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Post your poems here, only 1 per post and please leave comments about other people's poems as well! There's nothing more selfish than just posting your poems looking for compliments! :P

One of mine to start:

Death and Destruction

The monastery dark,

a curse's forgotten mark.

Emptiness within this hall,

heralding an apocalyptic fall.

The old oak dead.

Blight and poverty - with these things fed.

Death within this wood.

Gone is nature, clean and good.

The swift river dry

and with it so many die.

No more joy lies here,

all is gone but pain and fear.

Mankind is slaughtered.

Through arrogance have we faltered.

No more life.

No more joy.

None but those in the devil's employ.

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This is one of my Older Ones...

I wake up to a creak outside my door.

Must be the cat I comfort my self.

But the Cats sleeping beside me.

Must Be my dad.

But my dad never walks by.

It can't be someone else i would have heard them enter.

Least my doors locked.

I think.

The handel turnes.

I hold my Breath.

It dosn't open.

I relax.

Theres a loud crack against my door.

Wood splinters hit me in the face, my cat jumps away.

I see my knife lying on the floor.

Fight or flight....

I cant jump out the window on the roof

Wood brakes in from the door.

Seconds to chose

fight or flight....

I chose to fight.

I grab the knife.

I won't atack him I would die.

I close my eyes and pretend to sleep.

He brakes the door down and charges me with a knife.

I surprise him with my own.

But to late.

Are Blades Peirced each other

His Firey blood shot eyes don't blink

His mouth turnes to grinning and blood escapes but not a sound escapes as he fades away

I push him off Seeing my own wound. Worse then his.

The Pain hits me Nocking me down.

My hands clamp over the wound.

Vainly trying to stop the bleeding

Vainly trying to hold on

Vainly Trying to hold my fleeing soul.

A muffled cry escapes my lips

muffled by a wave of blood

Fight or flight.....

Fight or flight.....

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Pretty good, if a little unsettling ;)

Here's another of mine:

Dark Wailings

Stricken with the gasping fear

Horror upon horror - a fallen tear.

What is this that cries in the dark?

Hold head high, listen, hark.

Over and under passage not found,

A world destructive, chaos unbound..

Helpless havoc trembling adulation.

Hope is in pain and all in conversion.

Trees move and stars fall.

The birds now scream instead of call.

Rest not for tumbling down,

The forgiveness lost from fading frown.

It is this which cries in the dark:

It is fear and death, destruction reaped,

Always awake and in blood steep’d.

And so you cower awake in the dark.

Afraid to hold head high, listen or hark.

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I liked that one.



Twilight from above.

Resting soilders.

Await the next battle.


The whislte blow wakes those


hands to rifils

eyes alert.

Shrieking Children

fall from hell

Lions roar defeans all.

Needels of steel fall on those

not ready to


Rifils discharge

night sky arupt

with flames

Steel on steel





The blood the pain

the flames that


Friends and foe fall in


enimies in life

united in death.

Twilight from above

all is calm

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I think I remember when you last posted that one. I like the beginning and the end especially and the contrast of the calm with the violence of battle.

Another (one that I posted before):

Clarity in Light and Dark

I spoke to the dark

expecting no answer.

Hearing I stood,

afraid of the void.

Hark came a voice,

so twisted yet clear,

its layers shaped me

all to its whim.

It spoke of evil,

of the dark things that lurk.

And then in response

I denied it all.

My mind ignored,

cut at the edges.

The memory warped.

So hard to find.

I spoke to the light

expecting no answer.

Hearing I stood,

listening keen.

Behold was a voice,

so clear and true,

my heart leapt at its highs

and sank with its lows.

It spoke of heaven,

of all things good,

of kindness and truth.

And I knew it was so.

I knew it was so,

that all was a lie

and that evil and good

were shadows aside.

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cool stuff guys :) here is mine.

Under This Sun

Shade tree sings till evening comes

when your world forms shadow and null

but beauty is relative, its all been done

under this moon, and under this sun

Melencholy is expressive of self pity

the scars you have are relatively small

You toil and cry, with tears in your eye

under your hope, im over it all

faith in grace to attain the name saint

sing the deepest, weakest hymns

All that you are is worthless in the end

under our God, over our sins

Forever to remember the september I knew

Of pain and gain where the shade tree grew

Beauty is relative, its all been done

under this moon, and under this sun.

