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  1. Goal: The island of Utopia is a small kingdom. The eastern and southern plains and valleys of the island is mainly agricultural. The western part, coal, iron ore, and bauxite supplies the heavy industry.
    Author's Comments: This map is an improved version of my UTOPIA (tsc). Recently I have developed a new map making technique:
    1. Draw a grayscale map with the main elevation curves (Paint Pro-PCX).
    2. In RRT editor lakes and rivers can be added.
    3. Start a new company.
    4. Lay the track with reserve cells and place cities with industrial settings.
    5. Form the landscape. 6) Paint the landscape and plant trees
    7. Set cash to zero
    8. Remove the track or: Create an opening event featuring the following 2 effects: "Territory destroys all" and deactivate company, (trigger "true"). All tracks will then disappear in the the moment the map is started. It should now be possible laying a more realistic looking track!
    PS: Use reserve cells beside the tracks in mountainous areas, because buildings can deform the landscape and spoil the trackbed. Remember, that the graphics in RRT2 are so, that when your building inclines, the track looks best going north/south and east/west.
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  2. Author's Comments: This map is used to test one engine against another. It is not a scenario. Line up your engines with a few passenger cars for a lap race along similar stretches of track. See how much profit each engine makes over a few years or a lifetime. Test the engines fitness for a specific type of track. You may be surprised which engines bring in the most revenue.
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  3. Goal: Bring railroads to industrial Coal Country! Single or Multi-Player.
    Author's Comments: Coal Country is an industrial map. The towns and cities are generally small, and passenger traffic has been set to low levels. There are plenty of industries on the map, carefully balanced, and you will have to achieve success hauling freight as well as passengers and mail to achieve victory here in either single or multi player.
    This map features a series of events, which differ from game to game, that provide opportunities of various kinds. You will have to play the map to get an idea of what I mean.
    The map goals are industry oriented, and they are intended to be very tough. Achieving a bronze or even silver victory should be within the grasp of most players. The gold is tough, but highly possible. To get the bronze, you must haul 120 loads in a single year. To get the silver your company must also acquire $10,000,000 worth of industries. To get the gold, your industries must earn PROFIT in excess of $2,500,000 in a single year. There are many lucrative starting positions, and the map has a lot of random elements. You have 50 years to work with. Good luck.
    In multiplayer, a steep goal has been set of hauling 150 or more loads in a single year. If no players achieve this goal within 50 years, the game ends and the player whose company has hauled the most loads for the whole game will be the winner.
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  4. Goal: Sorry for no goals, like I said I'm updating them later.
    Author's Comments: If anyone has seen my world map, this one is with countries and states and extra cities removed. Hope you like this version!
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  5. Goal: You have almost been defeated by the Tronians, but they feel just killing you is not enough, they are preparing a new campaign against the human race...
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  6. Goal: A canal and road try to take away your source of revenue. Get it back.
    Author's Comments: The railroads main job is to compete with the canal and the roads being built in a country. The default start year is 1840. You can start the map between the years of 1830 to 1850. The towns are spread apart and only contain housing. The industry is spread out around the map. All of the events, except the ones that depend on money and economic conditions, will happen before 1870. You can add event and change whatever you want. Feel free to change it and repost it.
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  7. Goal: In 2088 AD an asteroid hits the Earth. Small groups of animals and humans survive and begin civilization anew. 2000 years later steam and electricity are rediscovered and the Great Crater whistles with life...
    Author's Comments: Some time in the 21st Century AD an asteroid slams into Earth creating an almost Extinction Level Event. Only a tiny remnant of animals, plants and humanity survive. But it's not really as bad as predicted and 2000 years later the new land masses are thriving and humanity has rediscovered steam, electricity and fossil fuel. The Great Crater where the mythical asteroid hit is now a bonanza of activity. The crater basin is a searing desert thousands of feet below sea level, while the central spire is home to mines and coffee plantations and all sorts of resources. These must be connected up with the port cities of the Cratersplat Coast, beyond the Great Wall. For single player or computer and multi-play. I welcome mail and comments for improvement on any of my maps -- especially ways of refining my events.
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  8. Goal: Somewhere on a distant planet there is a kingdom called Peninsula. Connect Wellington to the provinces and make it grow to an efficient railway system.
