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  1. Goal: History repeats itself! You have to rebuild this area, but future technologies are destroyed from the flood, you must rely on technology of the past for help!
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  2. Author's Comments: It's fun to play and is educational also. The map is a great big eye-ball with tentacles (or veins) emanating from it. All the cities are named after things associated with blood, veins, the heart, etc. Its kinda eerie. The only problem is its only playable in multiplayer mode. I would appreciate if you would respond by e-mail, let me know what you think. Thanks.
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  3. Goal: Chief gets sea sick. Will Trade Toomany City & Farm Land Island for RR to all islands & wants trade with 2 hands of villages. Complete debt free in 9 years, in 5 or 7 for rewards. Take longer, you get to visit his sharks.
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  4. Goal: Once upon a time somewhere there was an island called Atlantis. Under your leadership, you have 50 years to help the people there to build and run a railway system, in order to make the island prosper.
    Author's Comments: From the central highland, Atlantis slopes towards the coastal plains. The climate is temperate with mild winters. Along the mainly agricultural coasts the crops are grain, produce, sugar beets, and some cattle. In the highland, a lot of coal and some bauxite can be found. The logging industry is mainly placed in the northern part of the island. In this scenario, a some events will have influence on the outcrop ("Record grain harvest"/"Grain harvest 30% below average, "Mouth and foot disease or "Wood fires") . This "build and have fun" scenario is single player only.
    Note: Space is reserved for quadouble track and/or bypasses around most of the big population centres in an attempt to avoid congestion. The train turnaround time is improved by 50%, traction +40% and acceleration +10%. Average distance between stations are 5-10 km.
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  5. Author's Comments: Only got half an hour? Try this scenario.
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  6. Goal: Amaplanca map remake, with more AI RRs. More random placement of industries and port changes, 7 locos, new cities, 10 year map with more dollars to make up for the lost 24 years. Otherwise the events are the same.
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  7. Goal: Enjoy running trains in the Final Fantasy 7 World map.
    Author's Comments: Seeing that there are tons of Final fantasy fans out there I feel it would be a big hit. I spent 3 days work on it. I edited the cities and such also but I'm not sure on how to set a goal to win the scenario, or set up the cities correctly.
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  8. Goal: Welcome to Arboria! The Goverment has signed a contract with your company to build and run a railway system over a 30 year period. If you fail, your company will receive a fine of 2 mill. The main business is mining and logging industry.
    Author's Comments: Note: Space is reserved for quadouble track and/or bypasses around most of the big population centres Average distance between stations are approximately 5-10 km, using a scale of 2 squares = 1 km.
    Win conditions: BRONZE: 50 mill., SILVER: 75 mill., GOLD: 100 mill. of company book value within 30 years, and Tabora (the capital) connected to Finatere, Sina and Elguin. NOTE: No diesels available before 1954 and no electrics before 1973.
    Special features: Four places on this map I have tried to simulate tunnels, (steep narrow and overgrown gorges). Status over CBV, PNW, lenght of track, (single or double), and company type load hauled.
    Personally I prefer to simulate a minor railway system with pretty landscapes, without any disturbing competition or too many train crashes. If You agree, I recommend the following cheat: TAB. Then write NOWRECK to eliminate all train crashes.
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  9. Author's Comments: Pretty good @ first pass; can be better. Feel free to improve & re-post!
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  10. Goal: Pacific aliens come to Earth. They create New Eden in the middle of Sahara desert. You must make this world survive!
    Author's Comments: It's 1950: a green light lands in Sahara desert, in Africa. A group of aliens founds New Eden: a great cupola made of glass in which earthlings can just enter, but they can't get out. So people inside grow. They're all happy and calm in this paradise, but New Eden can survive only if you bring the chemical and uranium cargos, coming from the space, that land on the waters of Hyper Sea to the Geocore plant and to the nuclear plants placed in the centre of the cupola.
    The aim of this map is to haul as many chemical and uranium cargos as possible from Hyper Sea to New Eden Geocore. Without these cargos New Eden can't survive!
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  11. Goal: On your return to Earth the damaged engines on your ship drag your ship into a timewarp, you return to the year 1870, where you must repeat your old tasks to maintain the timeline.
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  12. Goal: As a contractor, you have signed a contract with a small tropical kingdom called Borduria in order to build a railway system within 25 years. If you fail, you will receive a fine of £ million.
    Author's Comments: Start year 1869, Start economy 100% with a growth rate of 0.9%. Import: Goods, food and lumber. Export: Coffee, rubber and bauxite. Due to road competition, the loads of milk, wool and cattle will dwindle to almost nothing from approx. 1970. Steam can be replaced by diesels from 1956. No electric locomotives are available before 1972.
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  13. Author's Comments: Fun map. No scenario. Just some trains and overpasses.
