rubber plantations and some cattle. In the nortern part of the island there are some mining and logging industry. In this scenario, a some events will have influence on the outcrop ("Record grain harvest", "Record fruit harvest", "Locusts destroys 50% of this years harvest").
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  7. Goal: Apple Island. How peaceful and prosperous. That is until the corruptive forces of competition and corporate complacency invade.
    Author's Comments: This map was released by PopTop Software Inc. on 16th June 1999.
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  8. Goal: Welcome to Lusitania! As a contractor, the government has invited you to sign a contract in order to build and run a railway system in a period of 30 years.
    Author's Comments: Welcome to Lusitania! The Government has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 50 year period. The main business is agriculture, logging industry, and some mining.
    Note: Space is reserved for quadouble track and bypasses around most of the big population centres.
    Average distance between stations are approximately 5-10 km, using a scale of 2 squares = 1 km.
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  9. Goal: Welcome to Kua'Apuanii island. This poor little island needs to get it's raw goods to the ports.
    Author's Comments: One of the maps found in the GOLD edition of the Railroad Tycoon.
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  10. Goal: The Federation has secured a new planet previously inhabited by the arachnids. See if you can develop it before they return.
    Author's Comments: After many years of terraforming the planet Kraken V and ridding it of the bug bests. (Basically dropping water ice asteroids on it). The humans have developed a good eco-system here. Only 10% of the water as earth and only 10% the plant life it neverless provides a critical supply point for the space fleet.
    Some arachnids apparently have survived long hidden deep in the planet and have multiplied many times over. They now are trying to reclaim the surface.
    Your job is to supply the many military bases and forts with enough troops to fight the menace. Also, you should be looking forward to the day you leave this place and return to earth. Once you leave here only your own cash will matter. Except the Federation may not send you back to earth if you have failed in your job of supplying the troops.
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  11. Goal: "In a world of wood and water, steel prevails." Prove this maxim.
    Author's Comments: In this (on the surface dull) map, your objective is to attain the highest net worth, the highest book value, and the highest number of loads hauled. Be warned! there are several events that are damaging to your company. There is also one bug that has made the highest possible award in the map the bronze.
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  12. Goal: After the destruction of the Mars colony only you and two others survived, but one other mission to rebuild the human race on the moon Titan is thriving. This is you new assignment.
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  13. Goal: Grosetania... Help this secluded continent into economic bliss.
    Author's Comments: Grosetania is a work in progress, I hope the win and lose triggers are working. Seems like every time I change a little something I forget to take it into account for something else... Well play enjoy and hopefully I'll get a few comments back to keep adjusting it.
    P.S. - Map is 300x300 - It is a little sparse because I got tired of maps that had tons of passengers and weren't challenging... Enough - Give it a try.
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  14. Goal: A very high resource map. None of the countries like each other.
    Author's Comments: This map is a stand-alone scenario. I designed it originally with only the portion labeled Paradise as a way to teach myself how to manage high volumes of traffic. This map was made on a Pentium II PC with RTII, TSC as the game program. If you are concerned with your computers ability to handle the event load, then you may wish to try Paradise Light which is less computationally intensive.
    There are a variety of fictional territories on the map. The terrain is fairly gentle and rolling. The challenge comes from the events. None of the territories really care to be connected to each other. Of course, that is what it takes to win. You will have to build at least two spanning bridges. Access to Paradise is not allowed until ten years after the start of the game.
    The technique I have used to win the game is as follows. The human player starts a new company for each territory. When he or she finishes with a territory, the player sets the company to maximum dividends. All of the companies after the first are wholly human owned. When all of the territories are filled and connected, start merging the companies together. There are other ways to win.
    Jerry Meyer was of great help in designing this map.
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  15. Goal: With some good ports along the relatively short coastline, the hinterland of Venturia needs an effective railway system. Connect the capital Tabora to the provinces.
    Author's Comments: Welcome to Venturia! The Goverment has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 30 year period.
    Geografy: From the surrounding highland Venturia slopes towards the coast. The climate is tempearted with mild winters. Along the mainly agricultural coasts crops are grain, citrus and wine and with some milk and cattle. In the highland, only the valleys are populated. The main business there is grain, milk, cattle, sheep, logging and heavy industry. In this scenario, a some events will have influence on the outcrop ("Record grain harvest", "Grain harvest 30% below average, "Cattle plague or "Wood fires") . This "build and have fun" scenario contains approximately 180 villages, towns and cities.