    Author's Comments: Here I am again, "The Arctic Duck", with a new RRT2 map. By making this map I've tried to manipulate with the locomotives, so they get faster and more powerful, following the technological development from 1856 till now. It means, for instance, that even a more powerful Consolidation (first build in 1877) could be useful for smaller jobs until the end of steam! In fact, I have made it possible to go by steam all through the game! Also I have made an attempt to eliminate many of those silly train crashes, which too often occurs in the original RRT.
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  9. Goal: Somewhere in the Universe, you find the Kingdom of Utopia. Build the first railway between Wellington and Francistown in 1860, and make it grow to a efficient rail system. Rail lines are secured by reserve cells.
    Author's Comments: This is a map for people who like to make LOTS of money. The environment is rich and the map is huge. I wanted to create a scenario where you have to do research to get new engines and other goodies. In the end, it wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be, but still if you just set all parameters to maximum, you won't be bothered much by it. The maximum will cost you $30,000 out of ever million dollars net income.
    Since the name of the game is to make a billion dollars, I do have one suggestion. Start a very, very small company. I usually get the minimum allowed outside investment and then find two towns very, very, close together, (ideally with complementary resources). If I choose correctly, it takes around $100k of double track and two $100k stations or perhaps one $100k and one $200k. That leaves money for two trains usually. I then, while the game is still paused, go in and set the dividend to zero. I hate paying money to anyone but me. I spend the rest of my money the first year, plus profits putting saloons, small hotels and telegraph poles in the stations, buying one sanding and one water tower, and most importantly buying back my stock. I keep my eye on the stock market to see if I can pick up a thousand or so shares on the margin. Usually, if I am careful and things go well, I can own my railroad completely by the middle of the second year. Also, whenever I can, I borrow money and either add to the situation here, or look for two other close towns.
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  10. Goal: An island (okay, a small continent) with lots of events, and semi-limited raw materials / industries in the modern world.
    Author's Comments: I actually started this back in late May, when I first got the game (which was two weeks after I got RT2... addictive, you say?) ... but then I got caught up in both real life and fixing / troubleshooting the campaigns and scenarios in both games.
    Various place names: "Winston Group" (islands in the NE) named after the Columbus Group in Tom Clancy's "Debt of Honor". Danang out on Laos Point... for those who are still there. Penkovsky - the famous Russian spy, usually has a military depot. Parker and Raines - from the NBC series "Pretender"... Raines will almost always have a weapons factory (if they had oxygen factories available, I would've used it) while Parker will almost always have a fertilizer plant (cause she always swallows the Centre's bull) and a meat packing plant (she's just another piece of TV meat and/or a pun on 'heat packing', as she's always armed). Rutherford and Solomon from NBC's "Third Rock from the Sun"... Rutherford has a mission revival style station (their mission, of course) and a barracks (another reference to their mission) while Solomon usually has a nuclear plant (cause Dick usually goes ballistic).
    Why such a long scenario? I wanted to start in the 60's, but I also wanted to do some Y2K stuff... anyway, as bauxite isn't that plentiful and must be delivered to ports in order to count, it needs a bit of time. There are definitely enough cities to keep you busy... enough without being too much.
    Okay, so they're not *good* jokes...
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  11. Goal: Tidland is a comparatively poor island situated off the coast of its gigantic neighbour, Conglomoria. Build your railroad to boost the island's economy.
    Author's Comments: Here is an RRT2 map in TSC format. It is quite small: the subject is a small island next to a much larger neighbour. You have track laying rights in the island, and your goal is to expand the industry. Works well in multiplayer: good for a game with 2-4 players (particularly good for 3). Start at 1850 and finish in 1900. Other information is included in the description and briefing in the map. (This is a fictional location).
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  12. Goal: A wonderful opportunity for a track-laying tycoon - a whole island to go at and it's been just buffalo carts all the way up to now! Just build up that company value...
    Author's Comments: Although Lala-land shares its main island with the Military Republic of Grogamuck, the Lala-landers themselves are placid and generous. They welcome the coming of the Iron Horse to help bring prosperity to their rolling plains and rounded mountains.
    Although set in an imaginary location, this is a properly playable map with winning score level determined by company value. Whether you find it amusing or not will depend on whether you share my sense of humour. If you do, you'll enjoy the placenames and find the newspaper reports hilarious. If you don't, well, you've still got a playable map...
    For non-British players, one item may need explanation. The Isle of Man is a small island off the mainland about half way up on the left hand side. It's a peaceful place and a holiday resort, so the idea of its being a hotbed of terrorist activity is entirely ludicrous. The island is famous for its tailless breed of Manx cats. It has its own language (Manx - a form of Gaelic) which is not really spoken any more. Its emblem is a circular symbol formed of three legs.
