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Maps based in other locations.

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  1. Goal: The Geocore power plant has been destroyed, leaving a massive hole in the earth which led to flood waters rising. The UK has been devastated. Can you bring light to the darkness? Can you save the British People?
    Author's Comments: These maps continue from the story of the last three scenarios in the campaign in TSC.
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  2. Goal: Steam has made way for electrification. Here you are at the building of the Docklands Light Railway.
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  3. Goal: Colorz to perk up your dreary day.
    Author's Comments: This is a Map for the full version of Railroad Tycoon II. It depicts a fictitious land where all the cities are named after colors. The Territories are similarly named after colors. The loads available and terrain are related to the Territory color (i.e., Red has a lot of Mountains and contains most of the minerals on the map. Blue has a lot of Rivers and Ports).
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  4. Goal: Mars - It's out of this world.
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  5. Goal: Your assignment to project Rising Star brings you to America, the project needs more funds, so that is what you have to do.
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  6. Goal: There is 4 exterior islands surrounding Treasure Island. Earn enough to buy rights to Treasure Island and you got it made! First to hit 50 million net worth and company book value wins!
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  7. Author's Comments: A map with no industries or cities for you to edit and change. This map is very good for fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
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  8. Goal: Somewhere in the Universe, you find the Kingdom of Utopia. Build the first railway between Wellington and Francistown in 1860, and make it grow to a efficient rail system. Rail lines are secured by reserve cells.
    Author's Comments: You have been invited to the small Kingdom of Utopia to assist with management and construction of an efficient railway system, in order to provide the island with better communications. Though Utopia is rather mountainous, it should be possible to build most railways with a maximum incline of 2%. Notice: Five tunnels are pre-built to avoid to steep gradients. Note: Until 1954 only steam locomotives are available. From 1959 until 1972 you can only buy diesels.
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  9. Goal: Turn a remote region into a thriving commercial center by building a railroad along 500 miles of rugged landscape.
    Author's Comments: The South Coast stretches 500 miles south from Barton, the booming seaport and manufacturing center. The forbidding geography has so far defied all attempts at taming this wilderness. Yet riches await the daring entrepreneur who will turn this corner of the land into a part of the modern world. Lumber and gravel abound in these mountains and valleys, and the construction industry is particularly eager for these materials. The catch of South Coast fishermen is a coveted delicacy among urban connoisseurs, but it will take a railroad to get it to Barton's markets freshly. The government, too, would like to see the remote military outpost of Fort Lafayette connected to the Barton barracks. Finally, a fast rail connection might turn this beautiful landscape into a prime destination for tourists. The slow steamers hauling lumber could profitably take passengers as their return freight.
    If these prospects make your mouth water, this is the place for you to be. Try your experienced hand at a difficult task.
    These will be your rewards:
    -->A bronze medal, if you haul 12 loads between Barton and Milton within 30 years.
    -->A silver medal, if you also haul 12 loads between Barton and Hardenberg within 40 years.
    -->A gold medal, if you haul an additional 12 loads between Barton and Fort Lafayette within 50 years. To win gold, you must also own the only remaining railroad company.
    -->Note that you need to achieve the Bronze goal before you can get silver, and both bronze and silver before you can get gold.
    At first, you will have to rely on the Barton Bay Ferry to reach Barton. Once you meet the bronze goal, you will be allowed to build a bridge across the bay, and operate your own station in the city.
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  10. Goal: Harken! The legend of the avatar shall be retold!
    Author's Comments: There are two of us: one is a veteran of the Ultima series; the other a late-comer, but a veteran of Ultima Online. Our map "Britannia" represents our efforts to interpret the land of Britannia, a place familiar to any adventurer who has ever booted up a program with the word 'Ultima' in the title. Because of the need for a larger number of towns and cities, we have imported cities from a number of Ultima games. You'll find cities from the traditional Britannia, Serpent Isle, Pagan, and Mars.
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  11. Author's Comments: -1-10 players
    -Again large cities,heavy traffic needed
    -Start year 1910
    -couple events, no goals
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  12. Author's Comments: This is essentially the same map as High Desert, except that a few extra resources have been added that didn't seem to appear in the first version.
    Added are bauxite mines which are certainly necessary to supply the aluminum plants that appear early in the game. Also added are 2 landfills to get rid of that nasty, but oh so lovely expensive waste.
    Hats off to the original designers for this fast-paced and uncluttered map.
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  13. Goal: The floods have changed the shape of America. Populations have returned to their old homes. Can you restore the American Rail Network to it's former glory?
    Author's Comments: These maps continue from the story of the last three scenarios in the campaign in TSC.
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  14. Goal: DragonIsle is a mysterious island close to the North Pole. Legend has it a mighty dragon was imprisoned inside the earth, and this is hte impression he left when he tried to break through.
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  15. Goal: A very high resource map. None of the countries like each other.
    Author's Comments: This map is a stand-alone scenario. I designed it originally with only the portion labeled Paradise as a way to teach myself how to manage high volumes of traffic. This map was made on a Pentium II PC with RTII, TSC as the game program. If you are concerned with your computers ability to handle the event load, then you may wish to try Paradise Light which is less computationally intensive.
    There are a variety of fictional territories on the map. The terrain is fairly gentle and rolling. The challenge comes from the events. None of the territories really care to be connected to each other. Of course, that is what it takes to win. You will have to build at least two spanning bridges. Access to Paradise is not allowed until ten years after the start of the game.
    The technique I have used to win the game is as follows. The human player starts a new company for each territory. When he or she finishes with a territory, the player sets the company to maximum dividends. All of the companies after the first are wholly human owned. When all of the territories are filled and connected, start merging the companies together. There are other ways to win.
