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County Sodenstein


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Goal: The Count of Sodenstein asks you to connect the villages of his country to his capital.

Author's Comments: Count Wilhelm of Sodenstein has just ascended to the throne in this tiny principality. Unlike his late father, he is a modern man, and thinks it is time for a railway line to be built for the benefit of his subjects. Also, he would like to cut the travel time between his capital city of Cäcilienhafen, and his country estate in Sodenbrunn. You won't find it hard to make a profit here, but Count Wilhelm requires certain services of your railroad. You will rise in his esteem the better you provide them.

The Count's ministry of transportation rates your company on a scale from 0 to 100. You can advance your rating by providing the following services:

--> You add one point per year if you deliver

- 6 loads of alcohol, goods, lumber or food

- 3 loads of paper or cement to Cäcilienhafen

- 3 loads of coal to Cäcilienhafen.

--> You add 1/2 point for every load you haul between Sodenbrunn and Cäcilienhafen (to a maximum of 50 points).

You have 30 years to prove your talents.

If you achieve a rating of 100, you will be appointed Prime minister.

If you have a rating above 85 points, you will be made ambassador to France.

If you have a rating above 70 points, you will be made mayor of Cäcilienhafen.

If you rate below 70 points, you'll loose and will have to serve as court jester for 20 years.

The Count has very specific notions of how you should run your railroad, reflected in the charter granted by His government.

Your rating will be downgraded if you violate the charter:

- If your goodwill is below 50% at the end of any year, you'll loose 5 points.

- If your average speed is below 20 mph at the end of any year, you'll loose 5 points.

- Only half of your railroad may be double-tracked. If you have too much double track, you'll loose 10 points.

Your charter also provides some incentives:

--> To encourage you to transport passengers, the Count's government will pay a subsidy of $150,000 to your company in every year that 20% or more of all loads you hauled were passengers. If you haul more than 35% passengers, you'll receive an additional $150,000 and add one point to your rating. If in any year you haul less than 10% passengers, your rating will be reduced by 5 points.

If you connect Sodenbrunn and Cäcilienhafen within 10 years, you will receive a subsidy of $800,000 and improve your rating by 10 points. If you connect the two cities within 15 years, you will be paid $250,000 and add 5 points to your rating. If you fail to establish the connection within 20 years, your rating will be reduced by 10 points.

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