    Enjoy this map in good health!
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  13. Goal: Your company is planning to build a train lover's paradise on a blank island. See if you can turn a quiet place to a modern place.
    Author's Comments: Please note that this is a fictional map. If you do not like the engines in this map then I suggest pressing TAB and then typing in 'show me the trains' to get all trains.
    This is a rather small map and is created from scratch. It does not have many events and there are only three engines available: Electric GG1, Class 1020, Pennsylvania E44.
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  14. Goal: King Speedy jagt "alki" - rindsnille durch ganz nord-deutschland! Eine "nicht ganz" so erns zu nehmende verfolgungsjagt voller erotik und bolkstoff.
    Author's Comments: Vorwort:
    Dies ist eine Karte von "Norddeutschland",die nie und nimmer für sich in Anspruch nimmt, mit dem realen Norddeutschland identisch zu sein.Ganz im Gegenteil.Sie zeigt z.B. "Berge" und andere "geologische Details", die in der gesammten Erdgeschichte wohl einmalig waeren (eigendlich schade)! An Naturschaetzen bietet "mein" Norddeutschland fast alles: Holz, Kohle,Erz,Oel,Getreide,Haefen (ist ja schließlich Norddeutschland, was ja bekanntlich nicht weit weg vom Meer liegt), Schafe.... und natuerlich: Bier!!! (oder auch Boelkstoff, wie wir Norddeutschen sagen). Nun werdet Ihr sagen: Bier wird in RT2 ja gar nicht angeboten oder hergestellt. Richtig ! Aber was soll ich machen, die Story handelt nun mal von diesem edlen Gesoeff. Also betrachtet jeden Waggon als "Boelkstoff-Waggon", dann wird`s klappen! Viel wichtiger war mir das "Drumherum". Ihr werdet`s schon merken, wenn Ihr aufmerksam auch die kleinen Details und vor allem -die Meldungen- verfolgt.
    Die Story:
    Im Jahre des Herrn 1830 herrschte friedlich und im Einklang mit Natur und Volk, Koenig "Speedy" in Norddeutschland. Das Volk war von seinem Regenten so sehr begeistert, dass sie ihn liebevoll "King Speedy" nannten und seine Hauptstadt "King Speedy Town" tauften. Es sah so aus, als gaebe es nichts, was die Harmonie in diesem Reich jemals stoeren koennte. Ja, waere da nicht auch noch "Alki-Rindsnille". Ein Tunichtgut und Unschrat. Dieser Alki hatte Tagaus und Tagein nichts anderes in Sinn, als sich der Herstellung und Verbreitung von Alkohol ( daher sein Name Alki ) in Form von Bier, oder besser "Boelkstoff" hinzugeben. Das ging jahrzehntelang gut und waere auch so geblieben, haette Alki nicht den Fehler seines Lebens begangen. Er schlich sich in King-Speedys "Maerchenland" und gruendete direkt neben seiner Hauptstadt die Metropole "Rindsnillenhausen". Schwarzbrenner- und Brauereien wuchsen in Windeseile wie Pilze in Rindsnillenhausen. Sein Ziel war ein Riesenbesaeufnis in Form einer "Norddeutschland-Party". Doch Kind Speedy war Alki auf die Schliche (aber leider auch auf den Geschmack) gekommen. Er wollte Alki unbedingt aus seinem Reich vertreiben und wusste von seiner groüen Schwaeche. Alki war naemlich geil auf "Goldmedaillen". Und so nahm das Uebel seinen Lauf....
    Ich hoffe, dass Euch mein Szenario gefaellt.
    Wenn ja, schreibt mir `ne Email, wenn nein, auch !
    Ich habe das Szenario mehrere Male in allen Datails getestet. Es lief alles problemlos und es ist durchaus moeglich, in der vorgegebenen Zeit alle Forderungen dieses idiotischen King Speedy zu erfuellen und die Goldmedaille zu erringen ! Ihr duerft mein Szenario so oft vervielfältigen und verbreiten, wie Ihr wollt. Urheberrechte schliesse ich bei diesem Szenario ausdruecklich aus !
    PS: Z.Zt, arbeite ich an einer englischen Version, schliesslich muü man "Boelkstoff" ja ueber den ganzen Globus verbreiten!!!
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  15. Goal: Rural resources and city industry with cities as territories, expensive but lucrative. There is no oil, bauxite, chemicals or uranium except from ports.
