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Coal Country


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Goal: Bring railroads to industrial Coal Country! Single or Multi-Player.

Author's Comments: Coal Country is an industrial map. The towns and cities are generally small, and passenger traffic has been set to low levels. There are plenty of industries on the map, carefully balanced, and you will have to achieve success hauling freight as well as passengers and mail to achieve victory here in either single or multi player.

This map features a series of events, which differ from game to game, that provide opportunities of various kinds. You will have to play the map to get an idea of what I mean.

The map goals are industry oriented, and they are intended to be very tough. Achieving a bronze or even silver victory should be within the grasp of most players. The gold is tough, but highly possible. To get the bronze, you must haul 120 loads in a single year. To get the silver your company must also acquire $10,000,000 worth of industries. To get the gold, your industries must earn PROFIT in excess of $2,500,000 in a single year. There are many lucrative starting positions, and the map has a lot of random elements. You have 50 years to work with. Good luck.

In multiplayer, a steep goal has been set of hauling 150 or more loads in a single year. If no players achieve this goal within 50 years, the game ends and the player whose company has hauled the most loads for the whole game will be the winner.

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