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  16. Goal: Following the floods of the 2070's a maned mission to Mars was completed, where a new colony was. Help this planets new inhabitants.
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  17. Goal: Become and captain of industry on the Red Planet.
    Author's Comments: NASA has selected an ancient flood plain on Mars as the landing site for the 1996 mission of Mars Pathfinder, one of the first in a new generation of small, low-cost spacecraft. Eons ago, when water flowed on Mars, great floods inundated the landing site, located on a rocky plain in an area known today as Ares Vallis. The site is 850 kilometers (527 miles) southeast of the location of Viking Lander 1, which in 1976 became the first spacecraft to land on Mars. Pathfinder will be the first to land on Mars since the twin Viking landers arrived almost 20 years ago. The spacecraft, scheduled to arrive at Mars on July 4, 1997, will parachute down to Ares Vallis at the mouth of an ancient outflow channel chosen for the variety of rock and soil samples it may present. The target landing site, at the center of the landing ellipse pictured below, is 19.5 N, 32.8 W. The purpose of the new Pathfinder mission is to demonstrate an inexpensive system for cruise, entry, descent and landing on Mars, said Project Manager Anthony Spear and Project Scientist Dr. Matthew Golombek of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The lander, carrying the microrover, will aerobrake in the upper Martian atmosphere using an aeroshell and a parachute. Just before impact, airbags will inflate to cushion the landing. The microrover will then roll out to examine the rocks and soil nearby. Both lander and rover will carry scientific instruments and cameras. The lander will make atmospheric and meteorological observations during descent and function as a weather station on the surface, as well as a radio relay station for the rover. The constraints on the location have to do with engineering considerations, Spear said. Since the spacecraft are solar-powered, the best site is one with maximum sunshine and in July, 1997, the sun will be directly over the 15 degrees north latitude region of the planet. The elevation must be as low as possible, Spear added, so the descent parachute has sufficient time to open and slow the lander to the correct terminal velocity. The landing will be within a 100- by 200-kilometer (60- by 120-mile) ellipse around the targeted site due to uncertainties in navigation and atmospheric entry.
    Ares Vallis, which meets the engineering constraints, was chosen after a workshop earlier this year that involved the invited participation of the entire scientific community concerned with Mars. More than 60 scientists from the United States and Europe attended. The Ares Vallis site is also a "grab bag" location, according to Golombek, set at the mouth of a large outflow channel in which a wide variety of rocks are potentially within the reach of the rover. Even though the exact origins of the samples would not be known, he said, the chance of sampling a variety of rocks in a small area could reveal a lot about Mars. The rocks would have been washed down from highlands at a time when floods moved over the surface of Mars. Several potential sites were listed where ancient flood channels emptied into Chryse Planitia, having cut through crustal units and ridged plains where the water would have picked up material and deposited it on the plain. Other sites that were considered included Oxia Palus, a dark highlands region that contains highland crust and dark wind-blown deposits; Maja Valles Fan, a delta fan which drained an outflow channel; and the Maja Highlands, just south of Maja Valles. All of the sites were studied using Viking orbiter data. Both the Pathfinder lander and rover have stereo imaging systems. The rover, additionally, carries an alpha proton x-ray spectrometer with which it will examine the composition of the rocks. The imaging system will reveal the mineralogy of surface materials as well as the geologic processes and surface-atmosphere interactions that created and modified the surface. The instrument package will also enable scientists to determine dust particle size and water vapor abundance in the atmosphere.
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  18. Goal: Welcome to Lagoria. This small kingdom with its subtropical coasts with deceptive swamps, the Hinterland with its many lakes, fertile valleys, surrounded by mountains needs a railway system.
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  19. Goal: Build a railroad worth $50 million. Up to 6 players.
    Author's Comments: A first map collaboration between Michael Burke & Jamie Burnett. Basically a 150x150 square with a large hole in the middle. The "pit" has the larger cities but you have to buy the privilege of serving them.
