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The Fate of poor Alia


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Who does Leto II Have in in he's head?

Everyone in all the memories, he was able to silence them. The Baron happened to be the most dominate voice in Alia's head. The Baron was the one voice that could stop the other voices for Alia.

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I guess it's just the case of Alia not having a strong enough will to fight off her inner demons. I've just read the part in CoD where she tried to recite the litany against fear and failed. The Baron was asking her what did she have to fear. I wonder whether she'll ever get over it. ::) She even tried to get her pet Amazon Zia to make Duncan have a fatal accident. Luckily he took the ornithopter before anyone could do anything. ;D

"How could anyone question Alia's consort"?  :)

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Alia was lost in her own fear. Muah'Dib (Paul Atreides) is the most prescient one as far as I'm concerned. Leto II has all the memories of his earlier generations thanks to his father, but he was forced into the spice trance by Namri and Gurney, along with Sabiha there to soften him up. So therefore, I go with Muah'Dib.

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The reason for having the "voices" in their heads (Paul, Alia and Leto II) is remember they have the Bene Gesserit training mainly from the ingestation of  the "water of life". Alia was born with all the powers of a Rev. Mother (Bene Gesserit sisters also have the "voices" in their heads) from her mother (Lady Jessica) taking the "water of life" during her pregnancy thus affecting Alia in her unborn stage of life. Alia was gifted and cursed at the same time.

As for the Baron being able to manipulate Alia so easy. Alia was shunned as a child because she was different compared to the other children, she wasn't one in her mind state, she would always know more than any other child would. Understanding why the Baron would be the character to dominate Alia's memory voices is to understand the Baron. The Baron simply used Alia by being the "father figure" that was missing in her life.

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