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Tanagore Island


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Goal: An island (okay, a small continent) with lots of events, and semi-limited raw materials / industries in the modern world.

Author's Comments: I actually started this back in late May, when I first got the game (which was two weeks after I got RT2... addictive, you say?) ... but then I got caught up in both real life and fixing / troubleshooting the campaigns and scenarios in both games.

Various place names: "Winston Group" (islands in the NE) named after the Columbus Group in Tom Clancy's "Debt of Honor". Danang out on Laos Point... for those who are still there. Penkovsky - the famous Russian spy, usually has a military depot. Parker and Raines - from the NBC series "Pretender"... Raines will almost always have a weapons factory (if they had oxygen factories available, I would've used it) while Parker will almost always have a fertilizer plant (cause she always swallows the Centre's bull) and a meat packing plant (she's just another piece of TV meat and/or a pun on 'heat packing', as she's always armed). Rutherford and Solomon from NBC's "Third Rock from the Sun"... Rutherford has a mission revival style station (their mission, of course) and a barracks (another reference to their mission) while Solomon usually has a nuclear plant (cause Dick usually goes ballistic).

Why such a long scenario? I wanted to start in the 60's, but I also wanted to do some Y2K stuff... anyway, as bauxite isn't that plentiful and must be delivered to ports in order to count, it needs a bit of time. There are definitely enough cities to keep you busy... enough without being too much.

Okay, so they're not *good* jokes...

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