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Very nice TMA, good use of repetition of the last line of the first and last stanza =).



Crawling, creeping,

silent weeping.

Slowly slithering silently.

Always there, always hidden.

Penetrating the thoughts within.

Once finding of the place

rests its head upon the soft

pillow of the hopeless mind,

never set, ever weak.

Weakened further, poisoned with blight.

Dripping, calling,

Deadly mauling.

Wherever walked the truth belies

hopeless tales, they never die.

But hopeful chants, whispered in

the souls of those who cannot flee

nor sleep without the cursing appraisal

of false beliefs and dreaded laws.

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We die with the passing of leviathen

cry from the loss of the righteous djinn

a demon that gave life from birth

began within hades below sand and earth

our hell turns to paradise before our eyes

while your heaven turns to grassy demise

so you sink back to the abyss for the old ways

but the water promises shortened and painful days

You came and cursed us with your evil

but the blessing of your holy water was revealed

we may no longer curse and praise your name

it is all but clouded in our sin and shame

our water cannot wash our problems away

your name will no longer be proclaimed in all our days

forgive us shui hulud

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His Name Brings Peace.

His Name Leads Milliions into battle.

His name causes A Galaxy to Erupt in Strife

His Name Spells Death to his enimies.

His Name is hated by its holder

His Name is spit apon by non belivers

His Name Is worshiped Like a God

His Name Is Mau Dib

I know it sucks, something i thought of it 10 seconds...

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Outcry: a prose dialog

Faith is ignorance


Is it?


Your prayers are words in the wind


but if I am right, your life is as worthless as wind


Christians have always killed to convert throughout history


Christians are humans and are apart of humanity, humanity has always killed throughout history


Your religion is like belief in the tooth fairy


Your life is devoid of understanding belief. You judge what you do not know


You are closed minded


You are a man who curses religion and praises openness of individual opinions, you hypocrite.


your God is just a silly assumption


Funny that you say that, you are the one that believes alien life is inevitable


When will you evolve past religion?


When will you evolve past destructive thoughts and actions?


You just use religion as a crutch


at least I show my weakness'. you hide them inside, and argue to find the metaphysical answer you secretly desire


why are you so blind?


Why are you so bitter?


At least I have my independance, you are chained to a non existant God.


At least I have a dependance on something. You depend on imperfections


How do you know there is a God?


I dont, I have faith. Something that you will probably never have.

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I have wrote about 9 poems today. Half of them about dune.

here is the first one

Sook sook sook!

the cry of the water seller

sook sook sook

cry the envy of all!

oh what richs he contains!

and what richs he shall recive!

Sook sook sook

the cry of the water seller

the envy of all.

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Why yes TMA now that you mention it.



We cry

Our throats begging for a tear



We cry

Saviour of ys all!



leader of the Djihad!



We cry

Voice from afar!



We cry

And cry we shall.


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Spartans above all

so mighty do they seem?

their shields and speers seem


so mighty do they seem?

better shots then all

their arrows peirce the thickest armor

and their gaze cuts them from afar

No Persian stood his ground

Fleeing to afar

fear the mystic Spartans

Who shine above all

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Nice work all of you =)

Man-Made God

Is it not the beating of thy heart,

Or the magic in thy art

That creates the equilibrium of life?

It is that which we hold dear;

Bursting thoughts transcending fear.

Echoing the long-past tremulous lies,

"Eat not for your damnation it belies"

But worms worm deep,

Always feeding - never sleep

And the empty husk sits lonely.

Look there, atop the world:

Ravens wings are now unfurled,

Fluttering in celestial conspiracy.

For it is this which is so very clear,

If only you could see.

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  • 2 months later...

Here is a poem I wrote just a few seconds ago, though I should share it. Why do people have the faith to believe in something they dont know is real? Because to them, their faith is the factor in creating a reality even more sensual than this one.

Song of Debt

five, four, counting down to one.

