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Goal: Somewhere in the Universe, you find the Kingdom of Utopia. Build the first railway between Wellington and Francistown in 1860, and make it grow to a efficient rail system. Rail lines are secured by reserve cells.

Author's Comments: This is a map for people who like to make LOTS of money. The environment is rich and the map is huge. I wanted to create a scenario where you have to do research to get new engines and other goodies. In the end, it wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be, but still if you just set all parameters to maximum, you won't be bothered much by it. The maximum will cost you $30,000 out of ever million dollars net income.

Since the name of the game is to make a billion dollars, I do have one suggestion. Start a very, very small company. I usually get the minimum allowed outside investment and then find two towns very, very, close together, (ideally with complementary resources). If I choose correctly, it takes around $100k of double track and two $100k stations or perhaps one $100k and one $200k. That leaves money for two trains usually. I then, while the game is still paused, go in and set the dividend to zero. I hate paying money to anyone but me. I spend the rest of my money the first year, plus profits putting saloons, small hotels and telegraph poles in the stations, buying one sanding and one water tower, and most importantly buying back my stock. I keep my eye on the stock market to see if I can pick up a thousand or so shares on the margin. Usually, if I am careful and things go well, I can own my railroad completely by the middle of the second year. Also, whenever I can, I borrow money and either add to the situation here, or look for two other close towns.

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