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Making The Grade


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Goal: Deep in the mountains, there are opportunities waiting. Can you make the grade?

Author's Comments: This map has complex victory conditions. There are eight map goals, for a combined total of nine Victory Points.

In single player, you must earn one Victory Point within 40 years to earn Bronze or you lose. If you qualify for Bronze, you then get extra time (up to 80 years) to try and earn the Silver. You need four of the nine Victory Points for a Silver Medal. If you manage that, you will have up to 120 years to try and earn the Gold. You must earn ALL NINE Victory Points to win the Gold Medal.

Earning even one point will be a challenge. The terrain is unforgiving.

In multiplayer, you may choose between a Short Game or a Full Game, by playing either the original version or the "Short Multi" version. In the Short Game, the first player to score any Victory Point is the winner. In the Full Game, the first person to earn five Victory Points will win, or the player with the most points once all nine have been earned will win. Players may of course choose to play for other points totals, but you will have to use the main version and then keep track on your own if, for example, playing until someone earns two points.

And of course, on a map this challenging, it won't be uncommon for players to go completely bankrupt in multiplayer. If you go bankrupt, obviously you are most likely finished. The map's only restriction is that you cannot start multiple companies. If players are going bankrupt, the last one still standing will be the victor.

You may check the Briefing at *any* time to see how many total Victory Points have been awarded so far that game, in single or multiplayer.

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