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Back, Back, Back, Back Again

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For some reason Vilgent deleted his account and made a new one. I'll fix it shortly.

heh, no offence to vilgent, but i guess he couldn't resist the temptation to come back, again :).

As Gob would say, "But the spice, IT'S ADDICTING!" Hmm...I guess that would be an inside joke. Even I find it hard to leave. I tend to come back from time to time to see how everyone's doing.

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Has anyone ever considered he might wanted to have remained anonomous?

I think its unfair to say that tell everyone he created a new account - if this is even true

Oh,he's back alright,I talked to him.He left because....*COUGH!COUGH!COUGH!COUGH!*Sorry,can't use my throat now.Guess I will have to tell you later. ;) ;D :) :P

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