    It's a race to see who can make the most profitable railroad, $50 Million seems profitable to me. This is more of a corporate greed than personal goal since you don't have to pay dividends to win.... But do so at the risk of losing control of your railroad. The game can hold 6 players and when you get 4 the map can get pretty congested really quick. The designers recommend 4 players.
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  20. Goal: Train's in Tolkien's Middle Earth? It's not orthodox Lord of the Rings, but why not?
    Author's Comments: Lord Strathconda is really Gandalf -- can he make railways work in spite of Orc depredations in lands held by Mordor and in Wilderland?
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  21. Goal: In the years following the battle of Thull Mardu, an uneasy peace holds between the Kingdoms of the West and the Angarak Kingdoms. Can the new railroad help cement that peace?
    Author's Comments: This map is base on 'The Rivan Codex' by David & Leigh Eddings. 'The Rivan Codex' is the background book to the 'Belgariad' and 'Malloreon' books by David Eddings (which I heartily recommend).
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  22. Goal: Welcome to Montania. Help the Montanians to built an efficient railway system to bring resources to their industry. If you follow the valleys, no gradient should be more than 2%.
    Author's Comments: Montania is a very huge map. At the west coast the economy is based on agriculture, in the centre of the country there are heavy industries based on coal, iron, bauxite and gravel. In the eastern part of the country, there is a mixture of sheep, grain and logging camps. In the south the economy is based on oil, cattle and sugar beets.
    I suggest the player to start with a small railway from Kingston, the capital of the country. After a few years to consolidate your company, expand your railway to Galesburg and build up the steel industry there. Kingston/Newport is a huge urban center, so there should be plenty of mail and passengers to carry to and from the provinces. By 1910 or so, the whole system should be built, and by this time it will take approximately 225 trains to run it.
    Note:: From 1950, until 1957 six classes of steam locomotives are available. After then only electrics or diesels are on the market.
    By drawing this map I have built all railway lines with a maximum gradient of 2%, and replaced them with reserve cells. When finished the map I have liquidated the company and then tested the game by playing it 2 times. Personally I prefer to simulate a minor railway system with pretty landscape, without any disturbing competition or too many train crashes. If You agree, I recommend the following cheat: TAB. Then write NOWRECK to eliminate all train crashes.
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  23. Goal: The Royals are calling for your skills to replace the water-based transportation of the country. Can you help?
    Author's Comments: This is a single player builder-type map. Plenty of events (you'll see why when you read the briefing) and an interesting challenge. To replace the country's water-based transportation system with ... yup, a Railroad.
    You're dropped into the scenario in Londres and given a charter by the Royals to connect each and every one of the 26 communities on the map to Londres. Not only do they want connections, they want those connections used and speed. Each of the three medals have requirements for connections, loads hauled and lifetime average speed. (This is one of the few reasons why it's a TSC scenario)
    The map is completely fictional (heck, the country itself doesn't have a name!), town names come from various places and languages, but have a mainly British slant.
    Questions, comments, feedback (please send me a note saying you've actually played the map) and bugs should be sent to my e-mail address: joncalon@hotmail.com. This is my first map, and I hope I've tested it thoroughly enough. If something doesn't work properly, please e-mail me and let me know so I can squash it.
    This map is copyrighted by me. While I fully endorse your efforts to distribute the map to your RTII friends, please do not distribute edited copies. If you feel strongly about something being different, drop me a line. I'll definitely listen to any feedback and will probably implement the changes...
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  24. Goal: On a distant planet, human life also exists, it has developed independent from our own. The story begins just a year before the war that will end all wars.
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  25. Goal: Sylvania is a small country in a fantasy world. The business is mainly agricultural, but in the Hinterland some coal, iron, and bauxite can supply the industry. All Sylvania needs is a railway system!
    Author's Comments: Welcome to Sylvania! The Government has invited your company to build and run a railway system over a 30 year period.
    Geografy: The coasts are subtropical lowland, mainly agricultural with dense population and the crops are grain, citrus and cotton and with some milk and cattle. In the highland, only the valleys are populated. The main business there is grain, milk, cattle, sheep, logging and heavy industry. In this scenario, a lot of events will have influence on the outcrop.
    Note: Space is reserved for quadouble track and/or bypasses around most of the big population centres in an attempt to avoid congestion. The train turnaround time is improved by 50%. Average distance between stations are 5-10 km.
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