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  16. Goal: Project Rising Star is about to begin construction, but first you must establish your company.
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  17. Goal: Tropical coasts and inlets, icy mountain peaks & frigid deserts -- winding treacherous pathways to adventure make up the Tropical Fjords scenario. Connect hungry industrial ports with inland resources.
    Author's Comments: Build railways along sheer chasms and in coffee growing valleys. Connect the scenery and the resources with coastal ports and industrial cities.
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  18. Goal: The Tronian leader has been murdered, the conflict has turned into a holy war against you, your territory is falling, you must take a stand against the enemy.
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  19. Goal: Islands are screaming to be connected can you connect the islands and win this conquest?
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  20. Goal: Connect all the cities together, without deadline.
    Author's Comments: In the imaginary Republic of Ourcadia, in 1840, the President allows the creation of railroad companies. Armed with your wits, you set yourself the goal of interconnecting all the cities of the Republic by a rail network.
    Be the first to link all cities together. There is no time limit in this fully functional scenario, starting in 1840 and offering numerous events.
    If you set the difficulty level to "Expert", this map will be real hard. It is anyway harder than it seems.
    I hope you enjoy laying tracks in Ourcadia!
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  21. Goal: Lots of resources, but they are hard to get to!!! Amass a personal worth of $200 million by 2020 and you win the gold!
    Author's Comments: Liberal use of territories & some events which dramatically affect game play. Game spans from 1900 to 2020 (I guess three generations of a family business?).
    Objective is to have personal net worth of $200 million by 2020. It is do-able with the revenue multiplier set to zero. It is too easy with it set above zero.
    There is a lot of cargo out there but the most valuable stuff is expensive to get to.
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  22. Goal: After a major war, Earth is a barren wasteland, hardly anyone survived. In this area many people live in a few small towns. Can you reconnect them to each other?
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  23. Goal: No time limit but heavy competition. Connect, connect, connect.
    Author's Comments: This map started as an test case for the editor and then I got carried away. You will need to play against, at least, one of the four AI's to make it work. Better yet, play on "Expert" with all four AI's supplied. It's been designed for long play so the economics move slowly. Oh, and watch your back. Things could get nasty.File imported by an administrator
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  24. Goal: Deep in the mountains, there are opportunities waiting. Can you make the grade?
    Author's Comments: This map has complex victory conditions. There are eight map goals, for a combined total of nine Victory Points.
    In single player, you must earn one Victory Point within 40 years to earn Bronze or you lose. If you qualify for Bronze, you then get extra time (up to 80 years) to try and earn the Silver. You need four of the nine Victory Points for a Silver Medal. If you manage that, you will have up to 120 years to try and earn the Gold. You must earn ALL NINE Victory Points to win the Gold Medal.
    Earning even one point will be a challenge. The terrain is unforgiving.
    In multiplayer, you may choose between a Short Game or a Full Game, by playing either the original version or the "Short Multi" version. In the Short Game, the first player to score any Victory Point is the winner. In the Full Game, the first person to earn five Victory Points will win, or the player with the most points once all nine have been earned will win. Players may of course choose to play for other points totals, but you will have to use the main version and then keep track on your own if, for example, playing until someone earns two points.
    And of course, on a map this challenging, it won't be uncommon for players to go completely bankrupt in multiplayer. If you go bankrupt, obviously you are most likely finished. The map's only restriction is that you cannot start multiple companies. If players are going bankrupt, the last one still standing will be the victor.
    You may check the Briefing at *any* time to see how many total Victory Points have been awarded so far that game, in single or multiplayer.
    Multi - Special Note: this version is identical to the main version in every way except the victory conditions in multiplayer. For those who want to play this map in multi, but have a shorter game, use this version.
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  25. Goal: Mad King Eddie has opened his boarders to rail. Only, he isn't called "Mad" for nothing. The rules are his. Hope the railroad remains yours.
    Author's Comments: The Stock Market is either won or lost in the first half of this game. In order to win gold you have to destroy all your opponents completely, as they can start other companies once you've bought up their first.
    Playing with all eight opponents does clog up the map but, hay, that's the challenge.
    Various town and territories will reward you for your connection and, King Ed is likely to stick his nose into your business any time he sees fit. Some of what he does will be helpful some, well, won't be.
    A list of the requirements to get into all the territories follows. (Don't look if you'd rather be surprised.) All are based around your companies performance. You don't need all, but you do need more than you are given in order to win. Your opponents start with different rights.
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