Fellowship lasts till the setting of the sun

I'll lay my head for the moonless night

to wake up in daylight

For five years I have planned

plotted, schemed, and underhanded

for one second I repayed the five years

and that is what I feared

time just flows, as my tears flow for dawn

while I wake up to walk in my open lawn

and think of what mistakes I have made

so many, so many mistakes to pay.

I cant give credit or loans, I have so many debts to pay

when in debt, it doesnt work that way

so I sit in my swing all day long

knowing that my life will be drawn upon.

Shed those tears for fears of pain

my debt has grown, the tax payers gain

all the money of spirit I owe

they want my soul, so my debt will continue to grow.

i still have something more. Something of gold

they never want it and it hates the hands it holds

spirit can fear it, but the immortal will stay

from moment into timeless sun my fears are washed away.

from day to day.

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That's great, TMA :). I like the way you mixed something more mundane, such as debts and loans etc with faith, which is less tangible. I'm glad you bothered to look up this thread instead of just creating a new one and I hope more people will post poems of their own here.

Here's one of mine then:

The Maze

Before me lies the Maze.

Twisting corridors and tall walls

that frame the passing of the day

and greet the sun that dips low beyond the horizon.

Before me lies the darkness.

A storm so full and thick,

no light can pierce this black heart.

Here all is decay, mindless and dull.

Before me lies the light.

Long off the goal I seek,

that prize eternal,

life and its aim that battle for glory.

I have sought for long,

for centuries past and more besides

and yet I can only despair.

For this maze is never-ending

or thus it seems to me.

I search and search

but never my goal is found to be

anywhere here nor anywhere near.

Always return I to this place so dark

and destructive in its great tempestuous force.

Each time I approach this place of wandering spite,

my spirit is weakened, torn like thin paper,

storm-tossed as a ship.

Worse and worse I grow.

How long can this continue thus?

I ask myself and yet the reply,

expected by me as a message divine,

can never be heard over the clammering gale.

And I know: I am the cause.

I am the cause for this tempest dark

that destroys all over, under and other around.

But it is too late for transcendance.

To change nigh-on impossible.

Not that that matters.

This will be the last time around the maze for me.

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You can't give it all up again!

This ain't another way, or a day

When I remember everything

Every lesson that you taught

Every little thing you brought

Because I won't give up

Despite my tough luck

Even though I have felt pain

I won't give up everything

Unlike you

I'm dusting, I'm feeling, I'm searching everywhere

For you

You have no shame

You gave up everything

No matter how I tried

No matter how I lied

To keep you on the track

Despite your many lacks

I kept my own cool

Even though I felt moved

Because this isn't you

I won't become you

You've lied enough to me

And I won't accept your treat

Stand up, you have no shame

Come out and feel the pain

You can hide from me

But not from reality

I'm dusting, I'm feeling, I'm searching everywhere

For you

I'll trust you no more

I'll love you no more

Because you're no more

In the very eyes of law

You have fled again

To seek your every gain

I'll give up on you again

And deny you everything

Don't try to stop me

You have to beat me

You have to overthrow me

To get all you need

Because you have changed

Into something I can't tame

You'll know you won't see me

The same way that you knew me

When we met

I'm dusting, I'm feeling, I'm searching everywhere

For you

Sometimes I feel I'm doing everything for you

Despite the things you said and everything I've lost in you

Recalling everything little thing that you have done to me

I know you're trying to deny me but I won't give up

For you

I'm dusting, I'm feeling, I'm searching everywhere

For you

(Note: This is a RAP (except the chorus part). If you don't know how to rap and find this "poem" silly, you are advised not to comment.)

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Acriku had a good one somewhere, "Come Arrakis" I think it was called. :)

Yeah, took me a while to find it...

The trees blowing in the wind, escape Arrakis

The rainshowers of spring keep the animals under the rocks,

The fish surrounding the pillars of the docks

The birds overhead shouting at the birds underhead, escape Arrakis.

Come Arrakis.

The trees crumble into sand, blown by the wind

The rainshowers evaporate in the sky,

The fish gasps and replenishes the ground where it lie

The birds fall down disappearing into the sand.

Come Arrakis.

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