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  14. Goal: Welcome to Sevastia. A small country with big plans. You need to tend to Sevastia's special needs to help it grow and flourish.
    Author's Comments: From PopTop's scenario "hail sevastia.mp2"
    1) fixed status reporting for Goods to Omalak
    2) added Landfills back in
    3) removed Lumber Mills from regions (should be in cities only)
    4) minor reserve cell fixes
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  15. Goal: Switzerland 2099, the Civil War is over buy everything has got to start again from the beginning.
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  16. Author's Comments: The A1-S1 vs B1-T1 test. I've tried to get both these standard difficulty runs the same. But with buildings and houses deforming terrain they may be slightly different. The test I do is to run 6 cars (4-pass 2-oil/ 250 tons) to each station. Press 'A' to see the book. Check status page. After 6 years subtract the profit from gross to see expenses. Check the number of loads in the period. Good is 90. Total tons = 90/(6 carloads per trainload) times 250 (tons per train) = 4000 tons. Divide tons by (expenses + cost of engine).
    In TSC you have to know the economics not just the abilities of each engine.
    Right now the world slope view (green, yellow, red numbers) doesn't seem to run quite right as the numbers seemed to be slightly different than true slope. (If you click the track building tool and run some track over the existing track and not build it, that should clear the numbers to the true value.)
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  17. Goal: Apple Island. How peaceful and prosperous. That is until the corruptive forces of competition and corporate complacency invade.
    Author's Comments: This map has been modified by Steve Lorenz 18th June 1999 to add a few TSC industries and features. It is a map that they designed with the MAC in mind, but will also work with the PC Version. Phil, at PopTop made it available as they were not going to use it anywhere else.
    Apple Island. How peaceful and prosperous. That is until the corruptive forces of competition and corporate complacency invade.
    The Island of Apple is bursting at the seams with industry, but they haven't got a way to get their goods to Market!
    Jobs are on the line here.
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  18. Goal: The Titan Colony is a success, but you and several others are about to depart to make your long awaited return to Earth for the new century, but first you must carry out your final assignment on Titan.
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  19. Goal: A land of contrasts and beauty... Can you tame her and win the gold?
    Author's Comments: This map is different I know but I've enjoyed playing it alot. Designed it to be played at expert levels and no modifiers for computer or you!! I got tired of seeing the same combo's of industry and starting in early 1830's so anyway this has some interesting events and tested win scenario's.
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  20. Author's Comments: Welcome to Aurelia! This small kingdom has asked for your expertise to build a efficient railway system to bring supplies to the growing industry and to service the population with better communications. At the West Coast the economy is based on agriculture, in the centre of the country there are heavy industries based on coal, iron, bauxite, lumber and gravel.
    I suggest the player to start with a small railway from Kingston to Nunaton, to bring imported cotton to a textile mill. After a few years to consolidate your company, you can start building the coastal trunk line between Garrick and Southport. The Kingston/Newport area is a huge urban center, so there should be plenty of mail and passengers to carry to and from the provinces. By 1910 or so, the whole system should be built, and by this time it will take approximately 150 trains to run it. Note:: Until 1957 no diesel locomotives are available. In that year there will be a choice between "second hand steam engines from a neighboring country for a bargain prize until 1960" (scrap prize = 80% off), or an option to sign a 10 year contract with General Motors for deliverance of 3 classes of new diesels (15% off). From 1935 electric locomotives are available. Space is reserved for quadouble track and bypasses around most of the big population centres. Average distance between stations are approximately 5-10 km, using a scale of 2 squares = 1 km.
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  21. Author's Comments: A Fun map with tunnels built off the Overpass map.
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  22. Goal: Cheryls Valley... A nice place to live in sunny Cherylonia... Designed for 1 player with no victory conditions. Play for 100 years or as long as you wish.
    Author's Comments: This map excludes Ports, Uranium, Nuclear Plant, Chemicals and Fertiliser.
    It is designed for 1 player with no set end to the game. I play my games for 100 years.
    A special event ensures that train safety is set to maximum to reduce the number of breakdowns and to limit the number of crashes. Robbers are also set to zero. This enables the player to build a massive rail network with as few distractions as possible.
    I hope you like it, please let me know what you think. I would be grateful if you leave the names as they are because they are very meaningful to myself.
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  23. Goal: The world is upside down. Try to establish a track from Honululu to Wellington.
    Author's Comments: All oceans are land an vice versa. Try to connect Honolulu to Wellington(NZ). Not across the Pacific, but the other way round! There are victory event in this game. I've tested them on a smaller scale but not against their real conditions. I hope, they work nevertheless...
    Some geographical names may look or sound strange to non-German users. I'm sorry, but I only have German maps and atlases. So edit them, if you like...
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  24. Goal: Mars - It's out of this world.
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  25. Goal: The final showdown begins. You have returned to 2010. The Geocore power plant must not be destroyed. It is time for your future's end...
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