    Jerry Meyer was of great help in designing this map.
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  16. Goal: South America, haven for the refugees? Your help is needed while the flood waters occupy the world. Your aid is needed because South America is becoming overrun!
    Author's Comments: These maps continue from the story of the last three scenarios in the campaign in TSC.
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  17. Goal: Mr. Nehru wants to get out of debt and make his RR profitable so he can go looking for his daughter. His contractor just about bankrupted his RR than ran off with one of his daughters. He needs help?
    Author's Comments: So many rails. So little time... to fix the railroad.
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  18. Goal: Abandon Hope all yee who enter here!
    Author's Comments: There is really only ONE way for a railroad man to make any decent money in the region of iron spike. Steel and wood, although due to its massive tourist trade for its vast forests, you could chose to cater to the population with a high speed passenger line.. IF you can get there first!
    ** VICTORY (Within 65 years - 2015) **
    BRONZE: $25M Company Book Value
    (No Industry required..Wimp Clause)
    SILVER: $50M Company Book, $20M Personal Net Worth, $15M in Industry Profits
    GOLD: $75M Company Book, $35M Personal Net Worth, $25M Industry Profits
    The 'Suggested' play level is 'custom'.
    Expert Industrial Model
    Advanced Financial Model
    Short-selling/Margin buying is disabled
    ** GENERAL **
    Must build on existing track
    ONE company per customer!
    Due to the distance needed to transport coal and Iron need for steel there is a 10% bonus on coal and Iron ore, a 15% Bonus on steel. There are other ways to win.
    This map has a FULL status display yearly telling you how much you need for the GOLD!
    This map has not been tested with multiple human players, but has the capability.
    ** TIPS **
    If you get a rocking industry going you better buy it QUICK as the AI will steal it (and your profits) post-haste.
    The map may SEEM easy but logs, paper and lumber don't pay much.
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  19. Goal: Can you build up this fledgling little county?
    Author's Comments: This map is easy enough for beginners, but crank up the difficulty, and it can be a real challenge for seasoned players as well.
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  20. Goal: In the age of party machines, you are the boss. Can you make your railroad a successful instrument of party politics?
    Author's Comments: This scenario has been inspired by the period of U.S. history when politics were dominated by party apparatuses which based their power on patronage (roughly 1890-1920). In this scenario, each railroad company represents a political party competing for votes. There are 21 districts (territories) on the map, each sending one member into Parliament. Elections are held annually, in September. Your candidate will get elected if your company is the one to have delivered the most loads to that district by election day (all loads ever delivered count). Districts not served by any company elect Independents.
    This map has been tested for single player games and should be bug-free (dare I say?). I have no idea whether or not it will work for multiplayer, but in theory it should. Please let me know if you are interested in a match.
    There is one feature in this scenario which I adopted from "Transport Tycoon": You will sometimes get the opportunity to purchase exclusive transportation rights to a district for one year (at a cost of $1.000.000). This can be a useful thing to do if you are trying to win over a district that has been held by another company for a while.
    You will be offered to purchase exclusive train access to a district if all of the following conditions apply: Two or more companies serve the territory; your company has *not* delivered the most loads to the district since the beginning of the game; your company *has* delivered more loads to the district than any other company in the first half of the year; your company has at least $750.000 cash; the ID of the district is higher than 6 (i.e., the six districts in the center of the map, around the lake, will not offer to buy exclusive access rights).
    The first human-owned company to win 5, 7, and 9 seats in Parliament will receive benefits such as lower engine prices and lower track building costs; at an additional cost for bribes.
    In order to reach the Gold-conditions in a single player game, you can try to buy your competition, or try to force them into bankruptcy. The easier way, however, is to simply force the competition out of business by political means. Once you hold a majority in Parliament (11 seats), you can pass legislation granting your company a monopoly over the railroad market, IF your company goodwill is at least "very good", and if you can spare the $1.000.000 you will have to pay to make the legislative branch of government look the other way.
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  21. Goal: In 1860 the first railway in Fantasia opened. The economy on this island is mainly based on agriculture, but a few mineral resources are also available.
    Author's Comments: This railway system is based on a mainly agricultural economy in the southern hemisphere. The main industrial area is situated in the middle of the island with iron ore and some oil wells. In the North, the climate is more temperate, and the industry there is mainly based on grain, sheep, cattle, lumber, and some bauxite.
    I suggest the player to start with a small railway from Kingston to Nunaton. It will take some years to consolidate your company, but soon the expansion will escalate. By 1910 or so, the whole system should be built, and by this time it will take approximately 100 trains to run it. Note: No electric or diesels (with one exception) are available before 1957. By this time there are no more steam engines for sale.
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  22. Goal: Your arrival in 19th Century Earth has changed the future, however the damage done could be used as an advantage.
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  23. Goal: The Geocore Power Plant has been destroyed, you must stop history from repeating it's self, or millions will die (again). You must fill the LA Mancha Fissure...
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  24. Goal: Parniath looks to you to engineer it's greatest public work.
    Author's Comments: One of the maps found in the GOLD edition of the Railroad Tycoon.
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  25. Goal: After years of strip mining the region is destroyed. Corporations have taken over the towns. The resources which are left are far distant from the mills. Try to bring vitality back to this region.
    Author's Comments: The strip mining area has been ravaged, there isn't a whole lot left. The cities have been taken over by the corporations, and renamed. The runs are long but the money is good, and the payoffs are tough. Keep an eye on the Headlines, corruption is widespread.
    This is the first of my industrial series, if it catches on I will put a lot more triggers in it.
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